Hello Cred Forumstards, it's my third week at mental hospital. AMA

Hello Cred Forumstards, it's my third week at mental hospital. AMA

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where are you and how long have you been there

Need some help breaking out?

Why are you there?

Four weeks at kankyr lab

Sure, just bring me a knife and rope

Suicide attempt in maniacal episode

What country are you in?

What’s the misted fucky/funny thing you’ve seen in there

No need to mention, central/eastern Europe is more than enough

A hella lot of things. Once they put in a new guy with schizophrenia, very aggressive one. He was freaking out totally, started by jerking out in woman's toilet, he tried to smear his shit on toilet mirror, later on he tried to choke a old guy with Parkinson's he was in room with. It ended with injection of sedatives dose enough to put fucking gorilla into sleep. Then the security and nurses tied him up with "white safety belts" into his bed. He was tied for three days straight, they released him this Monday, he is calm on neuroleptic meds and sedatives, for now ofc...
From funny things:
-scarrying paranoic types and watching them freaking out
-hearing street stories from meth-heads(also telling them things that make them paranoic)
-Once i saw dude breaking the door into half, he got nickname after that "Dragon's appearance" because that was his first day (it ended as always, security and nurses putting him into white belts and drugging him with sedatives)
-Watching one guy released after his two months of being here, then coming back after just one week, even into the same bed >D

Why are you allowed a cellphone?

Because after two weeks of fine behavior and taking meds you are allowed to have one at this ward

Why don't you just stop being crazy?

Because ur mom will die in sleep

imagine writing the date d/m/y

Nice try fag

What's your diagnosis? Hows the food?

What meds are you taking?

Those bars are thin af a little girl could break out of there. Nice larp op

schizoaffective disorder. Food's pretty good. Nothing similar to dog food people think they're putting into us. Three meals a day, diet full of carbs and proteins. We get fruits every day, sometimes sweets

Atm they are drugging me with Olanzapine, Depakine, some shit for sleeping problems that isn't working, sometimes Kwetiapine and for calming me down they have ready needle with mixture of Diazepam and other shit i don't remember name

Many have tried. There are wards more strict than mine through


Did they ever tie you to a bed and drug you?

Is it all male patients?

Need someone to talk to that isn't a shrink brah? Doesnt sound like a good time

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Once at the night they brought me in, i was aggressive and they struggled to calm me down. I also refused to take meds and demolished our smoker's room. I was tied only for twelve hours


What kinda crazy shit do you do?

I appreciate that bruh but im being paranoic about stalking me irl for reason i dunno, 2 much Cred Forums...

whats with the triangle?

How do you feel about niggers?

should have talked to alice
[email protected]

do you get to go outside? i spent 6 months but i could walk around the nice grounds and smoke all day long

Before being hospitalized I've had depressive or manic episodes lasting longer or shorter. Christmas days were the worst, ive felt urge to drive car at nights hitting 100/200 kilometers every night, I've slept/datet with two women at once, took a debd (not a big one, but it was unnecessary bc i have decent job). I became aggressive and paranoic also, often i demolished my own flat, i started following people with no logical reason. And ofc problems with sleeping.
During depressive episodes i was sleeping 16 hours a day, i couldn't eat, i wanted to be alone, i was anxious every day that i have cancer or some other wicked shit i imaged.
Generally i have sometimes hallucinations, both visual and/or physical. Like moving shadows touching me

My mind is like twisted sponge in general

It accumulates autistic energy of Cred Forums

Fuck negros. Shitskinned subhumans

I do since few days. Doctors allow to go for a walks when u r cooperative and in decent mental/physical shape

Ask them if you could not take the sleeping meds
Coming down off them just makes it harder to sleep

I remember being in a mental hospital once. Only for 5 days though, I remember seeing a dude bit a good chunk out of his leg once and he was bleeding everywhere lol

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You haven't done anything wrong nobody is going to hack you for no reason. Nobody is trying to dox you we just want a better picture of what is going on. Your a good guy I bet. So what triggered the manic episode?

Have you had sex with the the crazy girls yet. Like feel them up, get your dick sucked, bend them over for a fuck?

How did you fail killing yourself?

Goog larp. I had my talked my wife into voluntarily committing herself to a mental unit. So I know they are not allowed to have cellphones. But it was a good try user.

Working in a mental hospital for years now. Our patients are allowed smartphones for limited time daily. Not all, though.

In some facilities they are allowed short periods of time on the phone. Sounds like you put your wife in a shithole.

OP how did you end up getting put in there?

I'm just waiting on an appointment with a counsellor from the NHS at the moment. Decided I'm going to go all out and tell them everything, hold nothing back. I'm fully expecting to be sectioned.