Ending slavery was a mistake

Ending slavery was a mistake

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No it wasn't. But a system of consensual multi-wife harems should have replaced it. Multiple black women to one husband.


Bringing Africans to this continent was the first mistake.

Seriously, no one tears down a system where everyone wins. You can fuck black women forever.

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Yes it was you nigger lover. You're a cuckold faggot who lets niggers fuck your wife.

Wrong. There was no problem with it as long as they were kept as slaves.

Cucking? LOL. Why would I want anyone to impregnate my black wives but me? All 25 of them.

Cucking is for Republicans.

A system where only some have a stake in it is destined to eventually fail. History's taught us that a thousand times.

The more people have a stake in the system they are in, the longer it lasts.

They were bound to be freed. The only way to win was to have never played.

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Yikes, being cucked is 100% a liberal fuck boy thing.

We all know it was a mistake to end slavery.

The real question is how do we undo that?

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Uh, no we Liberals like bondage, lol. It's taboo to assert everyone's equal then turn around to put your boot on someone's face and demand they worship you.

Conservatives, by contrast, fixate on subverting marriage.


TDLR: we fap to what is forbidden in our political ideologies.

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I can't argue with that. Jigs are parasites.

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Needs to be animated.

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that was the jews man

like have sex with them or fuck them why is English like this?

Africas iq was just raised by .0002 points

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>Needs to be animated.
Just about like so.

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The only "mistake" is we should have sent them on their way in boats and let them fend for themselves and see if they even make it back... and let's say they some how make it back, ok we wouldn't have any nigger problems today in modern society.

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