Are you happy with your erect penis length and girth?

Are you happy with your erect penis length and girth?

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Yes. Not happy it got circumcised though. restoring...

It does what I need it to, which is mostly peeing.

couldn't even make it 1 post...


Wish I was a inch or longer just for the wow factor.

Girthy boi here, only 2 out of 6 anal attempts have succeeded.

Fine, except for needing circumscision in grade 10 due to medical reasons and risk of infection (super tight foreskin and urine built up)

Been restoring since awhile after that, not a fan of having a numb dick

Nope and can’t change it so oh well

If you pee all the time while erect, you may have some problems

No, 15cm/3cm

21cm x16 cm, Im more than happy at the girth. the lenght is ok


>numb dick
weird im cut and mine isn't numb at all

Only in the mornings, really.

I only use it to pee and once stuck it in a mans ass, so it doesnt really matter

I'm happy with it. I never considered my dick to be that big but every woman I've slept with would tell me it's big, so that's nice.

inb4 monster balls handbreeder

no fucks given, life sucks get a fucking helmet

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No. Too short.

Isn’t 21cm about 8 inches? That’s big

Im happy with my size, also uncut!

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yes i can't even see it when i look down, and what's funnier is i'm literally skinny lol

If you can walk around with the head of your penis rubbing against your underwear, then it is numb. Intact guys cannot do that.

Yes, i can make a women cum, but a little bit longer would not be bad for the lulz you know.


I've heard others say this as well. Could be the meds I take daily for my medical condition (dries out my mouth and makes hair thin faster among other things I'm sure) but they are for seizure control, so not easy to really get away from

Used to have to pretty much fuck my gf raw to be able to finish whatsoever, stretching and covering my glans most of the time really helpd

Yes I am. I jerkoff to the thought of jerking myself off.

this dude's gay

My dick is only 1 & a half inche before erection is about 2 & a half inches... Why are my geneyics so fucking shit?

Step it up faggot, I jack off to videos of myself jacking off.

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Kinda misleading because you can never restore your foreskin. Your just stretching the skin from your shaft over your head to emulate a foreskin

Pretty satisfied. Had to cut he frenulum after it tore and became scarred, but I like it better now

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That's the sad part about it, it's functionally irreversible. There is some startup in Italy somewhere but they had shit for funding and the chance of something viable happening is low

Since tall got your cocks out who can tribute ?

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It's pretty realistic though

Not really it's like if you cut off your ear sure you can sew a new one on but it wont be the same

so would you prefer the guy to be without an ear

I'd pick no ear over a fucked up fake one

Length is good
Girth is ok


You're a retard if you think you can restore the foreskin. Just be happy man
Average in US is 5.3, don't trick yourself into thinking otherwise
I'm 250 pounds with a 6 inch dick, they say every 25-50 pounds of extra weight is .5 to an inch of dick. Maybe one day I'll get skinny

Length, yes. Girth, no.

>"The Witch's Finger"

I doubt that.

You can, and I'm going to continue doing it.

7.18 inches on hard which is fine

Though on flaccid it's only 4 inches so kinda sucks

Still wish I was one to two inches bigger for wow factor



Not the length anymore because I've put on about 50 pounds in the past few years and it went from being slightly large to slightly small. Girth is okay though

Yah, I've gotta lose some weight to make this cock stand out.