Godtards: take a look at your non-preferrred creation myths in pic-related. Ridiculous, right...

Godtards: take a look at your non-preferrred creation myths in pic-related. Ridiculous, right? Your favourite creation myth is equally ridiculous.

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believe in what you want because no one knows or seen what happened ya bastards

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How about “believe in that for which there is evidence and toss obviously fictitious garbage into the trash”?

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Old nordic. Damn did they make some good stories.
I may be atheist but I really want to learn about the mythology, sounds kickass

it is kick ass

>Not understanding that the Old Testament is metaphorical and teaches lessons through stories
>Believing that logical Christians have ever thought those stories were in fact real
Yeah, okay

Please do not ignore the words of Christ

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Actually scientists are currently formulating a new theory that resonates with mine, that the universe was created one planet by one, as it is very unlikely an INFINITE universe popped out of a SINGULAR point in space.

I havent completely heard the way the new theory goes, however the one I formulated makes a lot of sense to me and it kind of perfectly aligns with everything. Whenever I think of the theory I think of pic related

I can post theory if its necessary

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What if the unexplored parts of space are a schrodingers cat?

Unlikely? Yeah, you're a retard.

Only good religions are those which are not mainstream:
>East europian pagan
>Native american

>the one I formulated makes a lot of sense to me and it kind of perfectly aligns with everything
You don't say.
And you spent 10 hours googling pop-sci to find an undergrad who puked out a retarded theory that matched yours. You're very special and very smart.

Tip harder faggot

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Jesus was a real person who lived and taught about God's plan for humanity. He was born of the Virgin Mary, and after his crucifixion and death he was raised to life three days later. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.

and niggers arent retards, and pigs can fly

Aren't the Quran the Torah and the Old Testament basically the same book?

Science is only the observation that we can see and meassure. Does not explain why or how or who. For that we look to religion.

So the science isn't a answer in itself it's just the part of the universe we can observe.

God was created by the eminent perfection of the universe cracking itself into a critical mass, every time the perfection is achieved it pleases god in his melancholy state, though it takes one of great magnitude hence the greater stars are made and super massive black holes are made, these are set forward as to be forced against the remainder of time, and are catalogued in predicted states for their "critical disfunctions" to occur. God is endlessly searching for himself in the schizophrenia and psychosis that awakens inside the broken dimensions of reality, usually described as a hellscape often times it is simply a fractal window for god to reshape what he has failed to achieve in his eternal heat death prison he calls heaven.

you seem like you have a stick up ur ass for the god believing people

It's been a while l for me but I believe the Torah is a part of the old testament.

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If you actually study the science well, you'd see that at the very least it all points to intelligent design rather than the chaotic mess that is evolution and biochemical origin.

A great many thing that had long supported evolution have been debunked, even by fellow atheists that otherwise believed in it. Science itself have made huge fucking leaps since Darwin's time and thing are far more complex than what he had known.

Part of it is simple logic and you can do the "experiment" yourself...
- Get a box of LEGOs
- Place the sealed box somewhere and wait for it to open and assemble itself

Nothing? OK let's add a little chaotic intervention (like lightning striking primordial ooze)...
- Pick up the LEGO box
- Shake the fuck out of it
- Continue shaking until it's assembled per the instructions

Nothing still? Oh fuck! I mean, it's not like the pieces are there for a specific purpose, or there's instruction to guide the process to it's final design, and you surely don't need an intelligence to handle all that.

Nah, it just doesnt make sense that all of the universe popped out of one spot, could you blame anyone for doubting that?

Also no, i didnt search any shit up, I told my friend the theory and he was the one who said the its starting to be speculated that the universe may have just slowly been created. Not a godtard btw.

The basics of the theory are as follows; Virtual Particles, Theory of observation, and Theory of relativity. I basically knew about those 3 topics and just put it together from there randomly one day and it went down something like this:

The theory of observation was studied when scientists decided to shoot 2 atoms threw 2 different slits. One atom was being directly observed, and the other was set up so that the result could still be made without it being observed. AKA a paper at the end of the slit to determine where it ended off with the same shot as the atom fired threw the slit that was being observed.

The atom that was being observed traveled in roller coaster patterns, while the atom that was not being observed flew as if it was a normal projectile.

The theory of relevance is gravity, so thats quite easy to understand how this fits into the equation later on

and finally, virtual particles. Particles that appear in and out of existence, even if only for an nanosecond at a time.

Now, lets say that there are millions of virtual particles right now beside, behind, just everywhere around you coming in and out of existence, but they are too small to see, obviously. Now we can use the theory of observation to deduct why the fuck they arent doing anything, and it simply might be because they cant actually be active when around other people, or even in close proximity with any life forms at all.

Lets say that these virtual particles just suddenly started to pop in and out of nowhere, dimension hopping or whatever you want to call it, and they eventually landed in a black. empty abyss, AKA our universe.

In this universe, there was nothing limiting them from actually creating, or staying physical because they had nothing to actually observe them. No life, therefore freedom.

I believe they eventually just kept coming and coming, until eventually the first atom was made in a mere few seconds, then the next, and the next, etc. Eventually the atoms charges started making it so that they stick together, and become gradually larger until the first bit of gas was formed. This process continued until there were several dozens of planets within (human) days due to an objects mass creating gravity, and it just kept going. Now the reason planets arent being formed before our very eyes is because, once again, the law/theory of observation comes into play.

Call me a retard or whatever but it does make sense as to why this universe is infinite. Afterall as i stated in my first comment 1 (explosion) does not = ∞

unknown therefore unknown? Well, tbh thats why this is a theory. However from what scientists can observe, they have never found pure blackness yet in space. It is most likely an infinite playing field

Zenosama's counterpart created the universe

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