Your 15 year old daughter comes out as a lesbian

>Your 15 year old daughter comes out as a lesbian
How do you react?

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i will say "good for you"

Id say can I watch, and maybe join in a bit?

Ask her for visual proof and invite her girlfriend over.

Breath a sign of relief that it wasin't a nig nog

"When you bring yo nasty girlfriend ho's over to daddy's s house....make sure I fuck'em first!!!"

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>her gf is black
How do you react?


I feel like having a lesbo daughter isnt as bad as having a faggot son

At least she won’t have a mutt child

Hidden cam and sleepovers

at least she won't get pregnant

I’d be a nice father figure and buy her a Subaru

thats only because you find lesbians hot


I mean uh.... Support yeah that


#InTheBag2020 will fix this

>Install secret camera in her room and tell her she can have her gf over for sleepovers

Seriously though, another chick can’t get your pregnant. I’d be chill with them fucking.

Masturbate furiously

Set up cameras in her room and let her bring her friends

Happy since it's not a boy, also a little disappointed since I can't take my anger out on her non-existing boyfriend

no because no bottom son and no cumdump pozz party

Yeah, no shit. We've known that for 5 years.

My exact words when my daughter came out in HS.

Disgusting pedo incestous dads

It's just a phase and it's ok.

explain + full story and how you reacted thx !
btw why do you think she turned dyke ? you disgusted her of men ? she got abused by a woman ?

Id want to watch her and her gf and jerk off to them

Lesbianism doesn’t exist its a stage women aren’t gay like fags are gag

Dick her down good so she realizes she was wrong.

with complete indiference

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Probably hide a camera for sleep overs. Just for security tho

I come out as a trans lesbian and demand a threesome.

I would be so happy.

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My ex is trying to convince my daughter it's okay.. I disagree.
She claims to be bisexual, but has never dated a woman, or done anything with a woman without first being drunk and pressured into it. Meanwhile she's projecting her degeneracy on our kid.
Fucking pisses me off. Pisses our daughter off. And pushes us both away.
My daughter and I went to dinner and the relief she expressed when I told her it's okay to not like girl's was real.
If she was actually and naturally gay, I could likely adjust because she's my daughter and I love her. But what's actually happening is the school system, media, and even her own socially fucktarded mother are trying to push her into it. That is what pisses me off about the lgbtqlmnop123 crowd.. they're an indoctrination cult that uses accusations of bigotry to force others to acquiesce.
My 12yo daughter is straight..
She likes boys..
That is OKAY.

She's old enough to start noticing which of her parent's haven't fucked up their lives. Her mother is a stereotype meme roastie, 30+, single (or in a relationship for the wrong reasons,) on mood stabilizers, tattoo addicted, gave up a career to paint houses with her HS bestie, has a second daughter from another guy, and despite not being able to attract a man for more than a pump-n-dump; believes she's a diamond in the rough whom deserves a Mr.Right.

Sorry.. That Mr.Right was ME.
Your gutter trash friend's convinced you you were "too young" for commitment, and to "enjoy your 20" to "find yourself" etc. Well.. Congratulations. You were pregnant with my daughter when you made that choice to "live your best life."
..and when you found out and I offered to take you back, you played hopscotch with the neighborhood cocks instead and that option was revoked. Now.. Now you want our daughter to fuck up like you. You want her to be your bff instead of your child. You want to be her friend instead of her parent. You want to post FB lies about how you all don't need a man in the house.

Beats a nig

Calm down Trevor, she ain't reading this.

It's a phase and at least she's not dating a nigger.

She wants her to kick her pussy. Think about it

Well.. Fuck you S.

I've spent the last dozen year's improving my life, and I KNOW that stings.
I'm with a traditional woman that thinks you're trash. My career is paying off. I drive a better car, live in a better neighborhood, have a better retirement plan, income, am healthier in body and mind; all because having our daughter encouraged me to be a good example.

It's going to be no surprise to you I'm sure when our girl moves in full time at age 14 (emancipation age here) considering she's already asked me to.
I know that you know she's not considered a it.. that's why you let her do whatever she wants. But you've missed the point. She's not like you. She's like me. She derives satisfaction on reciprocity. Being recognized for deeds like chores so she can actually enjoy rewards she has earned. Giving her Carte Blanche in the house and not having a schedule is mentally taxing her.. but you don't listen when she and I try to explain that. You just yell and lash out.
Fuck I'm ranting too long..

Single mother's pushing gay shit is the worst indicator of failed parenting.

ask to watch?

Kek. A forester probably.

Hahahaha who gives a fuck you're wild dude

she got fucked while preggo ? sad

Fuck her until she’s straight.

Very sad shw won't breed with a black bull

She went through a half dozen dicks in her first trimester that I know of.
Rebound sex doesn't care about pregnancy.

Thank god. She won't come home pregnant.

fuck. what a bitch
she's particularly hot or wasnt such a slut when you knocked her up ?

>invest heavily in spycams to put in her room

I was her second intimate bf when we met. Decently hot. Looked like this.

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That's a lot of words to say "I'm scared of things I don't understand."
Cretins like you latch onto alt-right buzzwords like "degeneracy" because you really can't explain why it scares you so much. The fact is, other people's sexual choices don't affect you in the least but somehow you need to express your opinion. Good for you.

Why you didnt abort ? you really wanted a relationship or just a cumdump ?
the second daughter is the little sister or your girl ? you see her sometimes or try to keep a family structure/sisterhood ?

pics or it didn't happen

Same way i reacted when my wife came out of the closet, i went and fucked the girl she was into.

Tell her we both have something in common....we both like women.

tell us more ! full details and pic if you want

I don't have a daughter

Fuck her straight

>that's hot

"Naw, that's cool"

>Wife and me initially looking for a female third
>Meet this one girl at a party, much skinnier than my wife
>She says she wants this girl, no surprise, she likes skinny girls.
>5 months down the road she tells me she thinks shes a lesbian
>Been talking to this new girl personally for a few months, we get along really well.
>Wife leaves, i start dating this new girl
>Still dating right now, and waiting for the divorce to go through.

> Looks at the LGBTQ community
> Looks up the definition of "Degenerate"
Seems spot on tbh

Was engaged, am pro-life.
Mine is first daughter.
I take both of them out to places like the mall, aquarium, school shopping, etc.
The second girl isn't my daughter, but her father is a deadbeat with similar issues as the mother. Thinks he's king shit but can't hold down entry level jobs.
Not her other daughters fault, so I try to be fair to both the girls.
Used to meet for family dinners with the mother as well, but it invariably became about her when we did, so I ended that.
As for why she didn't abort, I suspect it was due to my family being a money faucet.. or so she thought.
Turns out she didn't understand that I and my family would sooner lawyer up and murder her over custody then supplement her income. She settled for an out of court agreement that I would cover directs costs incurred by my daughter including school trips, tuitions, medical, etc. But no monthly stipend for the mother. Essentially I pay whatever child support I deem necessary on my own volition, and we share custody.

She found out i was dating this girl and most likely fucking her in the same bed. Sent me a wall of text pissed off, i give her the "K". Hasnt messaged me since

You seem to be a good father and a smart guy. How do you prevent the bitch from brainwashing more your daughter ?
why was she so pissed ?

Your wife sounds like a fat cunt

She has an ego problem, mostly upset that im already dating someone when shes already been through one relationship since. basically she thinks she should have been much harder to get over after she cheated on me and then got physical.
She was, maybe ill make a comparison pic

Left is ex, right is new gf

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I thank the gods that she wont be getting pregnant any time soon.
Fuck i hope my daughters are dykes.

Your deal is Trump-tier holy shit

I think we found the real reason shes pissed.

Shes pissed because she knows youre dating someone hotter than her, nothing gets women more pissed than prettier women.

I agree with you!
Choose what is best for your daughter!

I agree with you!
Choose what is best for your daughter!!

Thanks.. not smart enough to pick a better mother at the time it seems.

As for "preventing" the brainwashing, all you can do is counter the rhetoric.
I try to teach her critical thinking.
Bullshit falls apart easily under scrutiny.
If her mother or the school tells her something, I just direct her to question the sources. There are three side's to every story, "one, the other, and the truth laying somewhere in between."
That's pretty much all I can morally do.
If I try to sway her to my opinions in the absence of that practice, I'd be just as guilty of brainwashing.
According to her teacher's that seems to be paying dividends in class.
Instead of just reciting textbook answers she asks "Why" more than other students.

> traded up
> hoe's mad

>express acceptance
>meet gf
>affirm how approving I am of their choices
>tell her she’s welcome in my house any time
>tell my daughter they can have sleepovers
>set up hidden cameras in many places

No body cares if a guy fucks a guy or a woman fucks a woman... Or for that sake a woman fucking a man whilst fucking a fucking horse...

The PROBLEM is the way the LGBT community, or atleast the "Social Media" members of that community act like they are the Spanish inquisitoin and anyone who isn't gay, lesbian, tranny or a horse fucker is wrong and should die....

IF you cut of your DICK and drill A FOCKING HOLE IN YOUR BODY I couldn't give a fuck...


>one, the other, and the truth laying somewhere in between.

source on the quote ?
you make her read books on critical thinking and other philosophical/political stuff ?
She's smart you can be proud. Congrats !
When you gonna teach her the "things of life" how will you introduce the case of the bitch especially the "yolo enjoy your 20's and fuck around attitude" ?

I believe the quote is Japanese

I don't make her read those books.
I read them and apply the psychology.
No need for lecturing, just interject when appropriate, and abstain from forcing my opinions on her. Simply saying "is that so? Why do you think that is?" Usually leads to a brief chat and hopefully an epiphany. She's already figured out on her own why her mother can't keep a man.
I mean she lives with her and sees the volatility. Asking herself why a man would choose to stay when nicer women exist was a no brainer. That's when I can say something along the lines of "is that what you want in your life when you grow up?"
When she says "no" I just instruct her to learn from the example of what NOT to do.

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Buy her a camcorder

nice method, i'll keep that in mind

Dear god

Do you have any more of them

It's useful in life generally.

The most difficult thing to combat is the forced integration narrative these day's.
It's like a weird racism in it's own right encouraging interracialism instead of allowing people to naturally seek out whomever they click with. Almost every time I see an interracial couple it's literally part of how they describe themselves.
It's not Karen & Darryl it's "Hi I'm Karen *insert small talk before dropping:* my husband Darryl is a black man." Etc.

It's trendy like the trans shit.. a very small number of people have that disorder, and even fewer of them within that group actually attempt transitioning.
Yet because Its been thrust into the mainstream it's become a fad.
However unlike mullets, spinners, and bad clothing.. the effects are permanent after the fad dies down.

I'm encouraging her to evaluate potential dates on quality of character, but to be aware of legitimate differences be they cultural, racial, etc.

That's the tough one.

Not everyone is the same, and it's a perpetual lie that anybody can become anything.. we literally can't.
I don't expect her to be a pro linebacker, and she doesn't expect me to be a ballerina; despite current culture saying we should be able to even if the rules need to be altered to accommodate us.

It's gonna be a long teen years span as a parent.

>Your 15 year old daughter comes out as a lesbian
>How do you react?
Tell her I support her right to be what she wants to be and that I want her out of the house on her 18th birthday.

>Tell her I support her right to be what she wants to be and that I want her out of the house on her 18th birthday,unless she let me dick 'em down both on a week during the superbowl


Probably ask to watch

>The PROBLEM is the way the LGBT community, or atleast the "Social Media" members of that community act like they are the Spanish inquisitoin and anyone who isn't gay, lesbian, tranny or a horse fucker is wrong and should die....
>IF you cut of your DICK and drill A FOCKING HOLE IN YOUR BODY I couldn't give a fuck...
Literally no one says that. But you knew that.

Like I always do, pics or no dinner.

Get a sex change. If she refuses to have sex with me, now that I'm a women, she's transphobic, homophobic & ageist and I get her ass thrown in jail for being a hypocritical bigot.