Duck draw thread

Duck draw thread
Be sure to make it tech related please

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Duck, not dick


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I suck at art.

Enjoy deformed duck dick.

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*An eagle


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Uh. This.



Yeah an eagle instead of a eagle

smug fuckin eagle, he aint no duck fuck

dis is an eagull yea

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>here come the avatarfags to ruin what's supposed to be drawing fun shit

quality ylyl

Hello bitch baby, do you need your bottle cause you're doing an awful lot of crying.

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Fuck off


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Make. Me.

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Fuck off

holy shit the retards art is such an eyesore
get this loser out of here

Burn. I can't be bothered to draw to respond that shit. Low effort.


>draws for fuck off guy
>not for this

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i take it back, tits are boring

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imagine not getting any attention from your shitty art once so you have to try again like a fucking loser

Fuck off

Suck my fucking nipple y'all babies are having a hard go.

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Am i banned

Fuck off


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Nah. Im here now. Your life is over.

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nah i just wanted to fit the thread theme user

also why are yall bringing drawthread drama to a goosethread

keep coping you talentless faggot.

youre weird user
draw a goose

quack quack mother fucker

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Duck needs hazmat suit

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Dude. It is you who are posting a drawing on a Korean basket weaving forum hoping for validation from anonymous strangers. Think about that for one second. I think you need to lose some faith in yourself.

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I think you got the wrong idea of my intentions. Fun to pop in and cause a fire though.

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Fuck off

cut your own wrists, tranny.

Oh come on you have to admit it's kind of funny how people
get their panties in the biggest twist and
say the dumbest shit. It's funny.

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Fuck off


fuck off

apple stop harassing the masses and eat a damn cinnamon roll

Not only do you have to talk to yourself amidst this drama, but you're a complete shithead too.

Go back to twitter.

Tired of attention whores and niggers?
Google shittyboard
White image board. Literally

literally who
nice job exposing yourself as a samefag


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>taking 2 minutes to edit out the (You).
This proves nothing. You are still a worthless pathetic samecunt.

Go follow fuck off user's advice and fuck off back to twitter.

Okay okay, I'll get outta their hair. It was just too dang tempting. See yaaa

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Fuck you


well you got your drama, can we go back to drawing gooses

>implying the avatarfags didnt start it
oh you!

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Fuck off

>>See yaaa
>one post later

i meant everyone user


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Shit is correct

...... anyway

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alright bye

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Beyond, Crusader Duck

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beat me to it

one request?

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Why this isnt a drawthread. Stop trying to derail this faggot no one likes your shit

she's more expensive than you think

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thank fuck, an based answer!

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