Girls perfect for BlackedRaw

Girls perfect for BlackedRaw

• White girls only
• No fatties

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thats a dude

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Bruv fuck off with that shite

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shalom! am i late for the thread? rabbi hershel said 4 o’clock sharp

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Is she made for?

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Oy vey. Just in time.

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yes yes contribootin

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Looks like a BBC only type of girl

Got unposted ones of her but no one seems interested

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Stay on the discord seth


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Really ? Rough or sweet fucking ?

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Niggers would have their way with that white meat

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In a gang bang?

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They’ll run a train on her.

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Built for BBC.

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Hmmm yeah’ breed her?

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She won’t know who the father is

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She fucks herself with her BBC dildo to BlackedRaw when she’s not being fucked by a real BBC.

Would look amazing with a raw BBC in her!

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Alt looking girls are always BBC only. Fact.

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Jesus fucking christ, Tenda.
Is it Tenda, or some Israeli kike shill? Either way, why do you want to see beauty destroyed? Would you also like to watch The Louvre burn to the ground?

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onlyfans com/bbkelc

Something else?

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"im not like other girls"

Such a snowbunny

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Is she built for it or would she get hurt?

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One look and you just know she’s BBC only.


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Jessica’s been Blacked. She’s BBC only now.

The fuck is your issue

Dude was posting an ugly bitch.

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That’s a girl who loves being dominated by a nigger.

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Yeah that’s a girl that fucks herself to interracial porn every night.

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Those pigtails would make good handles

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Built for BBC. No fucking doubt.

She creams on BBC while being ravaged by it.


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Love to watch an old friend of mine blacked
Pic related tis her

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Would love to see that too. Got more of her?

Another of her

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Yea but no nudes or anything unfortunately, managed to fuck her a few times but that was all before I had a phone

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go back to facebook, jew.

Need name for folder

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Last one I got, tis a shame because we clicked like mad, got all of each other's jokes, and just had hella good vibes. Sucks shit never went any further than an occasional booty call lol

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Lucky bastard. How did you fucked her?

Nikkie B - age 21

ITT: Jews projecting their limp-dicked frustration on perfect white men and their women. Just because your hook-nosed kike women prefer jungle men to your ratty doughy Jew body doesnt mean our women would stoop so low.

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This is her and many other white girls.

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Slag that has Black men only in her tinder profile

Never fucked a white boy.

We were hella close friends and her boyfriend at the time had been cheating on her, so she asks me for a dick pic, I send it to her, she asks more about my cock size, I give her the deetz,like a week later she messages me on FB to come over n meet her over by a place near her (I know the city like the back of my hand) and meet her there, drinks are had and she makes the first move, Kissin up on me n shit, I move to start fingering her, after like 20 minutes of that she's soaked her panties my hand and her leggings, after that its sex, was aight but a pain in the ass because of what we were fucking on

Built for it

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Sorry about the no green text btw but yea basically her bf was a cheating POS and to get back at him she fucked me

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Tarts herself up only for niggers at the club

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white girls are so fucking beautiful
the peak for sure

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Are these the same girl?


Above all else.

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Found more photos of her.

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Last one

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Go on


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Join now before it's too late

So fuckable

Riiiiight. Sorry your blonde bimbo slag doesn't do shit for me either.

all these suburban whores

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Fuck off you Pedo freak.

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Bruv that pig with a half-shaved head you think is your sweetheart will fuck anything. It’s ugly and that’s the truth.

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so fucking true

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bruh 99% of all girls these days fuck anything that moves, even their dogs

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And yet you feel special for her fucking you to get back on her ex. I called her out for being ugly, don’t get your panties in a twist.

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Is he really only into BBC? I figured traps like this take whatever they get

im not the same guy you are having a beta slapping contest with fucking retard suck on my massive nuts faggot

That’s a trap?

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Traps usually end up on bbc

the genevieve angelson ones are so hot - if you want, please do this one!

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some white girls are like fucking angels or fucking faires

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yes i am currently havin a wack

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and many black or asian girls are just like bad traps or deformed human beings

Would she be good for it?

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Post'um I will tell you how perfect they are

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70% sure


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Looks like

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Built for BBC.

Yeah she week bro post that good shit

Lol you're one to talk.

I wish I knew how to photoshop her onto that

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Bit chubby for my taste but I agree with your statement

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Lol replied to a diff dude.
Not me at all.

Posted loads of her already have a browse through the thread

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Who is she?

Perfect for doggystyle

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c'mon man she's not chubby but I know what you mean

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What part of week you don't understand. Don't post her she to skinny

I guess it’s my taste. Like them skinny and flat.

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yeah okay
wow she's so hot!
do you like them also short?

this girl is fucking gorgeous damn

>I'm a fucking pedophile
ftfy buddy

Lmao it’s you again, hey nigger.
I don’t mind short but I like them leggy.

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Wack taste.

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Maybe spell it properly so he can understand you WEAK prick.

yeah she's
good boy!

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looks like first week after

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Auschwitz skinny is hot.

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Attached: (1500x1000, 400K)

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Attached: E521AA1C-9E2C-4C21-86EF-057340215D0B.jpg (640x1136, 118K)

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based and slimpilled

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regular girls getting bbc bred is hotter. Imagine those two on their knees getting pounded by two studs. Maybe mom gets to watch her daughters have their first involuntary orgasms as their wombs are conquered by black sperm

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Attached: Bday 12.jpg (1322x2048, 1.05M)

fuck yes

Finally someone who understands.

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9>10 dim lips
0>10 that's a dude
5>10 too skinny
7>10 dim lips
9>10 damn
0>10 the fuck is that thing
5>10 body but that face a 10
5>10 give that girl a burger damn
9>10 just because I could go balls deep in her ass
3>10 too fat my nig

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looks like retarded
those dirty bitches should eat something

New thread

I want to watch this