It's over

It's over.

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Say the line shill

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It's laughable that people like you even come here. Makes sense in a way, I hear cucks enjoy being humiliated ;)

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CNN told me hes bad though.

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it literally not even half way over

>posting pic

At least you tried.

You're fuckin' adorable, bud. Keep rallying on r/Politcs and stuff though! Hey anything could happen, right? lol

No matter how much you want communism it's not fucking happening.

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M8 you've said its over for 4 years you gotta let it go

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We don't go to rebbit, they (You) come here.

Which is why Trump staying in office is a good thing

>unironically posting this today

Your bubble needs to be more transparent.

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adorable, bud

Love it. Saved.

I honestly do not get this. Should I recognise any of the people on the outer ring?

I doubt anyone in his right mind thought he's getting removed.

$20 says you didnt watch the SotU.

It was probably on past your bedtime

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Trump is a puppet, controlled by the Clinton's. All you idiots on both sides are getting duped by whichever fake media source you subscribe to. Fox. CNN. It's all run by the Clinton's you fucking morons. They got both sides to hate one another so much that no one realizes that they are pushing their agenda through without any resistance. You all let them win. Republicans. Democrats. You both fucked up. Stupid shits.

HAHAHAHAHA so adorable!

get fucked, bud

top kek

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>controlled by the Clinton's

This is a cope beyond all cope.

Keep letting Clinton win you moron. She's ruining this country and you're promoting it

Keep your head in the sand. You're helping them fuck the country up. Idiot

yeah I didn't watch it because I was at work faggot.

Took me 5 mins to Google it and figure it out. Hope your cheap laugh was worth it you degenerate

Fucking wake up, jesus

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St Jiub has spoken!

The end is near

>Keep your head in the sand. You're helping them fuck the country up. Idiot
>Fucking wake up, jesus
>This is a cope beyond all cope.

This one is new, it's not going to stick with anyone with more than two brain cells.
Since that's the case, carry on. Your libtard base will eat it up.

Keep making things up because you're mad and Anomalus

Yeah, they were friends and still are, idiot. It's called politics. lmao so. fuckin'. adorable.

You are the libtard, which makes sense because you're obviously too stupid to see it. Not surprising really. Libs are gullible and so are you.

Must be adorable living in a fantasy land, thinking there are two teams and you chose the right one. There's one team and you're a sheep. Dumbass lol

Mad angry? Or mad crazy? Because I'll admit that I'm angry at how crazy it is that you buy into this whole Dems vs Repub nonsense. Playing right into their hands. Lmfao

>you're a sheep
so fuckin' cute lol

All I heard was "baaaa baa bleet bleet baaa"

>being this fucking mad either way

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oh, okay. I said you were fuckin' cute, buddy :^>

funny, that's what i say every morning when i hear my alarm going off.

for Democratic party is

The Clintons wanted Trump to win the GOP nomination, not the Presidency. They would have made so much money with Hillary as President.

Now, the donations to their Clinton Global Initiative have ceased and they are forced to go on speaking tours.

The libtard plans fell through, again. He is still your president you faggots.