Any self harm/self injures thread?

Any self harm/self injures thread?
Let's have a real discussion without saying faggot

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Look at these stupid bitches. Cute, atrractive and living life on easy mode. They lose a few chads and they do this shit. And its all for attention, too. Are most women just retards? Its like they dont even know what they have and how easy they have it.

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its a fetish you mong lol

autistic faggot


One is a trap man

Ate you serious?
There's s difference between the kind of women you described and those who genuinely suffer from depression.


Depression from what exactly? They are living the easy life. If a bitch in depression stepped into the life of any of the losers here on Cred Forums, she would just immediately off herself after a week. Shows how resilient men are in the face of hardship, if anything

Who hurt you, user?

>Any attention please!/I need attention thread?
>Lets give each other attention without pointing out how all we want is attention
>Attention please!

impressive self harm


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Makes me so horney

dont stick your dick in crazy!
say it. don't stick your dick in crazy bitches
life pro tip!!!

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from 7/10 to a 4/10


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I’ve dated a few faggots that self fagged, it was kinda sad but mostly faggy.

I dated this one faggot for 7 months and i could tell she was trying not to be a faggot... and she had a bunch of faggot scars her arm. She also was addicted to drugs, like a faggot. Every time she took a knife to her self like a faggot I was just glad she wasn't do drugs... But she such a manipulative faggot... she cut herself to be attention seeking faggot. And one time just to show her what a faggot she was I took her knife and cut myself like an attention seeking faggot in front of her. She hated me for and became an even bigger faggot and started acting like more of a faggot. Eventually I couldn’t take her faggotry and threw her out. She’s still an attention seeking faggot and has lost herself so much she’ll fuck any faggot for drugs. I heard she tried killing herself and somehow got a bad blood infection. I guess she’s ok now and well part of me is still a faggot who loves her... but mostly I just hope she dies... one less self destructive faggot ruining other ppls lives bc she’s unhappy right?

Moral of the story,
Don’t be a faggot who dates faggots who self harm, you’ll end up getting fucked over and look like a stupid faggot when they blame you for everything.

Can relate

No one cares about your attention seeking faggotry.

Ya Hussain

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Y’all are fucking pussies.

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>posts pic of job related accident.
kys pussy