No G/fur? Why the hell not? Post 'em if you got 'em Bois!

No G/fur? Why the hell not? Post 'em if you got 'em Bois!

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Also if you have a butt, post ur butt.

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Kay time to be a furfag since no one else will

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Engaging Fur Fagulation protocols.
Posting gay yiff.

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Damn that cock looks delish

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Also glad to have you on board, soldier

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Anything for the cause sir, I'm a ButtSlut for the Knot!

Keep those big knots cumming (in me he he).

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I really missed out during my edgy teen phase and should have found someone to actually kill me

I'm am OP gayest of them all
I'm am OP I will suck your balls
I'm am OP I'm more than just a thot
I'm am op I wanna take your Knot

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Better save some for this fag, he also wishes to be stuffed

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Fuck I love gay deer

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Deep inside going for a ride
Come on puppy give it to me one more time
I'll blow, I'll blow, I'll blow, I'll blow, I'll blow, I'll blow, I'll blow, I'll blow,
You till your rock harrrrrrrdd in my mouth
In my mouth
Then slam me all up on that wall
I'll take you down to your balls
Bury Knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot, knot
The whole big knot up my ass.

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best bois

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That is the best/worst/only g/fur parody of get low that I've ever heard. I'm knot sure if I shout cringe or applaud...I need some time to process this lol.

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I'm glad there are people who feels the same about knots as i do. God i need one rammed inside me right now.

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I need those boots

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you do!

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How's you, cutie?

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pretty good, i salvaged my weekend butt stuff

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Oh nice, that'll be fun!

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yussss, i really need to save and go to that con now

anyway how're you?

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Bleh, I'm feeling a bit down today. It's been gloomy and rainy here, and I only got out of bed like an hour ago. I really need to fix my schedule.

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dawwe hope ya feel better soons

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stupid femboys always having their femboy only orgies

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Sucks for you non-femboys :p

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At least we don't experience gay death at 25

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non-fembois have to be there too otherwise it would be boring

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Good thing I like women too and can just be average after that, but I'm 22 and look 16 so I'll look girly until I'm 30 :3

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>Good thing I like women too
fucking gross

Bisexual best sexual

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bisexual is only good if you're sexually abusing whores with your husband

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get a dog

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Does this actually work?

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Feed me fembois.

on your friends, yes

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Only one way to find out


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I made a better parody, it still about knots, it's from Mulan the man out of you song. Hope everyone likes it. UwU

Let's get Down to business, to take the knot, with your ass.
Did they send me S/fur when I asked for Furfags?
Your the Bi-est bunch I've ever met but you can bet before were through,
Mister I'll get this knot into you.

Tranquil as a fursuit, but horny within.
Once you stretch your butt hole, it is sure to fit.
You're a Yiffless, pale, pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll, get this knot, into you.

"I'm never gonna stretch that far"
"Someone said I'm bi then blew me"
"Boy, was I fool in school for not fucking Jim"
"This guy's(OP) got 'em scared to death"
"I hope his knot fits into me"
"Now I really wish I knew how to Yiff"

Be a Furfag
We must be gay as a coursing pride flag
Be a Furfag
With all the force of a gay typhoon. (Of cum)
Be a Furfag
With the strength of a raging boner
Mysterious as the straight side of OP

Time is racing towards us, 'til the knot says hi
Heed my every order and you might survive
You're unsuited for the rage of Cred Forums,
So pack up, go home, you're through.
How could I, get this knot, into you?

Be a Furfag
We must be gay as a coursing pride flag
Be a Furfag
With all the force of a gay typhoon (of cum)
Be a Furfag
With the strength of a raging boner
Mysterious as the straight side of OP.

Be a Furfag
We must be gay as a coursing pride flag
Be a Furfag
With all the force of a gay typhoon (of cum)
Be a Furfag
With the strength of a raging boner
Mysterious as the straight side of OPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

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Become the femboi.

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Only a few more years until I can get sex from boys with daddy issues

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Give into the Snarf D.

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Cute boy, I'd suck his dick and tuck him in at night.

i want to be fucked in the ass but im to socially retarded so im gonna get old and regret this

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Post your butt.

>tfw I have a big cock and pants and a belt just like, but I'm a thicc boi with a manly frame and not slim and girly
life is suffering

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If i don't find regular dudes hot but i bust to G/fur a lot am i gay?

You're ultra gay

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Fucking nice dude,Thanks

You're welcome, now bend over so I can fuck your ass

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Wait, no. I-

horny dash

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You can still get fucked in the ass if you're old. The only time you're really age gated by gays is people who want to fuck someone who looks just them. But there's always groups of people who like contrast. There's also a ton of people who just don't really care that much.

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I already fapped earlier, I'm just bored :p

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i'm pent up enough to be jealous of you fapping

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Do it.


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I'd help you with your own horniness right if I could, I want spank some deer booty :3

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Ok, here you go.

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I'll post my butt if you post yours. Mine is pretty nice, just ask Snarf and CM :p

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go on give it a slapp

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Soft lil doeboi booty

Attached: 1466693418197.png (1280x1416, 1.47M)

it's quite the soft butt

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I bet that boi this weekend will love it :3
Too bad that boi isn't me

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tis a shame, one day tho

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use some moisturizer with vitamin e buddy

I know you technically don't need it but you need it

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I want to taste a cute boy's asshole.


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Join now before it's too late

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maybe, bro. I've heard others tell me they didnt know they were gay till they found the yiff. personally, though, ive thought anthros were hot ever since i was a kid, which was almost 30 years ago, and im not gay yet. i think it probably would have happen by now if i were; so there's hope for you yet.

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too soon

I'm Spartacus

Kirk Douglas died

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>Kirk Douglas died
fucking finally, I thought he was going to turn into a mummy

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I've always been a bit bi-curious, but I've finally worked out that I am definitely bi.

I've also never really been into furry stuff, until I came to that conclusion. They had an occasional passing interest, but never really 'clicked' for me.

These threads have taken on a whole new meaning for me now, and I am really, really wanting to find a furry boyfriend.

Bend over for Snarf.

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no shit 103 years old

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I want to spank this grumpy boy

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Spank me, I'm a grumpy boi

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You know you want to.

I'll spank you and then feed you a nice home cooked meal


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Hopefully you feed me your cum first :3

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Doesn't dessert usually go after dinner?

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Cum is a yummy treat at any time of day

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Attached: lusciousnet_lusciousnet_furry-fembo_1118845990_01C57GHE01F0DE6J5BVREJ5F1C.1024x0.jpg (850x959, 71K)

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Submissive muscular men are so fucking hot, god damn I want to dominate a big beefy boi

Attached: 1466809222245.jpg (1280x985, 155K)

Any more of this boy?

I don't have any more, sorry

Attached: 1466810902019.jpg (581x800, 178K)

np buddy

Attached: 02da7d22a05085ce59f970c09bd56143.png (1267x950, 1.2M)

Gonna get bent over and spanked.

Attached: 1466811691569.jpg (834x1200, 1.48M)

Not if I spank you first


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Mac's big booty is going to be so red and swollen.

I'm going to spank everyone in this thread.

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Glad you managed to find your true self friendo

How does it feel to be one of us?

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Attached: 1466839535617.jpg (1300x1300, 590K)

>have place to myself finally
>break up with bf
>too anxious to just hook up
why must life be suffering?

furry guys can be so worth it but also a bit spastic, take my advice and initially talk to people and join groups with a completely disposable identity IE
>have twitter, fA, discord, second steam acc the same name and with an email completely unaffiliated with anything you've done or used before
>don't give out intimate contact info unless you've met or plan to meet IRL
>don't ever try to change anybody, it's tempting to help but don't go any further than offering if and only when they ask
>be ready to ditch an internet group completely the moment you get an autist clinger-on autism is strong and furries can get emotional and autist clingers-on can manipulate emotions well

Attached: 859c9084f183e951fee78b6d7f550b8c.png (1725x2312, 1.66M)

Attached: 1466886046105.jpg (1200x1005, 458K)

i dont like hookups either, ideally id just have a couple buddies to 69 with occasionally


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Attached: lusciousnet_lusciousnet_049_1452293226zeiro_bun_01C57FYH0WN1NZ5PBW0HYJNYXX.1024x0.jpg (1023x789, 59K)

Attached: lusciousnet_lusciousnet_2246000e2cdcbe7f9276e1a_01C57G60DK07CZVR6KEY9MRY5S.1024x0.jpg (1024x1089, 106K)

Attached: 1466890819749.jpg (750x1061, 265K)

Attached: lusciousnet_lusciousnet_cooling-off-by-salkitte_01C57GDKCA9FM3YK5DKXRDQVN4.640x0.jpg (640x872, 61K)

that's not quite ideal for me either honestly, but more power to you if that's what you want. 69'ing is unreasonably fun for what it is

Attached: 39e1bd498e3ac812f8c77617d13ee7f3.png (869x1200, 861K)

Damn what a cutie :3

Attached: 1466939951043.jpg (1280x870, 225K)

Would you rather have hookups or a bf?

Gonna eat dat booty.

Attached: 1467042085209.png (1280x1066, 914K)

A BF, exclusivity is a big thing for me

Attached: shibe bro 01.png (1000x866, 556K)

Attached: 1365378947.pegibruno_awoooooО.jpg (1280x976, 200K)

idk if I want a fully autistic furry boyfriend. I don't want a guy that dresses up in fursuits and uses furry words in public, covers himself in furry tatts and goes to conventions.

I think I just want a guy that likes gay furry porn and wants to replicate some of it in terms of intimacy and maybe using bad dragon toys.

That bird has seen some shit.

Attached: 1557048113906.png (1280x1024, 726K)

oh I'd be okay with a ltr monogamous thing, I just meant compared to hookups. I never could get into using dating sites/apps.

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Why not?

Attached: 1467042155101.png (1125x824, 551K)

Attached: Finished.png (1280x1384, 1.25M)

2 reasons

1. read that ass 2. pic related

Attached: x9sgmixdx5c01.jpg (1365x960, 104K)

Hi Luc, how goes it?

I figured, but posting butt is fun anyway

Attached: 1467042455408.jpg (768x1024, 391K)

well, those guys are out there but it'll be a tough find, but anything worth doing isn't ever easy is it?
it's the way a lot of people, including myself, have to do it. especially if you're looking for something very specific or are in certain living situations. for example take me: my IRL friends were the early bloomer types that are all hitched now and have kids or s/o's and don't really go out where singles hang out. the scene in most of my region is really old, the boomers chase the young people out of state it seems, on top of that I have pretty awful anxiety. diagnosis: gay lozer prescription: internet dating

Attached: 3f7fb8aeb785b339673f1c2280337b47.jpg (953x1200, 732K)

I'm not here for hook ups and I've been a Cred Forumstard long enough to know that leads to sharpie in the pooper

Nah, sharpie in the pooper is a dead meme anyway, and I ain't looking to hookup. We just like butts.

Doing okay. Its cold as fuck here. Also found a CD holder for all my PS1 games and I also found a smart phone app that lets you scan your games with the camera to add them to your collection

Oh nice, that's really neat

Me too but South Carolina has no fucking furries that I've ever been able to run into. My state kinda sucks, I need to meet more gay furries in my area and maybe have my first male on male experience I want to try it.

Anyone know of any cute bunny pics I can use as a ref? Kinda new and still trying to put together a ref sheet, but would like something to use in the meantime. TY in advance ^^

Just draw Judy Hopps with a dick and call it a femboy

Fur here