Confess your sins

Confess your sins

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Went to a prostitute once with the intention of raping and killing her. Is it a sin if you intended to do something, but then get deus ex machina'd by mere chance?

Go on my son, what happened

Sin is embedded in the intent, if you give someone 200$ but know they're going to use it to kill themselves, you essentially killed them.

I like grapes in my chicken salad.

I have an unhealthy amount of images of young actresses saved on my 'puter

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>Be me, 23.
>Suicidal. Recently released from third hospital 'visit' in less than a month.
>Decide I want to have sex again before I off myself.
>No money
>Fuck it
>Call up escort I had seen previously
>Go to her hotel
>Have hammer up coat sleeve, box cutter in one pocket, handcuffs in other pocket
>She answers the door in black lingerie and pink fuzzy slippers
>I go into the bathroom to psyche myself up
>When I come out of the bathroom she is laying naked on the bed, beckoning me to her pussy
>I carefully put my jacket down
>Yada yada yada
>Get dressed super quick
>"user where did you leave the donation?"
>"On the bathroom sink, love"
>GTFO of there
She's alive because she forgot the first rule of hooking: always get the money up front.
Pic related.

Who doesn't? Chopped walnuts too.

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I like to eat my cum after jerking off

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Park off side of road
look at hookers
Jerk off

>Call up escort I had seen previously
so she pissed you off last time? or she was just naive?

No, I just knew she was fun and that I could see her on short notice. The picture was from the first time. I had nothing against her personally. I just needed to fuck an attractive woman

cheated on my gf to have a bi threesome with a random couple 10 years older than me

what escort service was it?

None. She was independent.

im curious. was it through a social media app or you knew her?
why doesnt b have id's?

im thinking about it at 22.

No, from an ad. Why so curious?

I dont know. I think about it. no big deal. interesting story.

Then it was from an escort forum.

I have a crippling porn addiction and I hate but I can't tell anyone about it.

Why can't you tell a therapist?

you just told us. start slow. take one day breaks at a time.

I plan on summoning a succubi for a relationship eventually.

Call me a xtard atleast I wont have alimony and child support

I created a fake Tinder/Bumble account with a male model and use it to troll girls into thinking I want to be fwb with them. A lot of them send nudes willingly. Women are fuckin' dumb.

I peed in a bottle several times and poured it out the window as a kid

How the fuck is this original?

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Wait wrong board

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Father forgiveme, I fapped to this

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How about you step up your game and get your dick wet with hookers.

Eventually you'll be poor, you'll be kicked out your home and you'll have to fap on the streets.
Fast forward, you'll only last so long as you no longer have the nutrients in your body to fap, perhaps you'll cum with dust and air from that point. Or you'll die from malnutrition.

You can't be porn addict if you are dead. Problem solved.

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I lost my last girlfriend by talking to another girl - now I’m dating her best friend (at the time they were) but the entire time I’ve been wanting her back

your sin is talking to another girl?

Then dating gf #1s best friend, but still wanting to get back with #1. Honestly willing to cheat if it got me back with her....

the pussies always greener

Thank you father for showing me the way