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There's more! Bill O'reilly would crash his pants. Not to mention Roger Ailes, both of whom obsessed over this beauty.

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Who is this?

Her name is Laurie Dhue. Accomplished journalist and selfie - taker.

Wow i did not expect this....i am amazed she doesn’t have bolt-ons

is there more from her set or you want to post from others sets?



lets make it a 2020 leaks thread with anything who hasnt leaked to leaked here and now


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Zizi Strallen, apparently. A West End actress.

Any other news hotties? Rebecca berg of cnn would be amazing

Brooke Baldwin would be legendary

who is that?

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Georgina from the UK


Georgina who?

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Hell yeah, you know she’s got a tight body. Wouldn’t mind seeing Erin Burnett’s big milf tits either

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Looks like a random amateur to me

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Drop arterton

pls tell me Georgina who? and what it is? model? actress?


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Mmm fuck I’d like to see them fuck eachother

Is that Brittany Furlan?

I cannot believe Laurie Dhue got leaked out. Always liked her. Now I know why she left Fox. If you have more, please post~

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Literally don’t know who any of these women are

The woman the thread is about is Laurie Dhue, a Fox News celeb years ago. These other pics are some idiot posting random shit.

having trouble finding her set

no one cares about your ugly news bitch

Like I give a shit about your opinion, shitsack.

Is this thread from an alternate reality or something? I've never heard of any of these bitches.

You're probably too young. She hasn't been on TV in years. She works on radio now.

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i have see so many times that face who is she? celeb or random?

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Instead of leaking nudes of Natalie Portman, JJ, or some other celebrity goddes, we get this literal nobody.

Thanks anyway, I guess. Better than nothing.

bump for OP to share moar

Daniela Ruah. From NCIS: LA apparently


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Cohan getting leaked on getting leaked when?

That's some sad droopers.

thank you


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anyone know who is this?

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id like to know too?


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Join now before it's too late


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are we gonna found who she is? she is even celeb or just random?

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some camwhore. I forget her name.

name please?

more dhue please

Jesus, this chick is apparently 6'3"

Yep, she's tall. Did pageants

OP post more Dhue!

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anyone got goblina gonzales nudes?

so name anyone?