Trap thread 2, electric boogaloo

Trap thread 2, electric boogaloo.
I have a feever, and the only prescription is more trap-ass!

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Awesome, can we agree not to have any faggot arguing. No matter who post what...

any cute asian traps, cds or twinks?

Now that's fucking hot!

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Daily reminder, traps pass
If it doesn't pass, don't post


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Dear god, that is one hot dick on one hot girl. Lovely.

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trap ass cured my corona

Just leave dude, nobody wants to hear it.

I know, and I have no idea about the sauce. It kills me!

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Who dis delicious trap?

So much to love, holy jesus. To be choked to death by deepthroating that cock, would be perfect way to cease living.

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Nobody has your specific opinion on what's passing. So you're just gonna start a shit storm over nothing.
If you don't think it passes just let it go, the non passing post isn't what ruins the thread. It's all the arguing that ruins it.

I think they go by Katie Kawaii

Anyone in a trap discord?

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And here we go again

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wonder what kind of creature saves this shit.

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How much of an incel do you have to be to have 100's of scat porn pics on your computer.

Kills us both. But, such is life. Give salvation through pics of lovely girl cocks, please. Give water to a thirsty man.

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I'm posting these gorgeous traps for all to love

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The mental retardation you must have to do this on a consistent basis is astounding.

Thank you.

It's beauty. WTF is your problem?

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I think you get numb to it after a while.

I know I'm not as disgusted by it now, it's sorta like white noice in every trap thread. Though the image limit is getting quite bothersome.

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Posting traps, being a trap or posting shit-dicks in trap threads?

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Very nice. Do post more, please.

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Where did you get all these pics from?

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Noice, that's god damn hot!

In the trap threads. Someone keeps spamming them, and I like to derail these mental illness threads

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Is moot unable to do anything about our waste loving user problem? It doesn't serve any purpose.

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hide his posts

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Moot is gone, and chink-moot probably faps to this shit.

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How to hide single user permanently here?

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But people keep making trap threads anyway despite your spamming.

Cute, would tenderly lodge cock in throat.


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cant anymore
Whatever, he's spending his whole afternoon spamming. Kinda sad

New thread

We can still salvage this board fellow mental illness sufferers, never lose faith!

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That's why we must hold the line. I've started to make one trap thread a day just to spite the shitposters. I don't even fap everyday!

Start making 3 a day lol

that's an amazingly plump ass for a man

Yeah, but lack of mod tools for eradication of idiots is sad. Their actions serve no purpose.

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I just report them, they eventually get banned.

Godspeed, dear user. Worthless idiots should be shoved into oven.

Thank you ;)
Not you

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Unfortunately, that is all we can do about it at the moment. Thank you for your effort on keeping our living space clean of waste-loving vermin.

This happens every so often here for all the threads that get posted repeatedly, I've seen retards doing this stuff for years, he'll keep it up for a while and then be gone like all the rest of the autismos before him.

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Those short-shorts, that ass. Looks so squeezable.

That is true. But there should be a way to hide permanently single users and their posts. It would make their efforts pointless, since they could be cleaned out easily.

Report the scat poster people, it goes under "intentionally evading spam/post filters"

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Good wisdom. Will do.

Is that a nice little bulge I spy in that skirt?

its fake

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Squeeze it !!!

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Is that butt breedable too? It sure deserves the holy seed of manhood.


Oh I would do more than squeeze it if you were here ;)

Oh yes by everybody

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No? Who is that?

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This is driving me wild, short skirts are my kink.

Would love an upskirt pic if you have!

No but this maybe

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Yeah that definitely works for me.

You seem experienced, how long have you've been doing this for?

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Decent ass?

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8 years maybe 9

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It shows.

You've ever hooked up with a guy, or just showing off for kiks?

But occasionaly only

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Join now before it's too late

70 men fucked me

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I was a (real) ₩gore

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I'd love to lick that bag of yours

I prefer my pussy

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That butt deserves all the warm, loving loads that are unloaded into it. Thank you, good lady.

The shit poster has done it again, then he goes off to jerk himself raw to shota and loli, knowing that he has sent the real degenerates a message

VERY breedable ass. Would copulate 24/7 with it.

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>tfw no trap maid to breed daily

It gets so lonely at home working night shifts, I really to look into this investment.

So many waste...
I want to be the only gurl on earth dans Being filled with cum

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poor guy.. his pussy is no longer of any use

Not a trap

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What do you mean?

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Fuck it i'll post me

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How breedable would you say it is?

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Yo, are those coloring mandalas? Do they work?

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>coloring mandalas
yes and yes :3

Highly my deer, would surely bear our healthy mixed race children. Yes?

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Fucking kek’d. Please tell me this isnt real.

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How bout both?

Old pics and vids

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I swear to god, I could watch you cum all day.

You can lick my sac but im not into it

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I have NEVER wanted to impregnate something as much as your sweet boipussy. Holy hell. It speaks of unholy pleasures of flesh.

You never know...

Nevermind that, just keep delivering that peachy butt to hungry audience. You know there are many hard cocks jerking to you right now.

Post some more of your painted toenails, they look cute.

>head bobbles

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I need.....................

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Is it that enjoyable to watch?
My ass is always ready for a nice cock
Truly the fact that it might be real is what fucks with me lol
Many? How can you be sure

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I'll bite it

one of the best trap asses ive ever seen, hot as fuck

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Go like that

youd cum even more with a real cock railing you dow

Careful with my eyes babe. More.

more please or info

I dont need it

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Well thank you!
I can totally agree with that
Why be careful?

Attached: RedTrap2a.webm (1080x1920, 1.98M)

how tall are you, gorgeous?

Is that really you?

But I do

>Why be careful?

I mean because of your explosives loads you gonna blind me. You look so squishy.

Im like 5’-7”ish
Im pretty squishy

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what would you do to this ass? x

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That eruption, holy fuck. Makes the head spin with lust. Would you mind if there were warm mouth on your dick when it erupts? Sad to see that hot load wasted (although it looks really hot that way too).

Ever ride a guy like that? Love your stockings and fat legs.

You reside in USA? You look squishy in all the right ways. That ass deserves hard cock.

Heyy, you got a kik?

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Attached: 5645747.jpg (298x621, 33K)

Its all about the visuals baby
I havent but good would i love to
I do live in the US
I dont ); but i have a twitter! @missthiccyred if you wanna message me

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Attached: 20190917_190425.jpg (2592x1944, 1.51M)

The mask reminds me of a trap i used to sext with.

It sure is, babe. You are a wonderful creature. Thank you for your lovely pics and do treat us with them even moar. A sweet slut is you!

Delightful view
Have you ever been gangbanged by multiple niggers or animals?


Attached: 6887.jpg (287x549, 25K)

Yes. But the mask was white and they had red hair. Wouldn’t happen to be you would it?

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whoops wrong thread

Don't think so

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Pffff i need to rape myself hard and rough to sissygasm

Attached: selfiecamera_2020-02-05-13-11-37-790.jpg (1078x1440, 587K)

Threw me for a loop there. Very nice set of pics. Love the sensual look


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You move just like a woman, are you effeminate in public too?

Thank you! I feel the lingerie makes it complete.

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Kek no
Its worth it
Nope. I just know how to move right

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It does. Like the red and black against your snow white skin. Have any contact?

I know ;) but if only a man can do it to me

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Attached: 2E8DE297-4BF5-447D-8526-1B48C48BE402.png (492x503, 439K)

You sure do how to move. You k ow how to please men too? Are you submissive or a power bottom?

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Attached: A2FD43E3-0201-45AE-9B5B-12990E72345B.jpg (224x225, 11K)

Attached: 4E291782-EFEB-47E9-ADFA-2B40A85D3783.jpg (640x753, 136K)

Attached: A3D767DB-6A19-42F6-B166-43AC7758AF64.jpg (320x383, 16K)

Kalindra chan my guy

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Attached: selfiecamera_2020-02-05-10-29-37-018.jpg (1442x1080, 589K)

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Attached: 29C3359E-0929-4F6D-BF6C-79A3BE5F9391.png (500x476, 131K)

Attached: 75E2E39E-5204-48BB-A091-9EE24022A672.jpg (640x669, 86K)

Attached: 4A960F68-560E-4E2B-8EC5-E2F9A889B527.jpg (381x380, 35K)

Attached: Snapchat-1468654145.jpg (630x1280, 64K)


Faggot. That's a dude

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Attached: 7F1C536D-D1CB-4924-B880-DB836C92DD2F.jpg (700x693, 27K)

Attached: AC1B60F2-5354-491E-BFA0-D8D071A712CB.jpg (675x499, 73K)

Im sure i could please anyone. I would say I’m more submissive though. Rip image limit

do u have anywhere you upload your pics or videos? absolutely stunning

why did you stop keep up pls
you are based