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How can I torch my car for insurance money without raising suspicion?
It's a diesel.

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park it in a black neighborhood, the rest will take care of its self.

use fire

I've not got that option, I don't live in a shithole country like the US.

>Leave it in a field out of sight where it won't >be found or towed.
>Report it missing
>Go back in a week and torch it.
>People will see the fire/smoke and report it.

Which amazing country do you live in friend.

oh a european, then park it in a muslim neighborhood.

I live in a Nordic country.
We've not got a muslim problem.

Plastic magnifying glass left in the car at just the right angle. Fire consumes everything leaving no trace of magnifying glass.

your insurance covers the car being burned down?

how stupid is that insurance company

A normal insurance company?
At least it is normal here if you've got more than the bare minimum of coverage.

>no muslim problem

Correct, Trump saying that Sweden has a muslim problem doesn't make it true, dummy.

There were news about it. And there are a number of car torched everyday in some bad neighbourhoods of every major European town, don't try to downplay that

Trump thinks everywhere outside of the white house is mad max. he lacks object permanence.

You could try making it look like an accident, leave something plugged into the cigarette lighter socket but with frayed / damaged wires then set the carpet on fire

>calls US a shithole country for having niggers
>wants to commit insurance fraud like a criminal nigger
kikkity kekkity

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You will always have problems when a large amount of immigrants arrive anywhere, regardless of creed and colour, especially if they're not occupied with something,
It's something that has died down drastically and only lasted a short while.

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I don't call the US a shithole because it has black people, I call it that because it's an actual shithole with low social mobility, high poverty rate, no easy access to healthcare, rampant corruption and literal prison slavery.

And yes, I bought a lemon that's uneconomical to repair and can't sell it for a profit, whereas the insurance payout would be approximately double what I paid for it.

Get back on topic you lousy fucking retards

It's obvious OP only posted this to bait people into talking about nigs. I posted which is probably the most surefire advice in this thread and nobody replied. Nigs ARE the topic.

Do you have heavy surveillance where you live? Research coverage in your area, or go on a road trip somewhere where there is no surveillance. have a friend take your car and torch it somewhere far away while you have an alibi, report it stolen next morning

That idea is a good plan. But not only insurance fraud but also wasted police time if caught

>How do I commit fraud without committing fraud?
You're fucking retarded

go park it in Malmö you cucked faggot

Make it look real and not pure lies you fucking dumb cunt

really no way to unless it already has a recall for fire or actually, cigarette on the seats with lots of cardboard boxes inside

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Exactly this, I don't want suspicion to be raised and I especially don't want a police investigation into it.

Leave your cellphone at home when you go back to torch the car. Leave it running a video or something so it's pinging constantly. If there are any questions then you tell them you were home. They'll check the record.

I served community service with a kid the burnt down a band new truck he had to pay it all back

Park in a NIGGER hood, unlocked.

Park over a pile of leaves. Hot set leaves on fire. It will look like the hot exhaust system started the fire

you're out of luck then. only in us can you do shit like these since everyone are dumb and incompetent.

Posting on Cred Forums about it, probably un vpn’d or on yer phone. They will track it and yer done. Dont be stupid, sell it.

Why you gotta come in here projecting your insecurities?
We get it, you're a wuss that feels threatened by black people, get over it.

So don't leave any evidence.

Why would they go through my shit if there's no suspicion raised and judged to be an "accident"?

unless you are paying a fuckton to insure the vehicle for more than its list value
you will get more out of it by welling it instead of committing insurance fraud
and there is 0% chance of going to prison by selling it

Because that's what police and insurance claim specialists do.. Go straight on Cred Forums to look for evidence... Top kek. Dumb arse

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We don't insure for a set value here unless it's something quite special, we get about what list price is when the car is totaled.