This is huge! This is like refusing to salute Hitler in Nazi Germany in 1939

This is huge! This is like refusing to salute Hitler in Nazi Germany in 1939.

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Why's she such a bitch?

I think it was justified, change my mind

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God Bless Mitt Romney

Lool wow this is why moderates are still voting for trump. Pelosi is a joke and then you see posts like this calling him a nazi or Hitler when literally anyone who's not some leftist but knows better and is happy with what hes accomplished.

Watch some damn tim pool and educate yourself

Heil #InTheBag2020!!

it's time to start the meme warfare

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>childish behaviour

I fucking hate politics right now. I wish they would all die. I truly wish that. I'm not gonna vote and I dont lean left or right.

That said, what goes around comes around. I think after what trump dished out for the last 4 years this is the least she could do.

He can dish it but cant take it? Wtf lol

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>Tim pool
>Educate yourself
Choose one

American politics is comical lmao bunch of petulant children

>I hate politics so I choose to not use my voting privelage to change it


>can dish it out but can't take it
He's been persecuted by the Dems and the media for his entire presidency. He's been dealing with this bullshit for 4 years, and now the Dems are calling those who follow him 'cultists' because they can't win and all they know is propaganda.

Oh no, Dems are doing the same thing the Repubs did to Obama


except Pelosi and her party are the Nazis hahaha you dumb fuck. He will be acquitted today and be the president for another 4 years. Get your head out of your ass and be an American for once. Look up the problems that Socialist's districts have.. Pelosi has one of the worst in the country when it comes to basic sanitation and lawlessness.

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No, not even close.

It's tacky and disrespectful on her part, and she'll hear about it from the people, but if you failed to salute Hitler then you are actually punished.

Except Trump isn't a neo-liberal promoting a GLOBAL socialist party agenda.

I bet he would have mentioned getting the US back on a gold standard except the last two presidents who spoke about that were assassinated. Lincoln (America's first Republican president), & JFK.

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Just makes her look like a cunt to undecided voters after a great speech. It's bad for business in an election year. Libs will love it and conservatives think it's bad, that's a given. However to undecided people it comes off as de classe and petty

Republicans didn't try to impeach obama
Republicans didn't tear up the sotu address
Republicans weren't unbelievably butthurt that they lost the elections

I don't get the tie thing. What's this supposed to mean. It's a faggy meme because it needs explanation.

Welcome to how the left thinks.

Pro tip: they don't

Quick. Blame Russin bots.
MFW.the left isn't even witty enough to come up with:

"Rushian Limbot"
Spread it. Let's watch the left run with scissors online

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There was a movement to impeach Obama from the get go, he just wasn't stupid enough to do something Impeachable
Obama atleast shook hands with John Boehner and Paul Ryan during his SOTU Address
And judging by your last statement, I think I've just been baited.

>I think it was justified
It was because shes in america anywhere else she wouldve been shot for treason or sent to a gulag. So she can thank our founding fthers for tht freedom to be a child.

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Circumventing Congress would also get you kicked out of office immediately but Trump is still president
Keep sucking his dick like the little faggot you are

Oh look another retard put up another potatoe meme.

Are you by chance an overweight commie unable to formulate a coherent thought / opinion / meme?

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No there wasn't asshole, king obummer was outed as an illegal Kenyan.

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>This is like refusing to salute Hitler in Nazi Germany in 1939.
What a fucking moron. It's nothing like that
She's a vile hateful shrew whose entire district is in shambles and has made millions ripping her voters off. I don't give a shit if you live or hate the cheeto, but don't try to defend this lying treasonous sack of shit cunt.

I wouldn't piss on that smarmy cunt Pelosi of she was on fire.

Butthurt neo-liberals keep flagging my posts as spam because can't tolerate anyone who doesn't agree with them.

Truth hurts, doesn't it BITCH.
(I'm a registered democrat.)

>keep sucking his dick like the little faggot you are
Based and fag pilled

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"It was because shes in america anywhere else she wouldve been shot for treason or sent to a gulag. So she can thank our founding fthers for tht freedom to be a child."

- Solid point I agree.

"Circumventing Congress would also get you kicked out of office immediately but Trump is still president
Keep sucking his dick like the little faggot you are"

Inaccurate statement immediately followed by hateful (and pointless) attacks. Are you sir a raging libtard and or socialist?

found the holocaust denier
fucking nazis everywhere

How tolerant and progressive of you.
Neo-liberal scum.

I'm a democrat and I'm going to vote for Trump. Last election I voted libertarian party / threw my vote away.


No but I sure ain't a plebbitor

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Libertarian here too faggot, hence the reason why I hate his Authoritarian loving ass

What a bold assumption
>Pic related

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>inaccurate statement immediately followed by hateful (and pointless) attacks.
Top kek

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You're right about one thing. You are a faggot too

Better than the GLOBAL socialist democrats

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I mean given his behavior on twitter he really set the precedent
>However to undecided people it comes off as de classe and petty
This is somehow different than how he has been personally acting over the last 3 years?

shut up and show more of the chink

The Nazi here is the one tearing up paper because they cant get there way.

She knows what vermin Trump really is.

democrats have become the GLOBAL socialist party.

Cry harder faggot

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Pot vs Kettle

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democunts and liberials are trumps greatest allies. shit like this is why he's gonna win again. 4 years to get their shit together and to actually have a chance of having another democunt beat him.
But all they did was cry and make shit up. well stay mad bro and keep doing what yall do because we'll all enjoy the next 4 years.
shit he might even set it up for another Republican to take over after he leaves.

Can someone add palosi face on here

devastating comeback

>no but I sure ain't a plebbitor
Nigger you are the definition.

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I vote democrat and I despise Trump, but Pelosi just made herself look like a petulant fucking child. It's exactly the sort of thing Trump would do if the roles were reversed, and sinking to that level is just pathetic.


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gender neutral faggot, keep whining

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well.... she is kinda like Hitler

On video tape - guilty, 18 US Code2071

His speech was so epic, this is what she was really ripping up.

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(a)Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
(b)Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

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>18 US Code2071
>shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States

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>guilty, 18 US Code2071
Based and red pilled
thank you chad

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Please don't ever compare that retarded orange faggot to the Führer.

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I’m pretty sure the Nazis were famous for scapegoating their religious and racial minorities for the problems with the economy. They were famous for silencing dissent and painting anyone who disagrees as being against the Nation. They were famous for remaking the constitution to allow their leader to act in an unaccountable manner.

This sounds a lot like today’s Republicans. They scapegoat Islamic people instead of Jewish people. They scapegoat Hispanic people instead of Gypsies. They silence dissent through endless and egregious attacks against anyone who dares to disagree with Trump — even his own appointees and his fellow Republicans. And now Republicans are about to remake the Constitution to sanction ANY act by a President that is taken to help that President win re-election, even if that act hurts the National Security and invites foreign interference in our elections.

Republicans really are today’s Nazis. I just hope they don’t start a war like the last version.

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so edgy

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no it isn't, because no one really cares what she does, she's a waste of space not worth anyone's consideration

How is unfettered illegal immigration from the southern border not a drain and danger to our society?

The only way this is a scapegoat is blaming the illegals coming here instead of blaming our government for not securing the border.

more like a fuck-load of capitalists not giving a fuck.

>I'm a democrat and I'm going to vote for Trump.
I'm a democrat
no you're paid shill trying to make people think that

I'm going to print that out and post me ripping it up when trump gets aquited.

Found the paid shill.

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they just keep losing her cites team lost the super bowl to trumps pick
they lost impeachment, and knew it would go nowhere on day 1
they know they lost 2020

she acted like a child

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fucking KKK up in there

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I'm amazed how she functions with so much alcohol in her lol

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got to love these movie villains

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except it is the Democrats are the NAZI's

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>Trump fans accusing anyone else of being childish

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your retarded bro

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>she acted like a child
>finds manchild's behavior acceptable

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I'm right leaning but still expected better of Pelosi.

I think of here as an shrewd and efficient politician. This seams beneath her unless there's an angle I'm missing.

Romney just dunked on the dumpster. Better get some tissues because fat boy is going to be crying.

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meanwhile in reality the Democrats act like badly parented children
who didn't get their way throwing a tantrum at their very best

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>This is somehow different than how he has been personally acting over the last 3 years?
Yes. This just makes her seem like a stupid bitch and a loser. Trump is trump, but it hurts the Dem's brand. It's a passive aggressive thing a stupid woman does. Men like Trump will say it straight to your stupid face and people like that better. No one like a stupid passive aggressive petty bitch

better then any pedocrat
learn to mime lefty


You guys know she wants to throw you in jail right?
She hates people that visit sites like this and has said multiple times that one of her primary goals is “combating white supremacy online” which could be simplified to “particular opinions”
I don’t like the idea of jailing someone for something with no tangible form that exists only within their mind.

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I thought it was acceptable. She's frustrated with a child with temper tantrums in the White House.

“I know, I’ll photoshop Trump’s ties to look really long — that’ll show ‘em!”

Oh wise one, please tell me what one source you get your bullshit from so that I may be as erudite as art thou.

Once tucker Carlson made fun of trumps hair a couple decades ago, trump called him later and told him something like “I may have weird hair but I get more pussy than you”

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Mean while in the actual reality we both live in, you shut down the government twice, ran a longer investigation with fewer results, and ran 8/9ths of a Supreme Court. By all objective metrics, you are bigger obstructors and bigger crybabies.

You know, like a confident, secure adult.

You can't be this retarded?

both parties are garbage, wwe political theatre left right paradigms into forced duality parties noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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A real harrowing victory. Were you worried about the verdict what with the barred evidence and witnesses? You're an incel Cppe

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fucking kek best post

It's a symbol. They don't call him "long dong Don" for no reason

This lol. The Groundhog didn't see his shadow, but the Dems certainly saw theirs, and it's getting longer.


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You don't get it because you're retarded
>Actually makes it funnier

You lefties should be put to death for your stupidity. Death to all the SJWs, gays, vegans, and hippies everywhere.

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>I'm a retard and I'm going to vote for Trump
Fixed that for you

Childish behavior at not getting what you want

i don't get it either

I don't think that word means what you think that it means

>this is huge
Unlike your dick. Kys cuck

Can't impeach, can rip paper. So strong.

Sounds like you need a final solution

He should start with Castro style speaches. Nobody listens anyway.

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No you

joke's on you, i am a democrat

You're retarded

Does paying for it with daddies money really count?

>Trump tweets like a drunk toddler daily
>SuCh ChIlDiSh BeHaViOr

I disagree. I argue it makes republicans look like hypocrites. It’s the kind of thing trump does on a daily basis and is fine by the GOP. But when Nancy, a Democrat does it they take the high moral ground. It’s absolutely ridiculous if you analyse the behaviours of these crooks it’s quite brazen that they’re committing the acts they project on the dems.

I’m not surprised people swallow this bullshit rhetoric from the republicans. There’s a lot of shit munchers slurping this stuff up. Instead of realising that your country is essentially a dictatorship holding sham trials and intimidating witnesses. You morons are waving your flags cheering on trump who is essentially the polar opposite of the character of the founding fathers.

Jokes really on you, I'm a socialist

What a butthurt old cunt

He really is, right

i never called you a nazi, though.

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No one's saying it wasn't justified. It just shows how much of a sore loser she is.

Go back to whatever retard subreddit you're from. I hate stupid fags like you so much. One of those losers on a college campus I'd be the shit out of with purple hair. You're an absolute tard and I pray the worst of your life. The impeachment is nothing, it's just Dems being fucking shit instead of maybe running a good primary which we can see from Iowa they are too retarded to do right. There is a difference between coming after Trump with trump like language and actions vs being a petty little faggot like Nancy and ripping up his speech behind him. It's what retarded women do. "Oh I really showed up, ripping up his paper!" Nobody likes this shit minus retards like you. The average person is looking at her with what it is, a temper tantrum. It isn't a show of force, it's just women being retarded. It's not her brand either. Trump can be trump because that's his brand, just like Pence can't talk like Trump because that's not his brand. We have expectations of people and they aren't even, but you need to live up to your expectations as a person and if you try to go outside the lines people will push back and that's to be expected. It's like if McDonald's tries to start serving burritos. It's not their brand and it doesn't work. But I honestly hate you as a person, I hope you're trolling but you're probably one of those beta cucks on here making blacked threads all the time.

a national socialist?

They think photoshopping a picture of Trump shows how bad of a president he is.

So you called yourself one...?

Why didn't you guys just buy more votes?

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More Marx than Hitler

Ohhhhh snap

What Facebook group did you get these from?

For all time, history now records that Fat Ass Trump was impeached. Nothing he can do about that, forever.

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>> His speech was so epic, this is what she was really ripping up.
Whatever keeps you from crying about your Lord and Master being impeached.

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My auntie is a massive (not Hillary, the new one who claimed to be a native American) fan, and she would love to know which Facebook group you saved these from.

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Yeah I've wondered that too, I guess it's like the one guy said, it's stupid intentionally so that they can laugh when no one gets it. The james bond eats a sandwich of pseudo-political shooping.

pic related:

it's me and my bitch

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His ties are a longer than they're supposed to be, so we made them a little bit longer (actually a lot, hahaha) to take our minds of the massive string of defeats we've incurred over the last few years. That's the joke.

You believe in fairy tales lol


DAMN i lost user

my side.

agreed...but the dogmatic hypnosis trump has on Lower-white america has to be broken. He is truly the bottom of the barrel in every sense , yet morons still look up to him. They also rage and love arguing.

lol thank you for proving me right for thinking all of his fans are completely worthless morons. Not who you replied to btw.

lol what a sad attempt

Who cares. No one.
People will move on like they did before

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Attached: DAOIJcKVYAAuVyW.jpg (1108x669, 117K)

Nope that's not it.

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Attached: DAxfDy2UIAAubWd.jpg (910x554, 117K)

No it's not she just trying to get attention like child. Let her throw her little fit

Nixon was not convicted.
Neither was Clinton.
Neither will Trump.

Your vote does absolutely nothing.

Nixon was not impeached, he resigned before he was impeached. There have been three presidents that have been impeached however, Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868.

Next stick your fingers in your ears and go "la-la-la" that'll show him

To be fair, that's the "you can't fire me I quit" move and nobody buys it.

this didn't age well lol

Attached: 1522621270984.gif (360x270, 1.63M)

>votes pro-removal in a doomed impeachment that didn't have a prayer of passing
>currently trailing his Senate seat Democrat challenger by 14 points.
Nah, Romney did it out of desperation cause his seat is the only Republican heals Senate seat in danger of being flipped this year. After this and his inevitable Senate campaign loss in November, Romney's political career is effectively over.

*only Republican held, that is.

>you dont get it
>so we laugh at you
It's a lefty inside joke about how his ties are a wee bit too long, it distracts them from the painful reality of being a retard.