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how many minutes sweating in physical exercise u spent today? 40 minutes here

Where did I bury the body?


below the earth

30 minutes a day spent sweating make sure u warm up , stretch, exercise, cool down. in that order. =safest

every day of the week forever
opus day

What is it exactly that you people do?
Is it church?
Is it private landgrab meetings?
It it to prepare for the coming of a Messiah?
Is it a koolaid party?

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whats the point of being a freemason?

I have a friend thats one and it sounds like a shitty volunteer group for old men.

it makes you a better man

Where were you first prepared to be made a Mason?

What degree of free mason

What's it like to party with Donald Trump at the Bohemian Grove?

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666 international gm since 1998-
record books only show 2017, may-

bavarian illuminati founded may 1776.

murder usa


how though? seriously asking not trolling

What does a lodge do when they meet and they don't have anyone to initiate? I read the rituals and it seems like that's all you could do with it.

Maybe im unfamiliar, but that doesnt answer my question. What degree?

finance major with a minor in civil engineering top 40 uni global

economics from mises institute too

philosophy from school of philosophy

That definitely didn't answer the question, did it.

Actual Freemason here. Master Mason, 32º KCCH Scottish Rite, and member of the York Rite bodies as well.

Not here, my friend. Don't do it.

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yeah whats ur bench max and age?

29 here, 140kg bench, 2400.00 elo 143 iq, son of hitler/william.

I'm 40, weightlifting has nothing to do with Freemasonry. Maybe ask a better question.

no it didnt. Guy doesnt know the basic concept of degrees of freemasons.

also i find it hard to believe that a 32degree freemason would be lurking 4 chan. why u here?

will you help me find this chick in this thread i made

Why would it be hard to believe. We're human, we like human things... not always the most wholesome of things.

>weightlifting has nothing to do with Freemasonry
facebook com/theworldsstrongestman/videos/553564005051431/
try again im not giving you another chance

jim wendler 5/3/1 pdf

no excuse

ur marked


grew up on a brahman farm fyi

I dunno, i would think that a 32 would have better things to do in general.

are u aware of degrees above 32? or is that theory bs. like the ones part of the shadow gov or deepstate, whatever you wanna call it?

lol the dude / organization trying to make people go skitzo

How bad is the old man smell at your temple?

What's a mitzvah?

um there are only 3 degrees...

mothballs,pure mothballs

there isnt a 32 degree mason because there are only 3 degrees

you dont even know what the word means and ur not even german(linguistic origins)

kind of retard that thinks it outranks noam chomsky in intelligentsia technocracy.

come back to the osrs threads we miss you

lol are you basing that off of wikipida? dig deeper. Litterally scroll down a little further on google.

Please. Why the larping? The higher degrees are reserved for the adept, the princes of masonry. Anyone can read Morals and Dogma and larp. If you were in the 32nd degree you would be of use to the work of all ages. But instead you're here on Cred Forums

murdered schizophrenic corpse

nah i quit forever, too boring/schizo/shit

They meet to do ritual work, read petitions for membership, have a meal, agree to pay the lodge bills & usually have some type of continuing education regarding the craft

whats a good money maker? Know any dupes?

to all lodges: go /fit/


+ cannabis

reference: spartans smoking sythian weed

follow framed, hes backup king in my abstentia

There is the 33rd... but it ends there. Anyone telling you otherwise is completely full of shit. I received my KCCH honor last year, 4 years or so if I do things right I'll likely be made a 33rd.

Technically not wrong. The Master Mason degree is as high as it goes in normal Grand Lodge terms, which is why we refer to things like the Scottish Rite and York Rite as "appendant bodies."

You're clearly not familiar with how Freemasonry works. Any Master Mason can become a 32nd Degree Master of The Royal Secret in a weekend.

Greetings from the druid loge

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Im not retarded enough to use wikipedia, however there are 3 degrees, third degree is master mason and from there they can get different degrees that go up to 33. Your retarded if you think you are the sublime prince of the royal secret.

Can you tell me, simply, what the teaching gave you into your practical life? As someone who vaguely read a few articles, I can imagine that it can help you to see more from life. See more connections and give you great feeling from "knowing." Also, why faith in something bigger than ourselves (either god or nature etc) is the critical requirement to enter? Yes, I'm undeveloped ignorant but curious. Also, I hope you're not roleplaying

Are you some other wordly entity or something more or less? You're defiantly interesting.

yes father was murdered in knee surgury by fragile x syndrome nsa descendents of thomas woodrow wilson fed res act 1913dec23. jews opted out its what 911 was about.

murder the usd.

their leaders a man named johnathon pine gap australia - full blown intellectual mental retardation, grandson of thomas, fragile x syndrome, born 1952.

if u google
hp lovecraft
thomas woodrow wilson
fragile x syndrome

thats what he looks like

6'2, glasses, 90kg, shorts, high socks, sneakers. uni law library 2015 nov~, walked by me before going in.

Smart AI?
Paid forum saboteur?
Actually insane?

You've been doing this shit for a long ass time.

i am the xy line ascendency of humanity for 40,000 years of atlantis.

me, hitler, edward, ernst - saxe-coburg & gotha

schizophrenic. genetic blacklist


can you tie a bow


theres only one person above me and ur not her so no

wait, r u mew? soz mew xx

It's funny. I have found most people join in search for some grand revelation to be spelled out to them. That never happens unless you actually study what the degrees teach in an indirect manor. Most of what Masonry teaches has to do with man's spiritual nature. The nature of our relationship to deity, etc. An example of such is from the ritual of the 32nd degree. (Pic related)

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No I'm just curious voyager such you. I want to learn more. How can we abolish law and rid the world of the banking industry?

Can you tie a bow

fiat fractional reserve isnt the issue, usd is the issue. kill the usd.

u understand baiting me is self murder right? retard fucks 143 iq 2400 elo


spent 5 years fucking chinese queen she mews when she cums calls me mewypants and shit ur fucking retards

anyone worth anything does NOT post here, this is MY territory, they RECOGNISE that. u CASE IN POINT RETARD FUCKS

Hey brother, I don't think you should be doing this.

I tried, my bow sucks, what kinda bow? Like a ribbon?

try again

I'm not scared and not baiting, just curious as to what the heck your mission is.

be free of johnathon, grandson of woodrow wilson, fragile x syndrome, nsa, pine gap, australia, shooting me with satelite, broken my bicep, calf, spine disc, gave my younger brother diabeties, attacked my mother and girlfriend.


usd1913 caused both world wars

jews opted out 9/11

go go go

Also made your bow

try again

Are you all jews exclusively?
What's up? Bored?

>genetic blacklist
would definitely make a thing called that so the good for nothing dumb cunt goys can be killed as on the list

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Its not good enough for you? I'll make some other types of bows for you.

Nice try. But your answer reflects your education. Can you answer how old your mother is?

ok ok, for people looking for Masonic info, it's a group of men who believe in bettering themselves and their fellow man. aka "don't be a dick" the fraternity. there is no major secret you should seek. if you are truly interested in the Masons, go talk with your local lodge.

That makes sense.
It looks like, again - ignorant view, the teaching is basically a way to deal with man's spiritual needs. One more question: Let's say I'm having a spiritual crisis. Deep need for something bigger than myself. How's your philosophy, from my point of view, different from let's say Christianity? Why should I choose your way over traditional religions?

I'm just tryna help you with your bow man. I agreed.

i broke half my damn distal tendon my left biceps half popied it has schizophrenic psychosis 68 year old with 61 iq gave harry diabetes like.. the dudes a boy scout honors role.. it has permenent schizophrenic psychosis insanity. anything supporting it is 100% comrpomised

coca cola case
i forgive all cia
murder pine gap
ur useful
they are not
replace keyscore x with locals

can saw tendons and muscle etc up with emf etc

Want to join, live in finland, speak only English
Any lodges I need to contact? Can't find any on my own, i tried.

Freemasonry really isn't a religion of any sort. It is compatible with all faiths. We teach lessons drawn from the Bible as allegorical tales, it is up to the individual to read between the lines and find the larger meaning. I've found Masonry to be a support rather than an interference when it comes to religion.

My own beliefs are largely gnostic in nature and have evolved over time after joining Masonry and doing the work of learning the lessons contained in the degrees.

stalked me from runescape 2001/2002

61 iq
fragile x syndrome

do not comm me
kill it
ill know when its done
dont comm me after
leave me alone.

if you live near an American military base, you might be able to talk to people there.

Interesting. Thanks for the answers. Maby in a few years, when I have my shit together, I will consider joining. It's calming to know, there is a philosophy like this, God knows I'm gonna need some guide.
Thanks man!

Join now before it's too late

Yes but a freemason would know

Honestly, joining was one of those "I have an idea of what I'm getting into but not completely" situations. Having grown in the fraternity over the last 10 years, doing ritual, learning, etc. It's been the best thing I've ever done.

phys ok, sportsman, very superior IQ, diverse skillset, not afraid

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That's interesting got me thinking, you guys strive for prosperity and thats amazing itself. I just hope that you're benevolent or neutral.

... thank you

quick quiz:
What kind of people offer to murder you after you offer your help?

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Anyone read key of solomon

the ones u tried to false flag fucking concent from dumb fuck

so the answers ur superior

no however last season i did manage to get round to reading emerald tablet of thoth during pre drinks with a mate before hitting the strip clubs xx

Are you trying to be disrespectful. i feel pity for you and wish you help.

there is only one human being in this world to which i could be disrespectful and ive already covered that

what you are is a schizophrenic looking for arbitrage ie feedback loop in a saturated market using a market penetration technique from marketing

ur a fucking retard kys shitzo

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Please expand. thank you

pay me first you stupid schizophrenic fuck

alternatively read 8ch an pol sticky
retards=cancer=sideways crab=delay and inhibit progress
negative eugenics
georgia guidestones
be not a cancer
leave room for nature
colonizing mars europa titan
murder johnathon nsa pine gap fragile x syndrome

They chose to be against me, i am not against myself, nor white people.
I dislike degenerates, however.
And don't fully support the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion...

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eugenics archive subhumanism
lycurgous ahistoryofsparta
coinweek sparta
xat history of money
money masters 1996
rothbard agd pdf
silver bullet silver shield
greatest truth never told
e h carr what is history
huxley brave new world revisitted
terrence mckenna food of the gods pdf
abel ernst 12000 years marijuanna pdf
evolution mushroom stoned ape theory
theoi hesoid works and days

its not race its usd = america military government

murder all usa military outside contiguous united states borders

0% wrong here



hes blunt but hes got a point

Still larping. Sigh...


I am actually in the 99th% intellectually, and i know this since about 2011, i may not know everything, but i can learn, and will not be flipping burgers in the drive-thru anytime soon.
Some time ago i imagined that somewhere i could have been the part of a very intelligent team who designed events that need be happening for desired outcomes, maybe in an alternate reality then.

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Just a clubhouse. Imma go to a library instead. Much more power

try study jacque fresco we are colonizing mars titan europa, and elon musk.

venus project (for terraforming new planets this one fucking done thanks usa criminal shitfucks deadshits fxs etc)

like i care about fast food prep. i just want to be fucking living in a first world fucking wasp nation and not spent 8/30 of my years being shot by literal schizophrenic down syndrome from pine gap with a satelite sawing and hacking up my body because it unironically has genetic down syndrome and epigenetically anything with it has been contaminated for 107 years and counting since usd formation by t w wilson who also had fragile x syndrome - under legal contract, law theory, usd is illegal, he cant form contract - tenet not met - feeblemindedness. fucking 17 year olds learn this shit in first semester of tertiary.

garbage schizos

murder all usa military outside contiguous united states borders. theres 1m on globe. kill em


The fact you see flipping burgers as bad shows that freemasonry might conflict with your beliefs. all brothers are the same.

>(mfw colonize elon musk :3:3)xx

this was causation both world wars btw

anything else is shill after this date

23 dec 1913 usd by tww with fxs

I don't say flipping burgers is bad, i aim to make use of the best of my abilities.
Ofc. i can take out the garbage, mix concrete too.

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I want you all to know that if you live in scotland, i will personally love to see you and introduce you to freemasonry.

Apologies brother

I have studied Venus project years ago, it is nice, but what makes you think that it is easier to leave than fix Earth? I would definitely fix Earth first, then go to mars.
Anyway, if anybody would have asked, i would probably have given a try developing new propulsion systems for spacecrafts, and star wars weaponry too, also in a team if any.

No problem brother

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georgia guidestones transcript wasnt about earth.

What does dick taste like lmao

Shit, hes good!

How so brother? I am getting my master mason degree soon. Is this question relevant?

Lmao 33rd degree elder here... I punched sam hyde with an aids needle so I am 100% sure he is a carrier now.

Can a mtf join the order of the Eastern Star?


Transgender male to female.

Nb4 tits or gtfo..

tits or gtfo

>Transgender male to female
If you don't know that is ok.

Mew I brought you in cause you were meant to be my lover and we were not meant to share secrets. Instead you betray me. NSA sat tier is worse then anything else knowing so hiding is redundant anyway... She's turned retarded again by schizo retard pine gap shit. World has suffered billion deaths for this shit still at large. Down syndromes schizophrenics. Psychological concreteness normalised. Op is a Chinese females and you cunts are compromised by fragile X syndrome in Ur airwaves via EMF interference covertly. Stupid retards

Murder all USA military

OP here,im not actually a freemason

this thread took a life of its own.

apologies to all the 70yr old cub scouts out there!

Do you want to become one of us? In scotland i can assist

Rape and kill her


Who ?

>Claire luo
Apologies brother. But this i cannot agree with. This would be an insult to god himself. Please understand this.

nah i dont need a crew bro im a based one man fucking army

I'll do it later. Johnathon fragile X syndrome pinegap NSA only important one plus any who delay it genetically DCLXVI

Join now before it's too late


please respond if you would like to meet up brothers in scotland

What is your take on no-go zones?

go on?

You know i mean the places where not even police go because of the immigrants... What is your opinion about that?

Like where

Where about in Sco


are the illuminati in reality the jews?

Not masonry. you cannot be jewish and go beyond the 3rd degree

Another 32° here. It literally took me a weekend to go through the 4th-32nd degrees. Not sure how it works in the NMJ, but in the SJ some degrees are actually preformed, and most others are read.

I really enjoyed how the degrees added onto the existing 3 degrees and I had a great time going through.

Joined the KSA and enjoyed doing that as well.

If any freemason would like to meet up with me (i am a fellowcraft about to become a master mason) id love to meet with you at Buchanan bus station Friday at 4:30pm or any time you would like. Brothers or people alike GLASGOW

What is the ksa?

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What religion do you practice?

Please respond if interested.

What kinda book you into my guy

I am a 32nd degree mason

amazing. I aspire to be you one day. how many years did it take you to rank up?

Why'd you send me encrypted messages and make me a schizophrenic? Or was that the military's doing?

All brothers. I invite you to a meeting at buchanan bus station on friday at 4:30 pm. Please all who meet up wear blue and sit on a bench. I will too. I am 18

The Knights of Saint Andrew. It's an appendant body to the Scottish Rite and focuses on service. For instance, when we have degrees we might cook the meals. During Grand Lodge we shuttled people to and from the airport to their hotel and then to where Grand Lodge was being held. We might also preform some of the degrees.

I finished entry to 32nd in a year and 3 months

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How old is your mother

Younger than 50
Or 112 depending on who’s asking

Still needs answered. You can use a encoded message

It sounds like a frat for grown men. Social club with lots of old timey ritual and tradition.

What is this thread. Everyone sounds like they take too many drugs and are facerolling their keyboards with autocorrects.

So she lives near Edinburgh i hear

NPC malfunction

It probably can't handle multiple personalities, jokes, pretending, disinformation and stuff.
But who cares?

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I am from Edinburgh any freefaggot wanna fuck

Mason here

They have a ritual call "Weatherman". You get a closed umbrella insertion in your anus. You are asked what's the weather? You can say sunny, raining or partly cloudy. You are supposed to say partly cloudy. Never say raining or sunny. For obvious reasons.

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