This is the cc info of a home wrecker. Plz do your worst

This is the cc info of a home wrecker. Plz do your worst

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Post backside faggot

Need other side

need 3 digit code nigger

hurry up n send back pic i need new shoes

I ain't commiting identity theft because you too much of a pussy to spend all yo bitches money yourself

Need the 3 digits user come on


thanks i bougth water lol


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send screenshot of what you bought

not your personal army

dont u need billing address?

Did she wreck your home? What did she do?

It's a trapp

I just called and reported it stolen guys. Fun's over. Time to get off the Trump bucks and get a job.

I tried to buy a game but doesnt work

Nice get. But, I kinda wanna see where this goes.

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Atleast one guy got a bottle of water out of it

>home wrecker
Would mean you are female. Since we have seen no tits.... clearly you need to GTFO

Oh shit nigger what are you doing?

doesnt work

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Reported stolen

Give it to some findom thot on Twitter and then report her for fraud.


Shelby won't suck your dick you whimsical faggot

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The cc was found in my mans shirt pocket. He doesn’t know I found it. I know her and she deserves whatever

>posts debit card

>itt: jealous thot commits felony
today was a good day

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For your information, you dont need the back info.

have... have you really never shopped online, even once?

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