Sh-should I go say hi?

Sh-should I go say hi?

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only if she consents


Abortion clinic

We'll be waiting for the greentext after.

are you male or female?
did the female in pic look at you?

Why are you in an abortion clinic?

Go for it it’s your chance champ


She wanted to sit closer to you but doesnt want to seem too easy.

100% shes down for at least a bj if you ask her to netflix and chill tonight. Ask her where she lives first.

to get the remains duh

>Ask her where she lives first.
what for?

not op btw

>Abortion clinic
Why are you there?

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Why not?

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Girls at abortion clinics don’t care about condoms and like sex. I hate condoms and love sex. Plus the added bonus that I know they’ll take care of any problems that arise


ask her to join u to the rest room and get her preggers in there

its a trap!

No, you should just take photos

lmao this is old

ask her if she knows about plan Cred Forums

Lunch break?

you should have initiated small talk within a minute of you/her sitting down, at this point itd just kinda awkward.

depend of the approach
>"Oh jeez, things are boring around here"
works great

“Man abortions take forever right? Hey I love on the 5th floor and there’s a stairwell. How about we make this faster and you can start your next mistake tonight”

"talking about stairs, did you know it'll go faster if you go down on one foot? Slap each steps as hard as you can."

thats good
ill have to remember that one

Or try this secret family recipe

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bruh she wants you to talk to her. Go get that snatch

No lol

take a fat shit on the floor right in front of her

you should rape her. at least you know she'll have an abortion if she gets pregnant

Ask if she's Jewish

I think girls at abortion clinics care about condoms and not making the same mistake twice.

she seems mean

she wants himto talkto her but theresno way she hasnt left by now.