Does moe attract pedophiles or is it that people prone to decay eventually turn into pedos after enough moe/generic...

does moe attract pedophiles or is it that people prone to decay eventually turn into pedos after enough moe/generic anime girl aesthetic?

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As certified 3D cheese pizza lover
I could tell you moe anime only awaken my fatherly instinct

Most "moe" shows are about high school girls.

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>people more prone to decay
explain what you mean.
I doubt moe turns people in to pedos if thats what youre asking. its cute and it exaggerates neotenous features which is something people like

How old were you guys when you defeated Santa?

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stupid sexy miu

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Yes. Look at the shield loli threads and you can see a lot of fat neckbeards that is lusting over children.

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Cuteness, moe, and lolicon are concepts adjacent to each other.

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Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

>people prone to decay
What is this necromancy?

I wish roricons would leave Mashimaros alone. Well, I guess, they can have Miu, nobody likes her anyway.

I’ve liked little girls since I was a kid and before I even knew there was anime that didn’t have fighting.

Nobody becomes a pedophile by watching anime, even the kind that sexualizes underage girls.

Pedophiles are born, as in they have a genetic disposition to be sexually attracted to children. Anime can at most awaken that sexuality in people. But if you don't have the genes for it, then nothing will ever make you a pedophile.

How opposed to fat neckbears lusting over high school girls?
Also shield Loli is a young teen.

Strawberry thread? Is it finally time?

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Does that mean my parents are secretly pedophiles too and are just hiding it?

Nice pseudo-science, care to back that up?

>certified 3D cheese pizza lover
That's not what being a registered sex offender means.

What healthy girl

I've been watching anime featuring lolis and cute girls for more than a decade and half now and I've never felt attracted to them, it only kinda makes me want to have a kid

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Would you pee inside her butt? I definitely would.

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Kill yourself, normalfag.

I don't think you know what's a loli, user-kun.

Oh no,The definition autist is here again


There are many kinds of moe. There is healing moe about girls doing niche activity, there is moeshit that attracts degenerates (most of seasonal moe shows), and there is moe for pedos, like Ichigo Mashimaro.

Note the aesthetics of pedo moe. Potato faces, spaghetti arms, long bodies, these are aspects that emulate the proportions of actual children.

Then again, it's made to attract pedos and to bring others over the limit, the only way you can become a full blown pedo is browsing Cred Forums.

You don't have to be a definition autist to realize teens with teen bodies aren't lolis.

If you keep thinking backwards enough, anybody is a potential pedophile. Exercise discretion.

Besides, pedophilia is a sexuality like any other, meaning genetic and unalterable. It's actual child sexual abuse that's the problem.

That's not what being a pedophile means either.

It's philosophy.

>Only my definition of Loli counts

It's better than the definition you learned on reddit.

>long bodies
Wouldn't pedos be attracted to short bodies?

They're right tho. She ain't a loli.

It's part of normal, physiological sexuality to be attracted to the opposite sex. Kids 7 year old kids pop boners over thinking of hugging their same age girls in their class all the time, at that age boys and girls even develop different cultures based on gender, and so it's normal to be curious about one another and at that age. There is absolutely no reason for that attraction to fade. Laws and rules are explicitly made to protect children from adult agressors, not because adults being attracted to them is unnatural. Toddlercons are fucked in the head though.

Ichigo Mashimaro belongs in the first category, you would know that if you actually watched it.

>If I keep samefagging and spamming somebody will believe me.

Okay, reddit.

Notice the proportions of kids from age 7-11. Their head is similar to an adults, their extremities are long because of growth spur, the width of their torso grows a bit slower than its length.

Look at anime made by pedos for pedos such as Made in Abyss, Tsukushi knows this well. Regular moe has chibi looking characters, short with more normal proportions, only bigger head.

>Muh Reddit
Epic argument bro.

It looks like traces kids, man. I won't watch pedo anime strictly for pedos.

lmao at all the pedos ITT

You will get the rope, either by yourself like a tranny or by tyrone in jail

reroll in life for a better brain wiring bro

I mean he's right, she's not, she's tall, got tits, no baby face and shit, it's really hard to argue in what way she is a loli, underage is not synonymous with lolis.

Arguing with a redditor is like playing chess with a pidgeon. It'll just knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, and strut about like it's won anyway.

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Whatever you say Christian feminist shill.

Most all men prefer long slender bodies, pedo or non-pedo.

Are you the sperg who was convinced that at least 3 known autistic spammers and a mod were the same person, invented a dumb nickname for said "person" and spammed loli porn when everyone called him a faggot for accussing everyone of being a samefag? I remember seeing a faggot exactly like you a while ago.

She is pretty short with small tits and young girl face that you like 6-10 years old doesn't mean nothing like there many type of lolis.

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>Still using the Reddit strawman
Maybe try something new?

Why are you always reposting this same image, nornalfag? It doesn't even prove you right.

loli is not a bodytype dude

At least in the pic you posted she doesn't look like a loli at all, so don't pretend to be surprised when you get these kind of replies.

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I recommend lurking for 886,496,203,120 years before making a thread or posting again.

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>she's tall
She's 145cm and barely any taller than the undoubtedly lolis from the show, she's perfectly flat, and she does in fact have a childish face.
Not that there's any point in arguing about this, because "hurr loli" "hurr not loli" "hurr watch me ignore decades of culture proving me wrong and say it's not a body type" is nothing more than a shitposting topic these days so there's no point in wasting time on it.

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Fuck off back to rеddit already.

See? Thanks for for the quick follow up.

>I'm such a lolicon XD I only fap to small girls with fat asses or boobs but I totally am a lolicon LMAO I just got back from Konosuba for the 7648th time! MEGUMIN IS SO HOT AND SHE IS A LOLI, SO I AM A LOLICON? WHAT, PEDOPHILE? No, I am not interested in little girls they don't have wide hips. 3DPD meme chris hansen cute and funny FBI do I fit in, Cred Forums? What's candydoll? I'll go make another meme on /r/animemes. Hahaha. Omae wa mou shindeiru! NANI?

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I actually want to visit candydoll but I'm too retarded

>this is your brain on reddit

With the exception of the genuine paraphiliacs, it's all about fapping. Even 20th century psychologists like Richard von Krafft-Ebing understood this.

Based Eureka pwning the fake pedophiles

>20th century
*19th century.
Paraphiliacs aren't born. They might have genetics that help it come into being, but true paraphiliacs are often victims of some early trauma, like child sexual abuse. Most paraphiliacs just climax too often, and end up finding vanilla boring.

Only true lolicons can find her sexy.

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Megumin isn't a loli but I still want to cum inside her. Not as much as Strawberries, though.

Is Kaiji related to Chika?!

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You can be both a pedophile and vanilla

Yes, and I should have not used "vanilla". It's just easier to say; "normal", "average".

I'm gonna have to say based for this one

The latter tbqh

I don’t even consider people like that real pedophiles. I never had any trauma and I knew I was a pedophile long before I masturbated the first time. I’ve preferred kids to adults since I was a kid and I didn’t think of it as something depraved or taboo.

Cutest lolis this season

Commit suicide.

Ah yes
Powerful imagery
Thought provoking themes
Groundbreaking insights
that's a Mashimaro thread I know well and remember. Fuck you all, negroids.

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>22 years old loli wants to turn a man into a lolicon so he can make a move on her
I thought older lolis weren't lolis? Why would she need to make him a lolicon then?

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Because she's dumb

I thought lolicons were attracted to 2D only. If she made him a lolicon he wouldn’t be attracted to her at all since she’s 3D in his universe.

Maybe it's that thing I've seen people say about lolicon and pedophile meaning different things, not by exact meaning but by how heavy each word is. In the case of a loli talking about lolicon in a positive light it would make perfect sense.

Lolicon=2D only is something western fans came up with.
Lolicon in Japanese is slang used pretty similarly to how 'pedo' is used in english.

If it’s positive then why does he deny it so much that the title of the series is literally “I am not a lolicon!”?

Maybe because she's the one who wants him to be a lolicon.

>I thought lolicons were attracted to 2D only
Those aren't lolicons. Those are posers.

I fucking love little girls

I love fucking little girls

Does this mean that all the people who only like 2D adults without liking 3D adults are also posers?

that's part 2

"I am not a pedophile!" sounds so much better

I'll just put my 2 cents in.
I'm an oldfag. When I was a kid, I was into lolicon stuff, but that was because I was also a kid. So the girls were closer to my own age.

As I have aged I enjoy it less and less. I also did some digging and found that all of the moderators of a lolicon group that was banned a while ago from reddit were all bisexual teenagers. None of them were older than 15.

I think that lolicon is made by pedos for tweens and such. The older I get the less interested I am in it. I see them as cute but it doesn't give me a booner.

I just want to point out that I think lolis should be legal, but only because it's basically just a drawing and no one should make lewd drawings illegal. It makes no sense.

Haglovers are beyond my understanding.

Why doesn't the title of the manga use the other word for pedophile in Japanese which only refers to serious cases then?

Now that I think about it, maybe it's the same thing in Japan as it is here. Lolicon applies to both 2D and 3D, but people can have a preference for one or the other, especially in otaku communities.
In the end doesn't it still mean she's a 22 years loli? Since she's talking about lolicon and all.

>definition autist
so this is how you kill loli threads
Juju is sleeping peacefully now with daddy

I haven't seen juju in forever
Since last year

high school girls are children you fucking pedo

Technically speaking pedophile means prepubescent and lolicon means pubescent, but in practice words like “hebephile” and “shouninseiaisha” ever never ever used unless you’re trying to argue that your sexual orientation is totally not the same as those perverts who like slightly younger kids than you. Everyone prefers natural language to precise language.

Right back at you, Stunk.

Every time people ignore him completely we have successful loli threads so they aren't completely dead. The issue is that he's really persistent and good at baiting.
Ignoring him doesn't help much when threads are as fucking bad at this one though, look at that atrocious OP. It's better to let it sink and if you really need to reply remember to use sage.

What no way

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>moved to Cred Forums
Well at least we can be honest about being pedophiles here

I’ve been attracted to kids for a long time and it was well before I got into anime. Noticed while babysitting (having to change/bathe the kids)