Ever fucked someone elses gf or wife? or have u ever shared ur wife?

ever fucked someone elses gf or wife? or have u ever shared ur wife?

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Yes. Some of the hottest sex was with broads with the cuck fetish. I'm white but I love it when they want me to talk shit about their boyfriend while I'm wearing out their holes. One kinda fat 3/10 half Asian would detour to come give me sucks while running errands

Yep,spent 14mths with some dudes wife.
Nothing off limits with her,in every way.
Greatest,most pleasure able and satisfying times ever.

Also a married Asian chick with a big butt who used to have me over at night when her husband was at work. We'd hang and watch movies or anime and she'd make food sometimes. But then we were on Gchat and things got suggestive. Basically she wanted to make out (she was feeling really lonely I think and had a young kid, like 1-2. She also said basically 'bring a condom,'. So u went over and we made out a while (she was a great kisser) then she asked if I wanted a blowjob so I took off my pants. She was nervous but went at it for a bit and I didn't cum so she was like "um..so do you want to out a condom on?"
I was diamonds so yes. She left on her jumper because she was self conscious ( seemed retarded to me coming from the hottest girl I'd ever been with), I guess she didn't no like her small breasts. She mentioned possibly doing anal "do you think we have time?" But I didn't jump in it. Basically I was nervous and we fucked awkwardly as she bent over the couch. Sadly nothing too exciting after that. But we kept talking but never fooled around again. I regret that but not really since her husband seemed decent. She did mention cheating before but with a total Chad. Honestly I wondered why she was so into me. We did share interests though and I liked talking to her.

My wife and I go on couples vacations where we will swap partners for a night sometimes

never shared my wife, but she did give my buddy a hand job while he was going through a divorce

You're a good friend, user

I've got an ex that I fuck that is married. Her husband doesnt know. She just cant seem to get him to fuck her enough to satisfy her needs.

Would you want to share your wife?


it was not a big deal. we were drinking and he was feeling all sorry for himself. she joked about it and i was like who gives a shit. every girl has given a shit ton of HJ.s in their lives. after she was done he had to sit there and watch me fuck her.

i dont share her. one time she jacked off my buddy.

Fucked my friends girlfriend in college. They are now married and he still has no idea.

Ya friend lived miles away and we arranged to go out for drinks and I was to stay at his. I get to his and he's throwing up with some sort of illness. I wish him well and get the fuck outta there.

So I'm sitting in my car outside his place just checking Google maps where I can get some food and his girl comes up to the house clearly dropping him off some soup or something. She notices me and says she'll be back out to talk in a sec. She does. She says she is going out with her friends tonight and that my mate suggested it. Sure I think, one bloke and a group of women im sure to pull one of them.

Anyway, back to hers and she gets ready (I already was) and we taxi it into town. Anyway to cut a long story short her friends "who are coming out later" never materialised, we got drunk as fuck and I creampied her back at her place.

I figure out by now my friend must have been faking being unwell and he bulled me to his to-be-wife. To cut another long story short I later learnt HE DID NOT. It was all her.

Does shagging my uncles wife when she helped me move to uni count?

ye lol

i let my gf fuck around with her coworkers and friends. gives her a ton of confidence and she brings that back into the bedroom when we fuck. we also don't see each other that often because of distance, but the extra sexual attention makes her happy and turns me on.

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Her ass

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Yes I love sharing my wife with friends or who she wants find it very hot here is her sucking my friends dick

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I was camping and this guy started up a conversation. Then his wife came round, had a couple beers then they left...about ten minutes later guy comes back says I have the green light. She was mid 30s, super athletic. Made her squirt, came in her pussy 4 times over about a span of 3 hours. Came in her again twice next morning. Still text every now and again.

I grew up with a girl who married a total gym rat. He would tell her what to eat and when to workout because he wanted that perfect image for the both of them. He would spend hours at the gym everyday and during that time I would bring her some kind of unhealthy food and fuck the hell out of her. It was probably the most enjoyable 9 months of my life. I still do not think he knows

hows her tits?

lol she was a pretty sexy lil thing back then, short but banging body and only 29

Never saw em. She was super insecure about them, but I guess she got implants later on. Honestly she was very thin so if she out on a few I bet they'd plump up. Either way she's hot af. Still and she's almost 40 now?

Nice tits, more

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back in the Craigslist Casual Encounters days I used to bang married women all the time, nasty ones. Literally would put up ads entitled "I know about your rape fantasies" and would get half a dozen responses pronto. Ppl is crazy, man

Back when I lived in my birthplace city I used to fuck this girl I męt ar school. First when she had a bf and later when she was married to different dude. Was pounding her when he was working abroad while their kids were sleeping in other room. Those were good times

entirely unethica, of course but fucking another dude's wife without him knowing is the BEST

My wife and I have occasional 3sums with one of our married friends (female). The unicorn just loves being dominated by a couple and does whatever we want. Then we all hang out in the group like everything is completely normal. Recently my wife hasnt been very active in the bedroom and neither has the unicorns husband. We work pretty close to eachother so during lunch sometimes we meet up and fuck on our own.
No ones hurt by our little secret, we're both happily married but the sex in our own relationships gets too slow for our needs. So we fuck it out and go back home. Kinda the perfect set up. It works for us.


It really is. Back when she had a bf I invited them both to my house for NY’s eve party and was playing with her every time he left the room to take a piss. And once even when he was in the same room just having a smoke at the window. Adrenaline rush then can’t be described with words

Had sex with a girl met at the bar. To my surprise, one of my buddies introduced her to us as his gf a couple of months ago. Never told him about that.

Oh yeah... Had about a 3-year affair with a leggy, redhead, hot-as-fuck married mom (I’m married, too). She and her husband hadn’t had sex in years, but she’d hooked up with other men, women, and even a couple in that time (she was especially into other women & had another married mom friend who liked to watch her with other women while using a vibrator on herself).

We met at a neighborhood party & started fucking about a week later. At first it was during the day when one kid was at school & the other napping, then we started seeing each other evenings, telling our spouses we were “going to the gym”, and we’d end up having sex in our cars, semi-public places, etc. Some of hottest times were evenings in her living room, when her husband was away on business & her girls asleep upstairs! She loved lingerie & porn, and the first time I fucked her anally was in her living room like that.

She told me that in college she worked for a while as a high-price escort (her husband doesn’t even know this). She went on the pill for me about 6 months into our fling, and (and this is so fucked up in retrospect), off of it when we started talking about me knocking her up - which I did & we would have seen it through had it stuck. It was actually the whole pregnancy thing that eventually ended it between us; she really wanted another baby at this point. So after she got pregnant (by her husband this time), we had pregnant sex a number of times, but it eventually fizzled out.

We don’t have sex anymore, but remain very close. Wildest three-year ride of my life & by far some of the most mind-blowing sex ever.

her snapping one of her friends. he doesn't know that i know

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got her drunk and fucked her behind her bfs back. and my wife's

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I'm in a bit of a weird situation. My ex and I broke up on good terms when I moved hours away, 10 years go by but we kept in contact and kept fucking when I was home. Then she started dating my BEST friend. I fought it at first but then got over it.
>After hanging out a bit talk gets awkward when he brings up that we used to have sex and she laughs and says "it was good sex dont be mad about it".
>Kinda awkward but oh well. Fast forward another month or so, I go to his place to party and spend the night on the couch.
>All night hes bringing up how I have nudes of her and how he knows the dirty things she used to do for me.
>Shes blushing but likes talking about it. We go back to his place and I can hear them fucking.
> I'm thinking fuck this shit. Then she comes out butt naked, comes right to me, pulls my pants down and starts sucking my dick.
> A minute or so goes by and she tells me to follow her. Walk in and my friend is tied up to the bed.
>She gets down on all 4s on the floor and tells me to fuck her. I get behind her and avoid looking at my friend.
>shes clearly putting on a show for him, so I start treating her like an object bc this whole situation is weird.
>I'm hate fucking her, choking, slapping, tossing her around.
>she pulls me over to the bed and starts sucking him off while shes bending over for me.
>my friend nuts in her mouth almost immediately and starts making with him with his own cum.
>*mfw wtf??*
>I turn her over so shes on her back, head resting on his thigh.
>I'm about to cum so I pull her off the bed and finish in her mouth.
>this bitch then gets up and makes out with my friend with MY cum.

>I get my clothes and leave the room.
>about an hour later she comes back out and we fucked again
>shes telling me how she left him tied up and he can hear everything.
>cum in her and she goes back to the bedroom.

Never talked about it with my friend but we just pretend like nothing happened and hang out like normal. Haven't fucked again.

Were you at the wedding

Not sure if this belongs here but I am getting married next month and i have fucked 5 of my fiance's 8 bridesmaids. She knows about all of them. At least 2 of them still send me nudes to this very day.


Nope you might be her husband. He browses b.

You got kik?

Dont worry tho. Shes not that hot I dont take pics of her. I get off on the fact I'm sending her home to someone like you with my jizz leaking out of her

I plan on sharing my wife soon, finally convinced her after 4 years of patiently molding her thoughts to accept another man, first she was revolted by the idea, now she cums so hard even just talking about it during sex, shes finally ready to take the next step and i cant wait to watch her go wild on another mans thick hard cock

How did you do this. I want to do the same but I want to mold my girl into bringing other women into the bedroom

Could be me, could not be me. Lets find out

That's a lot harder to do.

Can someone tribute my gf?

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Imma try to show her this and see how she reacts

Whats her initials?

Yes, this man is very correct, women will more easily welcome another man into the bedroom, because women are wired to cheat. most just deny their urge due to religious teachings growing up and such. Its not impossible though, you can slowly condition her by having her watch girl on girl porn with her, slowly allowing her mind to accept it as normal, once youre there, you slowly begin to bring up the fact that " has she ever thought of being with a woman" once thats out there, if her answer is yes, you have succesfully programmed her to normalize this, proceed with telling her youd be ok with her having an experience with another woman, at first she might reject it, citing that youre using it as an excuse to cheat yourself, but make sure you assure her this is for HER enjoyment, and that you plan to stay faithful to her and not cheat. Now if she accepts, set it up together get s girl you also kind of are into, if need be, the first time this happens you might just have to enjoy the show, the key here is to be very patient, the reward will be worth it in the end, once its all going on justg enjoy the view, possibly touch yourself, if youre lucky your wife will invite you over and boom, youre in, but if not just keep trying and eventually she will include you

I'm literally about to be with someone's girlfriend tonight, in exactly 4.5 hours

>Slightly chubby but cute girl in my college
>Her boyfriend is skinnyfat and doesn't satisfy her
>He's also depressed constantly and probably just a drag to be around
>We bang probably once weekly
>She feels terrible about it but I dislike them both as people and don't really care
>The sex is out of this world though
>Like I probably would not keep doing it but holy shit she's incredible in bed
>Unironically I worry he will kill himself when he finds out
>Oh well

seriously, the rush is amazing. i went to a show a few years back with two married friends and i was fucking her on the side very occasionally. she wore a short skirt, the show was crowded and i had my fingers in her while she was standing right next to him....ADRENALINE man!

Casual Encounters was the best. I fucked a number of married sluts here.

There was the Girl Scout troop leader. Multiple times in her minivan with piles of cookies on the back.

A chubby Asian. Fucked at her house during lunch. She would squirt all over soaking the bed. I would always have to shower before I left

Hispanic girl in Albuquerque. She cried after before she left filled with cum.

Marine wife, he worked nights so I could duck her all night. She loved wearing an anal plug and having me fill both holes.

Asian chick in Houston. I would fuck her while her husband was offshore working the oil rigs. Her best friend was friends with my wife and helped set us up

FUCK man i miss that part of CL

is there any worthy replacements?

Yes indeed. Shared my wife with a friend of ours, everything from blowjobs to spit roasting, good times

Hispanic chick loved it rough wanted me to choke and bite her. I left marks all over her tits and the inside of her thighs.

Chubby rich girl with a loser husband. More of a cuck thing. She would send him pics or make him watch

Black teacher with a white husband. He was also a cuck and licked her clean when I was done

Cute chubby blonde. Her husband was came out as gay but she didn't want to leave. Would tell him she was on a business trip and stay at my place

Firefighter wife got preggo while we were together. She didn't know if it was mine or his until he was born. I loved her big belly and milky tits

Many others if I had time to list them all. Most of these were while I was married. Several relationships whent for many months and often overlapped and I never once used a condom and always creampied.

Remarried now. I miss it so now I just fap to the memories.

I share my gf with guys that want to fuck her just cuz threesomes are fun lol

Have been sharing my wife for over 5 years. She has had over 25 different guys since we started

best friends gf and I hooked up and fucked 3 times while our significant others we're passed out in seperate rooms. she let me blow a load on her, she swallowed one and the last one she let me cum inside her

we don't speak of it anymore. we had major sexual tension. Wish to hell I could slam her again.

Have fucked other guys' girlfriends plenty. Would like to share mine.

man i wish but i havent found anything as good

Does it count if it was during the one week of college that some high school sweethearts were on a break?

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Is that her ??

Yes and yes. We're swingers so swapping with other couples is a regular thing. In larger groups my wife and others have been spit roasted and dp'd. Have shared my wife with a couple friends.


Yes, I shared my wife a couple of times. I am not really a cuck yet...but it makes me horny to know and see big cock in my lovely german wife (37).

I really dont need to know if it's you. You are the one that wants to know. Just ask your girl to send you the pics shes been sending her ex


Southern state?


First was the wife of a family friend. She and I had always been flirty and I fucked her in the bathroom during a party we were all at while her husband and kids were downstairs.

Second was my high school best friend. We'd gone out for lunch and after I drove her back home, she invited me inside. As soon as we got in the door she started kissing me and I ended up fucking her on their couch.

When I went on a trip to cuba with my brother and buddy I met a girl we ended up dancing and having sex on a beach chair at night away from the paths. Next day it's her birthday she was turning 18 lol, I ended up talking to her and she told me she had a gf back home she was dating for 4 years

I share my gf once, it was awesome

Pic related

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South west


My wife and I go on cruises regularly and will usually find a couple to fuck. A few times she's found a third to let me fuck while she watches, but more often than not we find a couple and go off to fuck them separately and share stories afterward.

Sure you did user

I need more of her

Which destinations have you had the most luck on? Or are all cruises created equal?


first bird i ever got with was a wife of a guy who she suspected has ED
she was a stunning 30 year old blonde...if he wasnt banging her i would assume he either gay or had ED as she guessed

Mexican Riviera from the west coast is always easy. Usually a younger party crowd. The hardest was Hawaii, it's a long cruise and usually older people. But we found a girl traveling with her family in her 20s who was down to party/fuck.

Also depends on the cruise line. For instance, finding someone under the age of 60 on a Holland America Cruise is basically impossible, where Carnival is always a younger crowd. East coast we prefer Royal Caribbean, lots of families. So it's easy to find a younger girl or couple to play with. We've gone as young as 16, as old as early 50s. Just depends on the people. We haven't done a single cruise where we've not found someone to fuck.

this girl back in high school i dated who was kind of a sociopath wasnt getting enough dick from her man or some shit so she hit me up, only found out about him after he dm’d asking if i was the dude she was fuckin

Nope american

Pic she sent?

Wife and I haven't done cruises but vacation a lot in the Caribbean and Mexico. Very easy to find couples and singles, men or women to swap with. Went to the Bahamas last year before the hurricane fucked it up and she hooked up with two guys at the resort. I watched for a while and then joined in.

No, because I'm not a nigger.

My favorite was our last cruise. We find this attractive couple. Early 30s. Wife was absolutely stunning, nice thick white girl, blonde hair, big tits, amazing ass. Husband was sort of a body builder type. We split off to do our thing. I railed the wife, busted a nut in her. We go back to our pre-planned after fucking drinks. Turns out the husband couldn't get it up and my poor wife ended up talking to him about their marital issues for an hour and a half. So I get her back to our room and fuck her too. I felt bad, she was so pissed.

When I was 18, coming home from my first year in college I got a summer job working at petco. The dog groomer was this like cute, very slightly chubby, art hoe who moonlighted as a tattoo artist. She'd follow me around work like a puppy, constantly bitching about her distant boyfriend and wed talk about weed because we were the only people working there who smoked.
She asked if I had ever tried dabs, and i said no. she invited me to her apartment to try them, Im so fucking autistic i had no clue what she was doing, i thought she just wanted to get high
>drive to her place after work
>she sets up the rig, I take a hit and get the highest ive ever been in my life
>feels like im dying
she started startling me, and asked if I thought she was cute. I managed to slur out 'ofcourse'
>she fucks me while im basically anesthetized on THC
>I cum, she gets off me to clean up
>her apartment door swings open and her boyfriend is home
I panicked more than Ive ever panicked it my life, and just ran out the fucking door to my car high as shit, and tried to drive home. Someone who saw I was driving erratically called the cops who pulled me over, and I got a DUI. Lost my job. No fucking clue what happened with their relationship, never spoke to her again.

Yes I've been fucking a married girl for the past 3 years. She's an ex I used to fuck on the regular in our late teens. She got engaged to a decent person with pretty well off family. He works in the buisness his father started . He's a manger there and works long hours. He can't be bothered to fuck her much. He only fucks her once when he does and he doesn't fuck her anywhere but in their bedroom. So I provide her with anything she fantasises about or feels like trying. She does the same for me, he's a straight head we take coke mdma anything we fancy. We've had group sex posing as a couple and many 3 ways both mmf and ffm. The sex over the past 3 years with her is the best I've ever had or been involved in. Im pretty sure it wouldn't be like that if we were together as a couple. He wouldn't dream of fucking her in the ass, little does he know she fucking craves it. Even when I fuck her pussy she has to have a butt plug in. Thing is I'm pretty friendly with him and he's a very decent person but the guilt trip has never entered my head. I've fucked her asshole while her mother in law was downstairs she didn't know I was there pounding her sons wife which was pretty hilarious. She told me later she was talki g to her MIL after and my come was dripping out of her ass the filthy slut. She said she'd love to do that again. What a complete slut she is. I do t care if you don't believe it I'm working a late shift and I'm bored as fuck so thought I'd share my experiences with a slut with Cred Forums

The one on the left and I have been fuckbuddies for the last 6 years. She hates her husband and only stays with him because of her daughter.

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BAM. Karma right in the kisser.

She deserved the fucking DUI honestly. I had no intentions of fucking her when I drove to her place, im on the threshold of autism when it comes to picking up cues from chicks. But she actively pursued me, it was clear from our conversations she wanted him to suffer/jealous so I suspect she knew he was coming home, and it was fucking set up.

and this was in florida where DUIs stick to your record until your fucking 75. god what a vile cunt.

We hooked up with a couple in their 20s. We went back to our hotel room and started. Everything was good, touching, kissing, and oral. But when it came to fucking the guy had no idea. What he was doing. I could hear my wife giving direction and I could tell she wasn't into it. I kinda felt bad because the wife was a great fuck. Everyone has at least one bad one I guess

Yes.. this bitch

badboyreport .kr/2013/01/ two-years-and-she-leaves-linda-cadieux/?ckattempt=1

Fucked my brothers wife couple of times.

He was away on a trip, i went out drinking with her and her friend. Really wanted to fuck her friend. Her friend got completely drunk and we walked her back to my bros wifes house. On the way there we saw a couple making out hardcore, i jokingly asked the friend "wanna make out like them?" and she just stood there all piss drunk. So just too many beers in me I said "bros wife?" And she said sure and we just started making out hard core. Ended up back out the house, her friend passed out and we fucked like 6 times or so. Came back in the morning to get my jacket because i left it and we fucked one more time and she let me cum inside of her. Shit was pretty cash.

Not a wife, but I did fuck my best friend's 15 year old daughter a few months ago.

I'd love to share my wife with another guy.



Fucked somebody else's.

Got to know this red head that worked at my favorite liquor store. We got to talking more and more. I used to smoke back then and I'd have her take a smoke break in my pickup. One day we kissed saying goodbye, so I knew I had her. The best part was that her husband worked right next door in the strip small at a radio shack. He was an overweight nerdy looking guy.

I showed up as she was getting off with one day. We met at a park and she hopped in my pickup, then we went out on a back road and parked somewhere kinda secluded.

We started stripping immediately and as soon as she saw my dick she stared sucking it. I made her stop after a bit and she climbed on with no rubber and grinded me really fucking hard. She ended up cumming first.

After she was spent I picked her up off of my a little bit while holding her ass and started slamming into her until I finally came inside her.

I still see her when I go into the liquor store and have been meaning to meet up with her again sometime. Still see her husband at RadioShack too.


Cheated on almost every girlfriens I ever had, usually several times with many women and always unprotected.

LARP harder faggot. Girls (and if they do they are 600 lbs) dont watch anime and if they do they have a dick. If you had sex with anyone it was a fat guy.

The details check out this user is the only one here telling the truth.

How do you approach them user?

What is your formula after you make contact?

Lol she was Korean.

She was odd, but sexy. Believe me if I were larping b d say how we fucked from then on and she begged for my nut. Really we fucked once, it was awkward and that was it

love fucking other mens wives. i dont really care what they look like, as long as they belong to another guy im happy to use them

Not sure how this became a fetish with you degenerate dipshits but probably 20 years ago now, I was a young man in the navy. So no pictures or kik or any of that gay shit you fags use to share your degeneracy on. Anyway, I had a crush on my friends wife. We were relatively close, went to boot together. But at that time in different squadrons. He went out to sea on deployment when I came back from mine and I basically saw her at the E-Club, chatted her up, and basically fucked her for 6 months until he got back. We called that shit infidelity. It was common. It didn’t make him a cuck, or some kind of faggot like you plebs. No, he was just unfortunate. Unfortunate that his wife was dishonest. That didn’t make her a whore. Just someone who couldn’t control that one impulse. She was a nice lady. I didn’t really feel bad at the time because it was common. I’ve cheated. I’ve been cheated on. It’s not that big of a deal.

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is this raka from collegehumor?

nope a friend of mine

Yeah. I have a cuck fetish but the other way around. I like it when the guy wants me to fuck his wife. It feels like an honor and a privilege. I would never want to sleep with someone’s wife without permission. But there is something satisfying in not being the cuck.

It's a fun fetish to think about, especially if your wife is hot. Being out with her and seeing guys eye her up, knowing what they want is huge turn on. Sharing is just the next step. Plus its always fun to reclaim her after he leaves. Everybody wins.

>ever fucked someone elses gf or wife?
Yeah, she has a great ass to give.

Aubrey T?

Wife is usually the instigator, she's got a good eye and is very charming and pretty. So first we sorta sniff out where they're at in terms of "Are these ones gonna swing?" If we don't get the vibe, we move on until we find something suitable to play with. Usually takes a day or two, maybe invite them to a shore-side thing in one of the ports. But usually by the 3rd-4th day we're fucking.

I should note that even though they're really not supposed to, this has worked with cruise staff too.


My buddy is an open cuck and regularly lets me or the boys bang his wife. Sometimes one of us, sometimes all of us (4). Sometimes she just comes over after work to get dicked

I fucked lots of married girls and girls with boyfriends. I had one talk to her husband on the phone in my kitchen and I had my dick in her ass a few minutes later.


I have fucked 3 married girls, deployment turns everyone into a slut. myself included

Kinda both.
My wife cheated on me. Then a couple months later I was fucking her while she was in a relationship with him.

Good shit man.

some nice stories here

no greentext, bite me. Wife and I had fantasized about doing this for a while. She's pretty hot, but think's she isn't. Say we should put up an ad on doublelist and see if we get any takers. Says she is too ugly to have anyone want her. I say if anyone does she has to go through with. Got tons of replies, pick a guy she hits it off with who is pretty hung. So hot to watch her ride his cock until he filled her up. We have been having guys join us ever since.

You are pathetic cuck and your wife is a whore

say what you want. We have fun, and it doesn't hurt anybody

C u c k

I fucked my friends wife after being their best man. Dont think he knows. Worth it.

I moved to Los Angeles a while ago. A girl I always had a thing for came to visit for a conference and we went out for drinks. She bitched a lot about how her bf had a low sex drive. We went back to my place and eventually started making out. She started sucking my cock. I told her I wanted to fuck her and she said she wasn't on birth control because she hardly ever had sex. I pulled out a condom and fucked her on my couch and bed. We hugged. She left for home the next day. Still with her boyfriend.

Only a blowjob, I got my wife to suck my friends dick I had been asking for years for a MMF or for a guy to fuck her while I watched but she wasn't into it at all but she finally gave in as my friend was moving away and I think she just got sick to death of me asking and agreed to just a blowjob knowing that he was moving away and wouldn't be awkward for her afterwards as she wouldn't be seeing him again. She didn't do it in the spirit that I hoped she would and gave a pretty mechanical unenthusiastic blowjob but nonetheless it was great watching her suck some guy she hardly knew and swallow his cum and to see her being slutty for the first time in her life.

>be 27, together with wife for 10 yrs now
>both find out we're bi, so we decide to swing about 3 yrs into our relationship
>start with same room play, move to soft swap (oral with other partner), and same-sex swap (gay af)
>eventually shift to group play but wife hesitant to do hard swap
>totally ok with that as we're having tons of fun at this point
>get introduced to couple interested in playing through mutual friend
>couple is HOT; police officer and navy chick, so they are in superb shape
>we hit it off with them as friends as first and slowly chat about it
>husband is kinda hesitant about it as it's a new thing for him, but he is sooo hot for my wife
>get invited to superbowl party (literally this last weekend) at their house
>husband gets pretty drunk that night and chats with my wife saying they are good to go
>everyone leaves at end of night except for us
>take them up to their bedroom (we have to take lead as they are super nervous about everything)
>wife let's me know she'd be down for full swap this time (aww yiss)
>my wife seduces the guy and I start making out with his super tight navy wife
>she has super cute face with luscious lips and a banging body
>he's hot too, but 100% straight, so I don't push it
>wife rides this guy and he's having the time of his life
>meanwhile I'm fucking his wife doggystyle and she is just insatiable
>end up swapping back to cum in our respective wives bareback (always wear condoms for swaps, kids)
>go home super late, but super satisfied
>wake up Monday morning and bang wife while we dirty talk about the night before.
>10/10 Sunday, folks.
>pic related, my wife

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Bro, what the Fuck...

you're a lucky man

I know it. All it takes is strong communication with your partner, folks. And a strong sense of adventure ;).

Fucked a slut from tinder.
She was in a relationship and said it was okay.
The easiest game I had on a girl so far..
Afterwards she blocked me from anything, but was worth it.

That's what people don't get. Having fun like this isn't your life 24/7. It's just something you do sometimes on the weekend because you both enjoy it...

good idea user. this will work.

This chick. Her husband is a doofus and we met through mutual friends. She and I immediately hit it off. He was off on business recently and she asked me out and we ended up fucking a weekend away while he was on business.

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I have although I'm not really proud of it. I ran into an old ex who had a boyfriend at the time and one thing led to another and we fucked.

It can be as much of your life as you'd like it to be. We go on and off. We have one couple we play with maybe once a month and we play with a younger trans guy (ftm) every now and then. Shit is so cash. This new couple will be added to the down-to-fuck when we party together roster. Pic related again.

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But most of /b is 12 and never been in a real relationship, so hurr durr cucky your wife is a whore and you have no self respect abounds. It ain't like that, at least not in most of the situations i've encountered.

I broke up with my ex-wife several years ago, just wasn't working for either of us. About two years after the split she called me about something and she suggest hooking up just for old times sake. She's dated on and off, but we still fuck from time to time. Sex is better now than it used to be, not going back into a relationship. Especially because she's been seeing a guy regularly. (Irony was she cheated on me, now she's cheating with me.)

This marry chick, alcohol and being mad at her husband did help. Tight body and tight pussy for this 5”6

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I got a blowjob from a girl that had a boyfriend.

That’s not irony. She is just a whore.

She seriously is

Loved fucking me in front of her husband..

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I fucked my sister-in-law after she confided in my wife that she had a rape fantasy. So I did exactly that. She loved it.

I answered a MF4M ad on Craigslist. The couple was looking for a bi partner and I'm about 85%/15% straight/gay.

We ended up becoming long-term FWB. I fucked them both everyway possible over the course of a couple of years. He loved watching me fuck her. He would just stare, almost like a trance, and jerk off. It was great.

We are still friends but we don't fuck anymore because the guilt of cheating (I'm married) got to be too much.

Trying to get in my friend's gf's pants lately

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Yea a couple. I used to fuck this chick while she was engaged to some shit bag of a dude.

He used to act like he was top shit and wouldn't even talk to me cause he was so cool. Little did he know...…

>pic related

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also used to fuck left chick while she was married.

Never did I go try to get these taken chicks they all came to me.

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Contrarily, I've found those involved in the scene (swinging, kink, bdsm) have had strong relationships with mutual respect and great communication.

Join now before it's too late

Wow you started drinking with your mates gf alone? You must have found her attractive, thats a redflag.

On of my favorite experiences was going down on this chick while she was on the phone with her boyfriend. She was visiting in my city and was telling him she was about to go to sleep and he had nothing to worry about. Hottest thing ever!!

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I went and visited a college buddy a few years ago. He married this chick that is fucking annoying until she gets a few drinks in her. Then actually can be kind of funny and interesting.

Anyway, it was just the three of us and we were partying. She kept taking out her rack (quite nice) and exposing herself. My buddy is kind of a Beta and didn’t know how to handle her.

I knew she wanted it to go further. So the Saturday night they say they are going to bed, but I fucking knew she’d be back out.

Five minutes later she’s back making me a drink and then spreading her legs while I rub her to five orgasms. Could tell he doesn’t know how to get her off.

She then gives me one of the best blow jobs ive ever gotten. Like she was cock starved.

This was all in their back yard. We were so fucking drunk. I don’t think he knows, but I don’t know how he doesn’t.

Haven’t gotten a chance with her since. Really want to finish what we started...

dated this one girl for about 3 years. we broke up but kept bangin anyways. we started hooking up with dudes in our friend group after that. good fuckin times. couldnt get her to hook up with any girls though...but my next girl after her was bi so I got my mff 3sums after that

Fucked my whore of an ex girlfriend while she was married, her cuck husband was in the Army deployed.

No proud of it, but i dumped several loads in a friend of mines wife when they were having some marital problems. Feel pretty bad about it now because they worked things out, but she has sworn me to secrecy because she told him she stayed faithful. (worst part is I know I am not the only one of his friends she fucked).

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You're a pretty shitty friend but shes an even shittier wife.

Your friend sounds like a Beta fag. You probably did him a favor by letting her get her nut off with people who aren’t strangers.

Sounds like she needed to get her rocks off a bit/relieve some stress/pent up tension.

Think you probably helped his marriage in the short and maybe long run

I am not denying it, truth is I thought for sure it was over the way both of them were talking... and she is hot, and I thought with my dick.

Everyone engaging in this type of degeneracy are vermin and you all deserve each other and the hell you live in.

You're just jelly we get unbelievably hot fantasy sex and you're stuck rubbing one out with a thumb up your ass.

I've had two hot chicks (one my wife) blow me at the same time until I came over both of their faces. And then watched in the afterglow as they cleaned each other off and made out.

Get on my level bitchboi.

>his wife was dishonest.
>That didn’t make her a whore.

Makes her a slut. If you paid her, THEN she'd be a whore.

Fucked my friends gf on his kitchen counter while he was asleep 6feet away.

You have made women your god and think having sex is the epitome of worship. There is nothing about this disgusting lifestyle I envy. That being said, I am not judging you all as people, only God can do that. I am judging the acts as evil. It is not too late for anyone to seek redemption and return to God. Repent, sinners.

Lol, I'm getting my rocks off in fun and interesting ways while bonding with my life partner in a very intimate manner. If your god thinks that's a bad thing, he's a fucking loser and always will be.

Enjoy your life of believing in your crazy, judgmental skygod, christcuck.

Story on the 16 year old?

I understand the appeal to Satan worship. The idea that you are your own god is the ultimate form of selfishness and appeals to people who want nothing but power in world. We will all be responsible for the decisions we make however. This concept is not limited to only my God, but is found throughout many theologies around the world, most of them with ancient roots. I also understand that severe trauma in life leaves a mark on people and leads them to pursuing things entirely selfishly. You must see the correlation between that and all the other animals around us. What separates man from beast? Our ability to see that even if we want something, we can decide to abstain for the sake of others. Selflessness, altruism, sacrifice these are not concepts animals engage in. A lion gets hungry and it kills to eat. A lion gets horny and it fucks whichever lioness it wants. We are higher creatures with consciousness. Do not envy the mindless beasts and learn to identify and conquer your impulses, lest you be a slave to them indefinitetly.

I`d love to share my german wife 37

Mediterranean cruise. Wife found this cute french girl. Wife thought she was hot. So my wife started buying her drinks and sharing our booze that we sneak on board. It was an easy score, she was bored traveling with her parents and you could tell she'd rather be anywhere else. Ended up fucking her the second night (sea day). She was beautiful. Wife and I took turns on her, it was honestly some of the hottest sex I've ever had in my life. It was a 10 day cruise, I think we honestly fucked her at least 7 times.

Lol I don't worship Satan or any "god". I developed the capacity to reason at a young age, so didn't fall for the whole religion nonsense.

Nothing about what my wife and I do with consenting partners is selfish. We both wish to indulge in sex with others on occasion and have only found our relationship grows stronger with every experience.

Why would we abstain? We both want to enjoy these experiences and so do our partners. We both get our rocks off and get a little exercise as well ;).

Nothing about what we do is mindless. It is a very distinct choice that we both make every time we enjoy ourselves with new (or old) partners.

We both hold professional jobs; we have a loving family; we have loving friends; and we have exciting lives.

Fuck your judgmental, religious bullshit. I hope you can pull your head out of your ass one day, you absolute walnut.

He won't. people can't understand that it can make your relationship stronger...


kinda agree

I blame religion for society's close-minded behavior and sexual hangups.

Give it another century and we should see some progress on eradicating the religious plague (that is, if climate change doesnt wallop us into a apocalyptic society).

The majority of the experiences in this thread are about people cheating behind their spouses back and lying to cover it up. You are delusional if you think these behaviors strengthen relationships or overall are good for communities. The very institution of marriage and our entire legal system is based on Christian values. The whole of society around you is. You act as if you are enlightened in some way to reject God.
>I don't worship Satan or any "god". I developed the capacity to reason at a young age, so didn't fall for the whole religion nonsense
That is exactly what I said in my post above, worshiping your own intellect as if you are special or somehow "above" God is entirely selfish, and exactly what Satan wants. I believe there is truth in the saying "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he does not exist." He does not need or want you to worship him, you already do so when you fall away from God.
I am not advocating you must go to church or anything like that, but find God for yourself. Look within. Honestly I wish you well.

Friend recently agreed to spit roast/tag team his gf I’ll kik details

Obviously, I was talking about my experiences swinging. Hence I talk about consenting parties. Cheating is non-consent by the unaware partner. I don't advocate for cheating. Everyone should be on-board.

Christianity accounts for MAYBE 26-27% of the world's population, you self-centered fuck. You don't get to claim partnering as a "christian" thing. It was a part of society long before that. Again: remove head from ass.

God. Is. Probably. Not. Real. In fact, based on our current knowledge, statistically, he's not. And if something is out there pulling the "big bang strings" he certainly doesnt give a fuck about your little rule book about what is and isn't right. Yall just fell for some made- up rules designed to keep the masses in line. Your part of the decline of religiosity now...slowly, as you dumbfucks die off, the world will think of you as a silly reminder about the importance of the scientific method and citations.

Jfc. You judgmental fuck.

Yep. Then I married her. And he's been a cuck piss ant ever since. Oh, and my dick is bigger too.

Yeah I worked with a girl that was having money trouble and I knew that her bf was going to be out of town for the weekend and I offered her $300 for sex while he was gone and she accepted.

My first time was with a married woman, we fooled around off and on for years before I moved.

I have a MILF fetish, I have banged the mom 4 of my buddies, and 2 of my gfs. Of which all but 1 was married at the time...

Very much so!
It was my wifes sister! I literally did her a lot behind wifes back. Wife has always refused wild shit,like random bj's and anal, while her sis is pretty much up for all kind of stuff. Mostly because her beta bf is a loser.
Anyways, it had been going on for a short while and she got pregnant, the cuck boi thinks it is his and so on... Yes, also a lot of nice fucking while she is pregnant (which btw is the best).
After, we keep at it, but one day she tells me that she revealed it to her bf. Lucky for me this was no problem since he was literally the biggest beta from the get go, and now he wants to watch. So I'm not one to reject such a proposition, so pretty soon after we are at their place and he gets to live out his cuck dream right there and then while I cream his delicious gf (and hopefully impregnates her again). With him locked and tied up!

You from LI?

I haven't fucked a single girls in years , only fuck gf and wives ,I'm in Vegas hit me up if interested Kik under vegasrod

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Not yet, wanna fuck my friends girl tho

Yes. I have ended two long term relationships, one marriage and been named in a divorce. all women i met at work.

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Wife here