Breaking News:

Breaking News:
>Trump Delivers Perfect SOTU
>Pelosi cries, tantrums
>Trump re-peached

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That is FUCKIN EBIC :DDD Another EBIC WIN!!!

Don't we have seven Trump threads already? Couldn't you just post it there, user?

Life is a constant series of choices.

Yes user I could have, but I didn't. If I had posted it in another Trump thread then liberals avoiding those threads wouldn't be forced to see it when browsing the catalogue.

Based user, checked.

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Breaking News

Trump supporters stay cocky douche nozels with zero sense of humility.

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I'll accept that, because it has some truth behind it.

Thank you for not just making something up and purporting it as fact. It is much appreciated.

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If Trump hadn't been fazed by impeachment, he would have shook her hand.

looka de flick a da wrist

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The death of woke culture is nigh.
No longer shall our people be silenced by hypersensitive the hypersensitive weaklings of the left and once again we shall flourish!

She cried

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Take this bullshit back to Cred Forums faggot. No one here cares how much you like to suck Trump's tiny orange mutant cock.

She cried tho

Stay mad kid

>democrats epic fail

damn... i love to much Cred Forums

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Trump has disappointed me after after giving a award to a nasty smoking painkiller addicted rush limbaugh. He’s lost my vote

>shareblue intern thinks he's fooling people.

Donald Trump's a fag like OP

>like to suck Trump's tiny orange mutant cock.
Why always thinking of Daddies cock?

You're the faggot here, and will always be the faggot everywhere.

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SOTU was a huge win for Pelosi. Nobody remembers a word of the speech. Everyone is talking about how she rapped Trump. Have to wonder if Trump ever gets tired of swimming in old lady Pelosi jizz?

At least I'm not a gay fag you fucking Claude

Lol quite the opposite.

If it weren't for Pelosi the media would be refuting every word Trump said. Instead they are all talking about Pelosi ripping up the speech.

keep calm and stay mad kid

Eat shit, rush started a whole movement about prosecuting people who take painkillers. Then was found buying them online. Also said smoking didn’t give you cancer and got it. Trumps a faggot

>SOTU was a huge win for Pelosi.
>I'm deranged and have no fucking idea how assblasted I'll be the night of Nov 3rd.

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>Irrational autistic screeching

I knew you were either with shareblue, retarded or just 12. You can never tell the difference.

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#InTheBag 2020 going about as expected

Lol this gye gets it. Your doing gods work son good job

He could be all those things but at least he’s not sucking coporation cock while living in his moms trailer like you.

I heard she cried, what a fuckin ninny

get off my website and get out of my politics.

>living in his moms trailer like you.
You're a pathetic little internet faggot playing battleship and missed.

However, I am certain that I outclass you in every important demographic for being a real man you little cunt.

You're both niggers

Ya rights... the last wall section blew over

stupid liberal

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Mfw you stay mad kid

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Must have hit a soft spot to make you this mad.


Dude I saw it she fuckin cried her eyes out and held papers in front of her face to try and hide it

eurofags should stay in eurofag politics

Lol dude you're so mad

The left is embarassed

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>make you this mad.

I know you're pathetic, why would that make me mad?

You should kill yourself, really.

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Being this mad

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guess you haven't ever met a real liberal in your life.

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Mitt Romney just bitch slapped Trump. God bless Mitt Romney a true patriot

are you high and retarded? go the fuck back to Cred Forums and jerk off faggot!

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Imagine needing this much attention, jerk off moar

the only ones mad are you snowflakes choking on this propaganda cult bullshit

>Mitt Romney just bitch slapped Trump.

What a bombshell! The walls are closing in as well.

aint mad Russian bot... get better b8 m8

>Trump re-peached

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Bi Partisan to remove Trump,that will never change the only Impeached president to ever have a member of his own party vote to convict him . Your tears are the nectar of the Gods

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>stay mad
>not an argument
>orange man bad
>pic related

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i'm as happy as a pig in shit. Trump the only impeached president to have a member of his own party vote to convict Nothing will ever change this fact. ha ha ha fuck you

I'm very middle. I don't lean far left or right. I do not hate Trump. I think he is just as bad or good as many other presidents. That being said... How was this a perfect SOTU from him? The number of half truths and complete lies was incredible.

Dems and Reps both looked in pretty poor form here. Our government is a clusterfuck. We need a complete reboot. Every single one of them needs replaced.

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Dude, it was perfect don't even lie.

They can keep trying to impeach him again for contrived crimes for 5 more years.

samefag gunmnah samefag

lol lol,drink some more of the cool aid after you pull your head out of your sss

do you have 2 functioning neurons? my butter toast is delicious delusions of detriment.

The outrage from republicans over someone tearing up some bits of paper is just further evidence of the rights fraile snowflake community. Its the right, not the left who get triggered.

She cried tho

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It was 100%, 5 Gold Stars, Very Good Job

>bUt mY nArRaTiVe

My bad, their already drawn up. Here's your next impeachment vote..

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She cried.

There is a whole lot more crying on the right than there is on the left about this. OHH SHE TORE UP HIS SPEECCCHH - OH THE DISSSRESPECT

1 democrat crying on the left. 100 million republicans crying on the right.


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>trump cultists call Pelosi childish
>never realize the irony of saying this in defense of a grown man in a twitter feud with a literal child

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Yeah but that's just word of mouth.

We got to see her cry live in living color, in front of everybody, forever immortalized.

Actually it was charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
Very funny meme though user

OKay, I'll give you that. 1 democrat crying, vs 20 republicans in this thread crying.

Posting this for triggered crybaby liberals

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>Here's your next impeachment vote..
>Actually it was charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Yes, you are fucking retarded.

That's better you faggot

Now that seems like a mildly inappropriate thing to say.

How about all the Reps crying about a paper being torn? Blind to your own shit.

Newsflash, the vast majority of the left dont give a shit about the impeachment either.

Its only the centrist goons like Pelosi who think something will come of this, when EVERYONE knows he will be equited.

Saying all democrats want trump impeached because the DNC are doing it, is like saying all americans think the earth is flat because trump thinks it is.

How about them cowboys?

OP here

You have overcome adversity and passed the test. You may now enter the Cred Forums club for intellectuals. Members only, no guests.

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>OK, fat.

>Its only the centrist goons like Pelosi who think something will come of this, when EVERYONE knows he will be equited.
You don't actually think the people putting this forward think it'll do anything, right? Pelosi knows the system pretty well, I don't think she intended for this first thing to be anymore than show boating.

now that you know you he will be acquitted. oh we never cared about that.

If pelosi did this only for showboating then she is dumber than she lets on. After trump is equited it will help him win re-election which is the opposite of what she wants.

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Your sentence doesnt make sense. I think you are implying that the left has changed their stance? We havent, its the centrist types (which is the boogeyman your media keeps tells you about) that have been pushing for impeachment, not the left/bernie camp.

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why does he have a mason ring on?

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why are lefties and anti-trumpers so obsessed with his dick size?

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If she’d stormed out I would maybe have respected her but she basically just tried to steal the spotlight and it didn’t really work


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Ya, they all cry even harder than in the picture

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Are you sure you arent thinking of republicans?

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It's still better than all of the SHITTY PORN that's here.

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JB BEND DA KNEE!!!!!!!!!

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In case you never knew what projection looked like, this thread is perfect. Trump supporters love projecting.

God damnit they are so fucking mad!

Girl you mo mixed up den a milkshake

how's brexit working out for you?

They're getting 'em whether they want one or not.


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It really isn't. It's at the very least the same level of garbage

nice guy

Alice and Beatrice are sweet girls.

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lol this guy is confused

Perfect in that everything he took credit for was a LIE!!

Two words.


You forgot empathy libtard kys

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Sounds more like you're just mad.

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This means you liberals!

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Is that Warren Sapp?

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What I don't get is that all but one Republican are going to support him, even if he's done wrong.

Praise kek
Your micropenis will never be as big as his

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why you so jealous?

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A much more accurate depiction.

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Low quality bait

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Interesting, a template.

The left really can't meme, but more importantly can't put forth a rational argument without screaming and crying about imaginary nazis.

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didnt pass in any parameters
no class definition
no structure
no encapsulation
garbage spaghetti code - stay based user

Okay. So, you dumbfuck, do you have any arguments I am nit going to shred right in front of your face?

No matter how much you fantasize, you can't change the fact, the fact, that Old Lard Ass was impeached.
Hardy har har!

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A pair of winners.

>> why you so jealous?
Holy Crap, why are you so gay? hat's the gayest, queenie-loving pic I've ever seen. Does Trump know you're gay?

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The left objectively can't meme.

I understand that maybe whoever makes the meme might just be attempting to piss off their opposition but god damn throw something clever or at least attempt to be humorous.

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>Yeah I'll post another shitty meme, that will fucking show him.

It really is pathetic.

Their memes are Facebook tier at best.

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Nah go fuck ff to a trap thread ya faggot

Go gloat at your trap thread faggot

I think this is the first one I've ever laughed at.

Congratulations user.

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