Hello Cred Forums i need your help

Hello Cred Forums i need your help.

There used to be this series on pronhub called "Loser & Sissy Erection Reconditioning" there was many different episodes like 15 of them i think.

But yeasterday when i went there, it was all gone, except first 2 episodes. I only managed to find episode 3 on one other website but all of the other ones got purged.

If any one of you anons could please tell me or help me where to get all of the episodes? I searched all search engines and trackers and forums i know for this but i cannot find this nowhere. I would really appreciate to find it somewhere. Thank you very much for help.

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Yes please, if anyone would know where i could find this i would really really love you, I dont mind if you point me to a place where i can find it behind a paywall any possible place where i could find all the lessons.

Third that sound like a interesting series.

Yes i loved it, but it got purged like this week. I rly need to find it.

Hey what the hell i watched it like 2daus ago


Post first 2?

Only found first 3 episodes.

They still up on phub, name same as in screenshot.

Send the link pls im touching my clitty and cant type

I see

I would but it doesnt let me it says "Our system thinks your post is spam"

Post whats after pornhub.com?

view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a4b70d976c20 - Lesson 1

view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a520b6698661 - Lesson 2

Amd on motherless /4D5FA88 - Lesson 3

Bumping, rly want the lest of the lessons too

then how did you post that? i swear these threads are becoming more stupid and contrived every time. keep making them tho

Voice to text on my iPhone

that would've fixed
> pls
> im
> cant

This is sad that such an important piece of art gets yeeted off the internet.

Couldnt even make my dick twitch to the first video and was rubbing it the full time

Too be fair I think that might be the point to make your dick not get hard to straight stuff.

If thats the case then you already dont need those lessons. You already graduated


Yeah found only the first 3. cannot find any more but i know for certain there was like 16 episodes of this

i usually get a short erection for maybe 30 seconds to a minute when ever i start and then it dies for the rest of time until i shoot my cum :)


man, I'd love to be able to get through these videos but the whole "jerk fast and hard" tips me over the edge. how the hell do you guys do it!?

play with yourself more until you become impotent like me

you mean just keep jerking off over and over again? isn't that kinda defeating the purpose?

You gotta get really deep into it. You cannot expect perfect results from the start. It even says at the end something like "Repeat lesson 1 untill you manage to sucsessfully do it"

You are suposted to hold your dick tight during 90% of the video and only jerk off at the end. And only if you managed to do it sucsessfully.

yeah you like jerk off multiple times a day over and over again and after a while you just cant get hard anymore :) like it would probably take a full month or more of complete abstinence for me to get a normal erection again... and thats never gonna happen lol

so basically if i cum just start again form the beginning?

Dude you are suposted to just hold your dick and watch it without any arousal until it tells you to pause and wait until your dick is completely flacid.

And only allowed to cum if you finish the whole video without an erection til the end phase

oh lol so when it says stoke slow and gentle you should only be doing that whilst the message is on screen? man it should really say "stop"

If you cum before you are allowed by the rules then you failed and doing it wrong, you are not suposted to jerk off at all for most of the video, the jerking off is only as a reward if you manage to get to the end without an errection. You are only allowed to cum if you get to the end without an erection. Then if you sucsessfully finish the first lesson you go to lesson 2.

Now im not 100% shure but if it says "stroke slow and gentle" before the like last 3-4minutes of the video, then you are supposted to stroke slow and gentle until it says to stop.

Jesus, to those of you that can jerk when its telling you to and stay limp - hats off to you!

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OP here thanks for keeping this alive btw

Some of these were wrong. First about 9 minutes you only hold it. Then you stroke slowly and gently for next about 9 minutes (With pauses every time it tells you). Then it gets to about 17:30 and if you managed to get there without an erection, only then are you allowed to orgasm.

The whole point is you build up that sexual energy without relase until you sucsesfully manage to finish the first 17minutes of the video without an erection.

what size cage do i need for a first time? i already stay limp pretty easily but i want a cute cage to lock myself in

You shouldn't lock yourself, jerking off is part of the lesson.
It literally says at 17:40 that you either jerk yourself off if you manage to stay limp, and if you got erection before that then you should ruin it

>You shouldn't lock yourself
but i want to go deeper off the ledge

Join now before it's too late

Then this is propably not for u, but you can do whatever, you do you