Oh shit...here comes the avalanche

Oh shit...here comes the avalanche..

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They gonna grab Trump by the pussy when he's in jail.

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And he wonders why he lost to Obama.
>Obama was everything his party wanted.
>Mitt was everything his party didn't want.

I agree. The GOP wanted an orange buffoon to lead them. That’s what they got.

He is a useless asshat sitting on the fence. Yet, he is more in touch with reality than all the rest of the Repub senators combined. If 16 Republicans decided that Pence would be all that they really need, Trump would be gone tonight.

Trump was everything their party didn't want also. They're just bowed to accept him becuase they're weak pathetic losers with without the balls to stand up to people they hate.

Don’t forget, half of them are also involved in the coverup of Trumps corruption. The other half don’t have the balls to do anything about it. If Trump gets convicted, the rest are going down along with him.

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It’s nice to see one honest, principled republican that is still in touch with reality and respects our constitution. Just one.

Avalanche ? One Transrepublican ??? He identify as a republican but he is actually democrats

Trump was smart enough to appeal to the lowest common denominator, which is always the largest group. People who ignore facts and science and just vote with emotion.

English is not your primary language.

This, on the right it's dumb rednecks and on the left it's inner city welfare queens and kids.

you mean democrats ?

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LOL go away Ivan

Result of 2020 elections are void now ( Unless Democrats win )

Woah...calm down there AOC-san. A few days ago he wasn’t gonna do it. Perhaps just a few more republicans will gather enough sensibility and balls to do it also.

He want to be in the news .... No other will vote with Dems .... It is over ...

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Shits about to get real

Did you just “I know you are but what am I?”, me?

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this a million times.

I am amazed.

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I mean, I hate libtards and Trumptards equally as much, but I almost forgot what it was like to have respect for a senator. Good job, Mitt. Your religion may be bat shit crazy, but it least it guided you correctly this time.

Shits about to get real!


He's pissed off at everyone for losing his multiple elections

That would be Ted Cruz then, Romney is as much a fuckup as the rest of the left.

He is God sent

>That would be Ted Cruz then
Kek, good one

lol, Ted Cruz. Ok wingnut.

Kid, if you hate trumptards that automatically makes you a libtard in their eyes. Embrace it.

He just wants the spotlight. He also wants to get back at Trump for making him look like a bitch. He is doing all of this under the guise of principals. Total bitch move

Agreed. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with that designation, but I can't get on board with most of their outlandish views.

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Manchin and Sinema are joining him, what’s your excuse to slander them for standing on their principles?

That didn't fly well through the Russian to English translator. No borscht for you tonight Ivan.

They dont like Trump. Simple as that. I didnt vote for Trump, but this whole thing is about personallities and egos

>Rand Paul: I'm libertarian
>now let the government reveal the whistleblower trying to keep the government in check
>"Libertarians" yeah go paul! a true win for the government this day

nearly his entire cabinet has already gone down, you think those cowards are gonna stick with him when the heads start rolling, think again

>largest group
>lost the popular vote by 3 million
yeah i think you need to take another look at the math mr. facts and science

but it stands .... one fucking RINO ONE

The far left is goofy and often misguided. trumpfags are ignorant, brainwashed, deranged, hateful zealots. Even though I’m fairly moderate, I give no shits if they call me a libtard, as long as there is a clear understanding that I am in no way a part of their faggy cult of stupidity.

In soviet russia cocks suck you

Selling his soul for some democrat extremist brownie points.

lol I am in Texas and legally voting

Yea, bullshit. He did exactly what he was accused of and his actions are a threat to this republic. Make it about pettiness all you want, but the only thing petty is excusing his abuses because of your party affiliation.

This. I guess Mormons have more backbone than the whole Biblebelt. None of the Christians I know are happy with a guy cheating on his third wife with a pornstar

You missed the point of the comic didn't you? You're obviously far left.

This. The shills are at it again

Brainwashed and clear understanding usually aren't compatible, but I see your point. Hopefully they start to as well.

This is why my #1 priority for this country has always been education. Smart people tend to make smart decisions. Smart decisions = better country.

i hear that. incel nazi tranny lovers versus showboating bitchy trans lovers is a shit political system

I’m not though, I just acknowledge that the extremes of both sides are not equal. I don’t identify with either.

The republic is far more important than partyfags

That pic is so American, Liberals aren't even a leftist party, they're center-right.

I have no party affiliation. I read the transcript and its pretty boring. I personally think we probably lean on foreign countries all the time and hold money over their head. I dont think its a bad thing

We do not do that to extort made up investigations into political opponents. That is is definition of corruption. The DOJ investigates Americans accused of corruption abroad, they were not doing that, they are not doing that. trumps attempt to instigate the announcement of a hoax investigation through extortion is blatantly anti American.

I think the Bidens are guilty and Trump will go after people on any level possible. I personally dont give a shit. I think world leaders including the US do this kind of thing a lot more than you realize

Doesnt matter. They just aquitted him

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America is dead.

Why? WHY???

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