Unironically what do people think of a 22 year old guy thats a kv? I think its because I'm quiet and antisocial...

Unironically what do people think of a 22 year old guy thats a kv? I think its because I'm quiet and antisocial. The largest contributing factor to me having never gone out on a date is probably that I never asked anyone out you know what I mean. This might just be a distortion in my perception of myself but I'm pretty sure I'm at least average looking maybe even a bit above average.

I am pretty lonely and often really wish I could hold a cute girl at night, but at the same time the amount of work to get a gf seems like too much effort.

I'm particularly interested in what the average girl would think of me, but I'd like to hear from anyone really.

Also any advice? I have a really hard time being intimate with anyone. I can't really take people serious when they're like that it always feels phoney.

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You have a kV? That's a lot of volts for a 22 year old

constant velocity ?

My nigga out here larping as a battery

bad joke


stop overthinking everything and just slow down and get yourself out there.

>kliment voroshilov?
dude that's badass
but nah, I'd have to see your face first
chicks might dig you but don't expect miracles, aight? aight
I'm kissless vagabond aswell with 3/10 looks... and yet even I can go out with a girl
remember, if you want someone to talk about anime you're not going to find them at the nightclub in miami taking shots and lines like their life depended on it
too dense to understand? find something you like, think logically where would females that like that be, then go there
it's really easy to chat up a woman if you know what you're talking about
then you just drop:
"you want to go for a drink at a cafe and talk some more?" or some iteration of that
don't be desperate to get in her panties, don't tryhard your way into setting up a date, know your limits and.... yeah I have no clue mate my dick hasn't dipped for a reason, aight?

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Nigga what the fuck do "KV" mean

femanon here. from your description, you seem fine, 22 is still pretty young.
don't worry too much about being quiet, some girls like that, although if you really want a gf, you're going to have to reach out. try asking someone you're interested in out to dinner or something. take things slow and be genuine. good luck.

kissless virgin

What if I don't interact with females at all so I don't know any females at a personal level that I might want to ask out?

Yeah, this. Besides tinder, like join a club maybe?

Where do you join clubs with young people when you're out of school?

nigga you hafve to understand, sometimes progress takes years
you cannot expect everything to come to you served on a plater
if you keep pretending like you're some victim you'll never get any pussy and you'll act like a victim for the rest of your wizard life
it may take months, it may take years even until you find a girl, fuck, you probably won't hit it off with her but trust me, bro, if you keep crying for attention for being a hand-holdingless virgin you won't get shit done
it may take you a while before you find another female, it may take you a long while, 6 months it took me to find a fine specimen of the finer sex and I got rejected after a week after finding out she had a bf already, and I've been searching ever since for 4 months now
do you understand nigger, you have to wotk for your daily bread and grabbing attention on 4chin will not make up for it, like masturbation with a warm, oily chicken breast; it feels like heaven my friend, but it leaves a sour taste after the deed

join a fucking tennis club
is that what you want to think
check the clubs, see what's in there, if theres nothing in there, quit the club
gyms are a no go for a faggot like yourself
pick up ping pong
pick up bowling
pick up chess club
pick anything for christs sake your existance makes me mad, how dense can a man be at 22 years of age you literally need somebody else to do the work for you
YOU THINK SOME user IS GOING TO HELP YOH DRIVE YIUR DICK IN THE PUSSY EHHH??? guess again wimp! figure shit up by yourself it's not rocket science
millions upon millions of your ancestors figured out how to bone a female yet you can't

I don't think I'm a victim, I just don't want to put that much effort into getting a gf because laziness.

My ancestors didn't have Cred Forums and vidya to distract me from my their during all their free time.

you're desperate, admit it, I deal with shitload of mental retards but can't seem to help myself
it's literally half of the fight, if you can admit to yourself that you're a loser and you have a problem you already have a push to solve it
no push no gain
you will never date anybody and you will feel bad for it
you will cry during the night and beat your head against the wall why were you so stupid
>I'm just lazy
>I don't want to put any effort
>I also kinda wanna sexy 11/10 top model to call me daddy and say how long my schlong is
>inb4 quit projecting
you'll never commit a beast with two backs regardles if you are really too lazy or just pretending so it doesn't hurt as much
hard truth real facts

you can hide behind videogames and Cred Forums, how many motherfuckers do you think browse this place on a regular and play vidya all the fucking time
you think none of them score some roast beef
you think everyone is a pathethic kissles virgin like yourself because they hide behind
>muh lazziness
>muh distraction
>muh 4cham and video games
>muh projection

this, I game way too much and browse this cancer of a site yet still slay puss on the regular.
Op, stop being such a beta, go lift some shit in the gym, get your shit together, get a decent haircut, some nice clothes and chad the fuck out of women

I'm in the same boat as you, although I'm not kissless and I'm turning 24 this year. You can't expect anything to happen without actually making an effort. Like I'll get matches on Tinder but I never send them a message. But I don't expect some girl to randomly show up in my life either.

I think your a pussy and making excuses. If it was that important to you, you would do something about it rather than wha wha wha.

What excuses did I make?

user I think you're misunderstanding this. The purpose of this thread was just asking if its weird not asking for motivation or trying to justify it. Like I said I'm lonely, though it seems like too much of a hassle and I don't really value women highly enough to work my ass enough in the hope one would like me lmao.

If I run into a girl I like I might ask her out but what you're talking about seems fucking bizarre lmao.

You sound like a nigger

Really? Read your own post ffs.

user I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm literally just asking what people think of me. I honestly just don't want to put in the effort to get a gf.

what this guy says here sounds just pathetic to me No girl is worth that much effort for a slightly better orgasm and increased ego.

I go to the gym because it feels good and I got a job, but I'm not gonna be a simp and start changing myself for women like you faggots.