For the next SOTU, Trump should have the papers laminated

For the next SOTU, Trump should have the papers laminated

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Hopefully he won't be at the next one.

She's a clear example of why a woman should never be president.
>gets bad China trade deal
>hops on AF1
>flies her wrinkled ass to China
>just to rip it up in their faces
Women are full of passive aggressive bullshit. They can't help it.

Oh he will.

very likely she won't be the speaker next year.


5 years to go.

Keep seething.

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and its very likely trump wont be president next year either

based on what evidences?

get out of your right wing bubble, retard, it was obvious to everyone that trump was guilty as shit and the republican party showed just how spineless they are.

regardless of context (not amerifag), this would be a great prank

He should put them in a pickle jar

Dont judge all women by her. There are some good ones. Just like with dudes, most would suck at president, but there are some that could get it done.

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I'm not conservative but I think the impeachment attempt was stupid. Even if I'm not in Trump's camp I still think he's not that bad and if you're a true American you should want your president to do well even if your party didn't win.

Well she sure as hell won't be so it doesn't matter.

Found the Simp

>trump was guilty as shit
Of high crimes and misdemeanors, which were completely contrived.

5 more years of your pathetic liberal tears.

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presidents are public servants. He has unlawfully served his own purposes. I don't see how his actions can be defended.

He should have handed her the articles of his impeachment hidden between the pages.

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God Bless Mitt Romney

like when bill clinton raped everything not nailed down and his wife slut shamed all his rape victims and the democrats circled the wagons to keep him from being unseated for perjury?
you don't believe in anything.
i don't like trump at all, but all they have on him is hearsay.

yea, that never happened

It's great, people got to see democrats in their natural state. Trumps numbers took another bump.

This would be priceless

LOL, that would have been priceless

explain with evidences

No crime

Nope, no crime was proven.

He should post a pic of him ripping up impeachment papers after aquital.

It sure the fuck did.




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Wasn't it just the one girl?