5.5" is not small and you can't prove me otherwise

>5.5" is not small and you can't prove me otherwise
I will concede that everything under 4" is unsatisfying, but you're telling me that a finger can work wonders but a 7" flob of meat will leave everyone dissapointed after the deed
>now that I got your attention
can a cracka get some sauce on this fine lady, my prostate is blue from all the cum I've been storring but friend, you must understand, I need atleast TWO non-identical (mirrored, shopped or anything of that sort) pictures to bust a nut
I know one of you has her, after all I got it from here but none of you asked for sauce then and OP left none aswell
help a brother out p-fucking-lease

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Apparently 5. 5 is according my gf it is that's why I'm locked up

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well to put it in context, 5.5 is just over the average japanese male, which is the smallest human average. So take that as you will

She laughed at me when I said I am average

I just checked
average nip erect penis is 14 cm, about 5,33"
which is longer than US average, which is 13 cm which is 5,08"
global average is 14 cm
what the fuck
I'm hitting the jelq again, this is ridiculous, I don't care if I end up with a frankendick I might aswell go for the ligament operation aswell
fuck I need 20 cm somehow

ITT: buncha dingbat roodypoo candyasses

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2.7 inches erect here....

I'm 5.5 when erect and soft I go down all the way to 2 inches

Lads, 5.5" is average in most western countries and MOST women will be satisfied with it. However, never ever forget:
>bigger is better
A bigger dick fills out the vagina more, and speaking on an evolutionary term, a longer dick is better at impregnating a woman. This subconsciously turns her on and leads to a better orgasm during sex. Note, there is a ceiling. Like a 10 inch schlong probably isn't too much fun to handle, but 7 to 8 inches is perfect.
Look into Bathmates. Trust me.

Size does not matter.
What matters is that you got a pussy thats willing for u to put it in

your face and body are more important. Woman get off due to psychological factors more so than physical. think about it, would you rather fuck a really hot girl with an"average pussy" or an ugly girl with a "really tight pussy". it's no different.

bathmates are more effective the more schlong you've got, but it also desensitises the glans
as a 5 incher I'd have lower gains with a bathmate than a 7 incher would
T increase also helps
jelqing is dangerous but effective and as long as you don't go over the glans that part stays sensitive while just the rest of ding dong loses it's mojo
the strechers are straight up dangerous, never use

ye but what about the girl in the OP homie
I'm trying to bust a nut here and all I've got so far is bunch insequre men saying size don't matter and trolls saying 7 is very smöll

Mine is 7.2 inches and it doesnt get hard as it used too.

I'm 26 and it sucks

Your stupid as fuck if you think any pump or pills do anything. You wanna see a over used pump/pills dick?... Look up Shane diesel.. How can a dick be hard and limp at the same time.

Agreed the stretchers are not good at all for you.
I started using the Bathmate when I was a hair over 5", now I'm 6.5" and a little girthier. Granted, I had to use it basically every day for the first 3 months, and now at least 3-4 times per week. Been doing it for almost a year now.
As for desensitizing the glans, I haven't noticed any changes. If anything, it feels like my dick is a little more sensitive because of all the blood that rushes to it on a regular basis.

I also second the search for sauce

>t. small dick
Cope harder

You sound like a pegym fag. You probably think all that nonsense works.. The only way you can gain any length would be surgery... But trust me it's not worth it at all.. More cons then pro.. Either you got lucky like me with a 8 1/2inches by 6.1inches (believe me or not idc).. Also my girl has no problem taking me.

You sound fat.. I'm 28 years old and I wake up with harder hardons then when I was young..or you got ED and I'm sorry bro.

>none of that stuff works!
>if you have a small dick there's nothing you can do about it so don't even try or put effort or research in!
>but not me, I'm 8 inches take my word for it

Post pic no homo

I have made my schedule for the next two months and if I don't see an improvememt of atleast 7% I will continue for two more weeks before giving up on it
I might check out investing in a good bathmate after I reach second decade, which is not long from now
but I must ask friend, how far do you plan to go before you mean to stop, 7"? 8"? you do know you can't take this too far before your body gives up on you
might I ask aswell, what are the consequences of quitting the bathmate, there are reasons for suspicion that such enlargement methods are not entirely stable and tend to be lost once the activity is aswell
you know how they say, you either use it, or you lose it

Its my own fault for edging myself silly for years tbh

Because I don't use it every day, I have slowed my gains down, but I wouldn't mind reaching 7" length and a bit more girth, maybe 6"? You are correct in your suspicions as well - if you quit using it altogether, some of the gains will disappear. You won't shrink back down to original size, but you'll lose some. But remember, this also happens with every other part of the body. Train your biceps and they will grow according to how often and how hard. Stop training and they will atrophy from not being in use.
I actually look forward to using the Bathmate in the mornings. It gives a nice pump to my dick and feels warm and comfy, especially when the air is cool in the winter. Not to mention, the post shower pump is THICC and good to do an hour before sex. You will stretch your girl out.

lets be real for a second I can't swoon a chick with a dick, and certainly not with a 7" (which is theorethical tops I could reach past 25 with some form of enlargement)
wait, no, nothing in your post made any reason for me to say that
I'm losing it
fuck, before I forget, ah yes, are you by chance a shower or a grower?
though flaccid lenght has been proven to not be an indication of wether or not your erect penis will be long or no; there might be correlation with enlargement methods which tend to vary a lot at random