How did you lose your virginity and what was sex like for the first time?

How did you lose your virginity and what was sex like for the first time?

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I was 18, she was 19. We had been dating for a couple months. We'd already fooled around a bit. One night she told me to get a condom. It was warmer than I expected. There was a bit of resistance at first as well (she was a virgin). It was over pretty quick. I barely remember it.
Honestly, OP, it's not a big deal. 99.999% of everyone who's ever lived on earth is the result of sex. Everybody does it. It's not this big fucking moment like in the movies.

It was shit condoms suck felt like fucking my mattress but more wet and i never came

u drugged her n broke her hymen that was my property

u fingered her
u fucked her
she was retarded
u were aware who/what/whos she was?

do u understand im the son of hitler?



By having sex. It was good.

Was drunk out of my mind and she was fat as shit, couldn't feel a thing. Still felt like a lad after. Was 18 at the time a lil late, but hey it happened.

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so be it


met someone on discord, flew over to their state, stayed in a hotel with them for 2 weeks, had sex the 2nd day. it was really nice.

First time was shit and didnt really cum

Second time I had sex was with someone I loved and was greatly gratifying

(also, nutting inside the love of your life is the best feeling ever)

Niggers first have sex with their mothers and grandmothers. All other sex after is from rape

are you a nigger?

unification of 2/3rds of the world died for schizophrenic fragile x down syndrome usa + some jew raping some 5/10

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Had sex with a highscool friend in the back of my car after school, she didn't want to risk pregnancy or use a condom so we did anal, i took her ass several times, was shooting blanks by the end, the actual insertion made me nearly pass out, because she sat on it real fast so it would "hurt like a bandaid"

Found a porno mag when I was 9 or 10. Convinced my best friend to try out the stuff in it. Got caught. Not worth

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ill let u know when it happens. after 31 years, my time is sure to come at any moment now.

How did that go
Story time

Went swimming with a friend btwn 2nd/3rd grade.
We hung out at her place after and she took to her room, I got hard as we made out and she asked to see. I showed her mine & She showed me hers.
She blew me for a bit & I French kissed her cunny.
She sat on her bed with her legs spread. Rubbed my dick on her pussy and eventually went in her

once when i was a kid i have really intense feelings for this chick, and i went home from school one day . and realize the only way top get ride of these feelings was to become my own girlfriend, so i shoved my finger up my butt and it got stuck... but afterward i felt so relaxed and the feelings weren't gone but didn't seem as bad.

Not really that interesting and it's a bad memory for me. Basically found a hardcore magazine when we were moving stuff to our basement. Best friend was a girl my age. Got under blanket in room one day. Sort of manipulated her into doing it. Like told her she needed to take off her clothes cause it's a cool secret handshake or something dry humping at first then penetration. Dont remember how long it lasted but it's like a flashbulb memory. I remember her toddler brother being in the same room playing with my toys. And I remember her pants were inside out and worrying that we would get caught cause we didnt know how to fix them. Must have been younger than 10 then. Or i was just retarded as a kid. Then the blanket is pulled off and our moms were there and got in big trouble. My mom was cool about It but her mom hated me after that. I've never told anyone about this and remember it with great shame. My mom brought it up like 10 years ago and was suprised I remember then told me she told all her friends and laughed about it. I was shocked at the shame I felt when to her it was hilarious. Probably cause it looked like 2 innocent kids doing it and not me manipulating.

Definitely younger than 9 then. But had to have been 7 or older for the brother to be old enough to be away from his mom

When I was 22 to a girl I met at the group therapy I was going, she was 24. She was virgin too, and she had been taking medication for longer than me. It's kind of difficult for me to talk with other people, but I figured that she would be understanding because she was going through something similar. We talked a bit about medication (I felt sick the first times I took it), and the conversation steered towards how we never dated anyone because of our personality disorder.
She told me something to the effect of "it's easier for you because you're hotter than me". Encouraged by the find that she finds me hot, I went for it and told her that if she ever wants to kiss a guy, she can try with me. She said she'd like that, and I kissed her, she caressed my body, I grabbed her small tits and I ended up licking her pussy and getting a blowjob.
Best feeling of my life. She tasted awesome, and you could tell she enjoyed it because she was moaning so much. She was also awesome at sucking dick. We did a lot of foreplay (because I was nervous and I couldn't get hard), and then we tried to put it in.

Feels awesome, so wet and warm. Something that surprised me was that she didn't bleed, I thought she would but apparently not all virgin girls bleed. We fucked for a bit in cowgirl position, and she came pretty fast. It took me a lot to me because I was nervous as hell, but I finally came in her tits.
After that, it was awkward at the group therapy. We both liked it, but I supposed we were both too shy to talk about it. However, we had to talk about it eventually because of a pregnancy scare (we were both virgins at the time, and I was expecting to remain a virgin my whole life, and because of that we didn't have condoms. I suppose we were both too desperate to not do it even if it was risky) but things worked out for a bit and we dated for a month until our mental illness separated the two of us.
So yeah, if you want to lose your virginity, a center for treating psychological illnesses might be a good place to hook up with girls lol

20, went on a date with a girl. super uninterested, got back to my house and hungout for a while, then she told me she had condoms and I was like "oh really" O_O and I fucked her. Had to jerk off to get hard, slipped it on, and did her from behind. After sometime I fingered my own ass during it to bring myself to cum. To that point I had been confused sexually, but losing my virginity to a girl made me realize I'm gay. My sexual experience with men have been 100 times more satisfying.

I was 14 and my friend filled me with cum after I rode him

What about the other 0.001%?

I couldn't have sex because my monster cock didn't fit

I actually thought my first time was with a girl but in fact I’m remembering that it counts that I convinced not one but two of my best male friends who are adamant they are straight to be my sex friends for two years. I came in them so many times and never thought it was sex which is probably super repressed and I need help.

Are you a boy or a girl? Greentext?

We were drunk, I was 15/16, she 14/15. I was already 5 months with her together wanted loose virginity but also don't put her into pressure but in the end did. We were drunk on camping place in tent in holidays with my parents. I was horny, asked her for BJ, she denied, I masturbated and touched her, came, suddenly she wants me to fuck her. She was too tight screaming around, at some point we stopped. Still regret I never fucked her to this day. Second time I was 20, still sad about she leaved me few months after. Told a friend who already had sex with lots people that I'm more or less virgin. She blowed me then fucked with me. I was like, oh that's all? Then damn I'm coming. She was "oh that was all, just few minutes?" Me like "wat did u expect from virgin?" ... We fucked a few more times after and I fell in love for a few years but never became more. She is now a good friend of me that I see from time to time but has bf and we don't fuck anymore.

Best sex was with gf after her (which just lasted few weeks after it came to relationship from friendship+). And with an other friendship+ which I fucked while she had bf and then leaved her bf and fucked with me for a year every few weeks. They were both damn tight. But best sex was with the second girl bc she took pill and I always blew inside her and we fucked like 6 times over 2 day and then she gone.

If you are virgin. Sex is with some people better but the more you fuck the better it gets to some point.

Was 27 and she was fucking fat and hairy. Was my cousin too

He is right. It's just kinda masturbating together with someone else body.

I came to this

Just get a hooker or a women which has an fetish to devirginize (a women which already got laid by everyone, then be nice and tell her you feel ashame you are still virgin Blabla and may she help you) or find a drunk slut.

Come to El Salvador on a Vacation, hookers here cost $20-$35 the hour, motels go from $4-$20 according to what you want from them, why ask about it when you can have it???
wanuncios is a good start, avoid everything that cost $40 or more, most probably a scam.
or you can go to a brothel, they cost $20-$60 according to the time you want to spend...
Good luck Virg-user

male x male
I made a greentext a while back

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My friend fucked when he travelled around dozen of women. Its so easy if you are tourist. Women like that adventurish thing with someone mysterious.

i just turned 16, and she was 16. we met overseas on vacation. my parents were out exploring and i brought her back to our place. it was cheesy but i put on music and we "slow danced" and started making out. i removed her clothes. i started going into her and she said not without protection.

strangely enough, a few days earlier, i found my dads stash of condoms. so i was like, hot damn!.

so we did it.

i felt bad afterwards cause i don't know, i guess i wasnt ready.

i didn't have sex again until i was 22

>be 21
>nice looking, good shape, everything works
>about to turn 22, still no sex
>living in flat with three other guys
>chubby 6/10 visits from downstairs, dressed in giant t-shirt
>she's drinking and generally being fun
>she's closing in on flatmate
>he seems pretty sure he's going to get some
>she sits near me while he goes to kitchen to get drinks/snacks
>figure what the hell, don't want to turn 22 a virgin
>start kissing her, squeeze her boobs
>she acts as if she's about to orgasm
>walk her to my room, we get naked
>she's hinting that this could be a regular thing
>she's loving my abs
>tries to get my whole dick down her throat
>feels awesome, but i've always taken ages to come
>put on condom, mount and penetrate this little teen slut
>she's doing all this hot talking and feeling my balls, telling me about my cock and how great it is
>not used to this at all, just keep pumping her like a champ
>she's so wet it's all over our groins, wet smacking sounds as i plow away
>she starts breathing faster, eventually spasms violently and makes sounds like someone who's hurt themselves badly
>keep pumping, realize i've made this slapper come
>after about 30 minutes, dumb enormous burning load of nut butter into the rubber in her spam folder
Turned out due to social awkwardness i didn't realize i was an 8/10 and she thought i was out of her league. Have since discovered that being unaware of your looks and being able to talk to girls without constantly trying to bag them is hotter than the sun and makes women of all ages moist as fuck.

Pretty much this. I do remember it though, we had some trouble getting me in all the way, stopped, talked, tried again, she worked more on relaxing herself and hey, she could take it all.

Glad my shameful and traumatic experience could get you off i suppose

Everyone is traumatized in this thread. You, the guy who fucked an ugly chick, the gay guy, the guy who fucked a mentally ill girl...
This makes me sad

I was 16 and she was 14, but she was a pro already. She had olive skin, lightish brown hair, A cup tits, and loved smoking pot as much as I did. We were bf/gf for a few weeks already when we were hanging out at her house with her parents gone. She hands me this golden coin foil thing. I thought it was a chocolate, much to my surprise it had a condom inside. She led me by the hand into her bedroom. We got under the covers and I started awkwardly eating her pussy and fingering her. Boner was completely unreal, like throbbing beyond capacity. She finally says "don't tease me" and pulls me up to her face. Start making out while she fumbles my pants down. Here goes nothing. I push my head inside and blammo, I start pumping nut into her instantly. Suddenly remember I forgot to put the condom on, but too late at this point. Keep fucking because I am embarrassed. Eventually she gets on top and rides me like crazy, makes my eyes roll in the back of my head because I already nutted. She cums, hops off and lays beside me. It must have been a total of 5 minutes. I dated her for 9 months, my junior year of high school and fucked her about 300 times, nutting in her every time. She ruined me for other girls for years because she was so awesome in the sack. She craved sex so she probably cheated on me a lot and my paranoia about her is the reason we broke up. I still look her up on Facebook sometimes to remind me that girl doesn't exist anymore.

Its Cred Forums what do you expect?

Bump because I'm writing

Was writing with a chubby girl she was like 18/20yo for a month. She starts to basically talk more pevert. So we decide to meet up and fuck.
Meet on last summer day she starts to immediately sucking my dick in my car after we kissed. All i can feel is her extrem hot mouth wrappen on my dick and she basically tried to swallow of my cock...felt how my dick got absorbed by hottt throat. From sudden reaction i did my hand on her back head and pressed my dick deeper and she enjoyed it rough...fwd i came in her mouth and she swallowed all of nuts i gave her ofc without protection...
After a break i also fucked her with condom.

Fwd 2 weeks , notice some strange dingy on my dick like a crate on the moon but with nothing in it. it was just a crate "somethin" without anything in the center.
It disappeared after 2 months , visited doc last month and he did a fucking tip in my dick to measure if i got some std..turned all negative, also did a hiv test = negative.
After the tip dingy the doctor put in my dick to get some probes my dick hurts after pissing....its an annoying feeling and i think the doctor hurt my dick on purpose because he seemed to be an awkward doc....never going to that faggot again
But still i think i might have syphillis (symptoms never showed and it was my first and last time with her that summer day)
i swear to god im never having ONS ever again.

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I haven't, 37 btw

(same user here)
went to another doc and explained all of that and he refused to check my blood and he instantly gave me antibiotics (3 day cure)
Didnt notice something but huge side now trying natural stuff like chamomile tea...

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I didnt. only two months left till I become a wizard

(same user here)
oh yea and i was 26 at that time

immensely underwhelming. it was with a girl who had been in similar social circles but are interactions had only ever been online. she had her house free for the day so i went over there. kissed briefly, we undressed and she got on top of me, rode me for all of 30 seconds and then told me she was done. i distinctly remember thinking “this is it?” and having to put my bloody dick back into my underwear before i left. don’t hype it up in your head too much or you’ll be disappointed. it takes a while to figure out what you like and how to really enjoy it in my experience at least.

Test tube

Dont worry fren
Its basically better to be a virgin than to suffer the thoughts after having sex....Std , not wanted pregnancies etc
Its. Not . Worth it!

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When I was 20, I used to hang out with a friend from college. Because of that, I used to spend a lot of time at his home. Depending on the day, sometimes he ended his classes first, and other times, I was the one who ended first and I would usually wait for him at his home.
This guy had a little sister around 14 years old. Once, a teacher didn't come to class, and I came too early to his home. When I arrived, I heard moaning and sex noises inside the house. At first, I thought it was my friend, who had skipped class to bang a girl, but then I realized it was his sister, because the sounds were coming from his sister's room.
I thought about leaving. However, I don't know why but I stayed a few minutes next to her door listening to the moans, trying to remember everything to masturbate later. I was planning on leaving before they came to not get caught, but they came out of the room right away after the moans stopped and I was caught.
He was way older than her, but still a minor. I think he was around 16/17? We were all talking at the same time, there was a bit of confusion, he left just after he saw me, and she was very mad at me. She made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone and I did.
I also tried to talk to her about safe sex, because she was so young, but she laughed at me and wouldn't listen.
She said I bet you're a virgin, and I told her that I was, and she started laughing harder. She told me she had done it with a lot of guys already and that I was lame. I didn't believe her, it sounded like she was lying to pretend she's cool. I tried to talk her into not doing risky sexual behaviours, but then her brother returned and we didn't have the chance to talk about it anymore.

The next days after that, I noticed she changed her behaviour towards me. She wore sexier clothes around me, she would wiggle her ass in front of me, she sometimes sat in front of me in the chair and open her legs to make me see her panties.
She once pretended to bump into me and fall down, when she did a lot of condoms fell to the ground, and she told me I'm sorry, I've been fucking this guy today, and I didn't have time to hide them in my room.
She only did that kind of stuff when we were alone, and everytime I looked at her she would say you're lusting over me, you're obsessed with sex, you disgust me, and things like that. I tried once to make a move on her, and she rejected me the same way.
At this point, it felt very obvious to me she's mad at me because I tried to tell her to stop having sex. It's very childish, but she was a child, so I ignored every time she did that.
This one time, she was wearing a translucid dress, and I could see her almost flat tits through it. She kept showing off, but I didn't bother to answer to her, because I know how she behaves when I do. I was reading a book then, waiting for my friend, and I pretended I was extremely focused on that.
She tried to talk to me for a few minutes, and when she saw that I wasn't paying attention to her, she came next to me, sat in my lap, and asked me what was I reading.
Of course, I got hard, she noticed through her skirt, and made fun of me again. However, this time she didn't get away from me, and she just slightly started to rock her waist. I was very into this and tried to not say something that might make her stop doing it, thinking about jerking off later thinking about it.

first time with tranny
then with woman
was a fat black hooker

After a while, I start rocking my hips too, and soon enough we're literally dry humping. At some point, she takes down my trousers and alarms start sounding in my head, but for some reason I don't stop her. I thought that she was only going to jerk me off or something, but in one swift movement, she puts it inside her pussy.
I was alarmed, because we're doing it without a condom, and she said she had run out of condoms, but it'll be fine if I make sure to cum outside. I asked her if she was on birth control, and she told me she wasn't (I found out later that she was, I don't know why she lied) and that I had to make sure that I didn't get her pregnant.
I was feeling extremely guilty at this point, because I was fucking my friend's sister, and a minor on top of that, but it felt just too good to stop now. I got up the chair and I fucked her in the floor.
We fucked for a while, and then I was getting close to cumming. She was on top and told me to endure it a bit more. I tried to, but she was moving faster, and wouldn't listen to me when I told her to slow down. After that, I'm almost about to cum and I tell her to get off me, because I'm going to cum. She doesn't listen to me, and pins me down against the floor, trying to make me cum inside her. I don't know why I didn't fought back harder, but I let it happen and I came inside her pussy.
She kept laughing at me after that, and teasing me about it. I felt horrible about it, and I tried to make her take plan B, but she refused, saying she wanted to carry my child (I found later that she actually was on birth control, thank god). I kept telling her to do it for 20 minutes until his brother arrived, and I had to pretend nothing happened. I made her promise she wouldn't tell anyone, but I heard rumours afterwards that she was telling people she fucked a college guy. Fortunately, she didn't say my name, and people didn't believe her anyway.
Many days later, I found out I have gonorrhea.

You're probably only allergic to chamomile tea.

i didnt, dont be silly.