Whats your opinion on Adriana Chechik?

Whats your opinion on Adriana Chechik?

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I've got a couple of her videos. She takes it up the ass nice.

She's a Goddess. She gets most of my loads.

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same here

She's so perfect

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She's so much of a whore it actually turns me off. That and she has one dumb looking face.

this is why i love her


If you take away her slapping piss around and pushing out pink socks, all that’s left is an average looking sloot.

would marry

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100% would wife instantly

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Would wife her while she fucks more and more bbc

Absolutely! I wouldn't want her to do anything else.

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She makes the money by having the best sex of her life while I get her after. I can only imagine

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Watching would be enough for me, maybe clean her up afterwards.

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You have kik or discord or anything?

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Are you guys on Discrod in BNWO im VirginGooner#6884

Ya, what is your discord?



Top ten at least, maybe top 5.

I would let her drink my blood

Every time I jack off to her I remember that she's an orphan, and grew up without parents, and I cum really hard thinking about that

Shes hot as fuck but I hate how all she does now is gaping and squirting. Shit is nasty

Kinda hot, high energy fuck, but pisses all over everything.


Quit. Pissing.

Very naturally attractive pornstar and is always enthusiastic in her scenes which is hot. I don't personally mind the squirting but I can see why some people might get tired of it. Personally I wish she did less anal because she always tries to push it to the extreme. She also seems nice and excited to see her fans. Overall she's one of the better stars currently out there but not perfect