Is Tinder or Grinder worth using?

Is Tinder or Grinder worth using?

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Sure, you can go get AIDs for free. Have fun dying slowly.

Not just for hookups, I actually want to meet someone.

Probably if your a faggot

I can go both ways

No you can’t. You’re a faggot.

I've only dated girls though?

>downloaded grindr to wank to but never hooked up with anyone.
>Made account with a throwaway email.
>later on unrelated go through facebook privacy settings with gf
>"off facebook activity" shows grindr
>gf sees it
>relationship absolutely fucked, now everybody knows i'm a closet fag.

Doesn't mean you won't get AIDs.

how about if I dont want to fuck them

yes to both.
very easy if you just say you're lookin for a hookup and nothing more.
On grindr if you put that you're a straight dude just lookin to experiement you'll literally get 100+ dudes wanting to fuck/suck/doanything you want

then what happened?

You get what you want out of it. Nice guys can potentially meet other nice guys but most of the people that use them are just trying to fuck. It depends on you.

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now i'm just a homo with no friends and i look at Cred Forums.

You eventually will because you're a raging faggot.

but arent you happier now? you lost your beard so what?

If you have a good body, definitely.

>Got on steroids like 3 years ago
>Made it a priority to get /fit/
>about 203lbs right now, fairly lean, visible abs
>Live next to a community college in a pretty active area
>literally infinite young sluts
>Literally going to fuck a tinder girl four hours from now

If you get big and lean tinder becomes easy mode, but if you can't stand out it's impossible.

Hey, Cred Forums, bi dude here, kinda chubby. send dick pics or nudes to dyjohn2020 on snap for sexting. response guaranteed by tonight. all are welcome. Love to be humiliated by huge cock.

brother where can I find some good info about steroids? Ready to ascend from natty levels

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You can get big and lean enough to impress women natty for sure.

there's way too much to say to you, just start looking up videos and articles. Keep your doses minor and be safe. IMO you shouldn't hop on until you can bench 315 for 5 reps.

How many have you fucked?
What's the best you've had?
Tell us what it means to be Chad

I've slept with at least 20 girls since I started school and stopped being fat. That sounds ridiculous but it's really easy once you're able to stand out from most guys, and my sex drive is through the roof lately.

The best? It didn't involve tinder, but I've had a couple threesomes with a tiny first year theater girl and her best friend, both of which are a lot younger than I am and interested in Dom/sub play. I just cannot put into words how good. That was a mix of being swole and being very lucky and patient.

What is the first thing you started doing to stop being fat and get into shape?
No idea what the fuck I should start with. Any tips would be real helpful

Read the /fit/ board sticky. Read the whole thing.

I lost my weight eating one meal a day, about 10x my bodyweight in calories or less in that one meal.

I bulked up after that for a long time, just focusing on the main barbell lifts. Just focus on getting strong and you'll look good.

If I can give you any advice, it's that you're going to be hungry and it will suck. It's worth it.

Not the OP, and I'm gonna sound like an asshole, but you need to eat less. That's the most direct route to losing weight. Eat 500kcal below your maintenance TDEE and do a beginner's PPL.

Do trans girls/traps come up on Grindr?

If you want your picture yes

Oh god details
How did threesomes become a thing? What were the best parts? I am mad jelly

The story is long and really isn't as interesting as you'd imagine, apart from the sex. They were out of high school and into college, 99% of guys around here are sacks of lard or not charming at all. I befriended them, was flirty but respectful for a long time, we all hung out a few times, they were interested in exploring their sexuality, I'm pretty experienced and they saw me as trustworthy, one thing led to another and we set up a night to try some sexual stuff. Girls are really, really slutty around early college.

I didn't have sex with them immediately, we did some Dom/sub exercises to establish the roles for a while. Petting, spankings, one of them had never had oral before, etc.

It might not be the hottest thing to everyone, but I just liked the power to command them to strip, get on their knees, etc. Also, lining up two girls doggystyle is pretty really amazingly great. It's great to look at two girls and visibly see how horny they are just by expression.

Yep :)

>Also, lining up two girls doggystyle is pretty really amazingly great. It's great to look at two girls and visibly see how horny they are just by expression.

That sounds fucking fantastic. How did you first meet them? Through Uni or extracurriculars?

One I distantly knew through a friend actually, but we really started interacting more because she brought homemade cookies to school and stopped me to give me one, at which point we had definite chemistry so I started talking her up a lot, and eventually her friend also. Added on facebook, did some stuff with them a time or two, helped one move into an apartment, just boring stuff. They see me like some kind of super alpha, which I sort of am compared to other neckbeards they have to choose from.

I need fap worthy details user. Have you creampied one? Both? Made them swallow? Made them try lesbian stuff? Spanked them? Help a beta out

all the time. im fucking a 17 year old femboy that lives 3 blocks away from me.

same here Op

I have switched my POF profile over to look for men to date, but none of that was a positive/interesting experience. Always wanted to try Tinder or Grinder but not too motivated to do it yet.

yeah 20 girls is not hard at all if you're attractive and charming and put in the effort

I really did not expect this much interest just in a threesome, it isn't that uncommon.

I've only creampied one, but they've both swallowed. I've spanked the fuck out of them. They've done light lesbian stuff, but haven't tried oral with one another and I haven't pushed it.

The most fappable stuff; I've fucked one while the other waited on her knees for her turn. They've given me a double blowjob, which is what power feels like. They put my hands behind me and jerked me off with olive oil into a little dish once because one of them heard about it on the internet and wanted to try 'milking.' I've had them walk on all fours and act like pets, which went over shockingly well. I've had all the best sex of my life with these two. I took them both out to an expensive restaurant one christmas, took them back to one of their apartments, unwrapped them like presents and just had some really high energy sex because the tension had built over the whole meal and they were just acting wild.

My whole life isn't that great but my sex life has been extremely good.

I'm happy that you got to have those experiences. Hopefully one day I'll make it and have those too

how did it show on facebook if it's a burner mail and a phone app ?

Did you enlarge your frame and grow taller ? aside the fat loosing (congratulations for that btw) your face changed ?

Because they are absolute cunts who track everything. I have NFI how, check your “off Facebook activity” in the FB settings. Shit is fucked up.