How would one, theoretically speaking, go about using a stolen credit or debit card. What if, let us speculate...

How would one, theoretically speaking, go about using a stolen credit or debit card. What if, let us speculate, someone stumbled on a coworker's unlocked personal laptop that was logged in their mega account which contained, among other less interesting things, an excel sheet with credit/debit card info, countries, names and addresses out of which about half were crossed out and the others were not.
Say one is in Europe and most of those presumably untouched credit/debit cards were from the US/Canada. How would one be able to use them?

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There isn't really anything you can do from europe since banks are all A-game on suspicious transactions these days, you might get away with it by buying US and shipping to to europe but interpol exists and you've a good chance of getting stung, only real option might be to go dark web and try to sell the info.

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