Describe a pic of my gf. If I have it I’ll reply with it

Describe a pic of my gf. If I have it I’ll reply with it

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Hmm; her standing with her ass to the camera and looking naughty to the camera.

Close enough?

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Yeah stunning. What a slut. Lucky guy

Vid of u fuckin her?

Naughty picture in her Calvins?

There's clothing on the floor, the mid day sunlight peaks through an open curtained window. A dog lazily sleeps on the floor, and the TV is on, switched to a re run of the Simpsons. The bed is a light mess, a toy lays on its side, covered in some sort of gruel. And, black dick is crammed down her throat.

Her wearing some lingerie with stockings, high heels, etc

Easy one, her bending over

1 sec I’ll have to just find that one

You'll be a wizard if you have it

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Holy shit you actually delivered, thanks for sharing. She's very hot. Face?

No face unfortunately. Any others though??

spreading holes

Full body shot of her standing

Covered in cum

Bikini pic

Bent over cheeks spread showing both holes


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Cumshot on asshole

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more full body like this?

Her pegging you... Asking for a friend.

More lingerie please, she looks so hot in that shit

Wearing stockings dangling a high heel from her toes

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More ass pics please. Her ass is 10/10

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tits pressed against glass

nudes in heels