Anyone has nudes of her?

anyone has nudes of her?

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Kasey chase aka dez....did stickam camwhoring, then did pro porn, then died of drugs, all within about 8 years


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When she first got started in pro shit, the producers said they never got reaction to anyone the way they did to her.

Ironically they chose to name her kasey chase, probably because of the popularity of teen camwhore caseyface

>When she first got started in pro shit, the producers said they never got reaction to anyone the way they did to her.
source on that?

Why did pornstars have had this name so often back in the day?

she died?? she was one of my favorites. going to fap to her right now as tribute

They would talk about it on adultdvdtalk forums

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That site is truly where the industry meets the most dedicated coomers.

I love the end of the thread, where one guy shows his white knight convo with her to try to help her raise healthcare funds and the next guy asks if she did any rimming scenes

Want to get sad?

And more

What does it say about me that My only emotion here is anger about wasting beauty

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she even has a fucking twitch account

you're a faggot

imma need proof...

like a dead body?

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an obituary from the local paper

in search of her obituary, but fuck... her husband is dead as well now, shit...


>then died of drugs
I talked to her for the past 3 years before she passed she didn't die of drugs

This is getting darker than I thought. They had a baby.


some egyptian curse going on there

even this user knows she aint dead

share more. why did you talk to her? you knew her or just a fan?

she is dead tho
>why did you talk to her
contactfagged her years ago and she liked me I guess

so... how did she die in your opinion?

can't say for sure only person I could have asked is her husband but she sent me nudes and shit so it was kinda weird to ask

all I know is she could barely take alcohol, did some weed, would never have OD'd

probably killed herself

now her husband is dead as well. also. why would you ask a pornstar for nudes. wtf

and no one posted proof of her obituary or anything that shows she is dead. any user can ps but u cant fake a whole news obituary

>why would you ask a pornstar for nudes
The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

She dead. :( robart obituary

Don't be retarded

this is /b everyones a newfag retard

all her social media and her husbands says she's dead. no obituary tho. what does it mean user?

do you think these people are smart and dedicated enough to disappear

i aint clickin that shit ... post proof

according to her husband is dead

if he is dead then how can he claim she passed away

if u die then u get an obituary. no obituary mean no death

no obituary on google faggot

trips of truth confirms ur statement that they are smart enough to disappear

confirms they are alive

don't underestimate, her is a high level scientologist.

Oh shit nevermind she actually died of drugs

(ctrl-f cholewa)


nothing shows up.

still waiting on kaseys obituary. ill give u 30m if u cant find it then its my win and she is still alive but no longer in porn

ok user, she's alive, you were right