Waifu thread I guess

waifu thread I guess

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Cuntzilla Nonce brotherfucker SonO is crazy about splooge/spoOge.

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HOopleheaD dracula nobody Sono is smitten with satchel syruP and needs pube soLvent and smokes everyones sausage down at the docks

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SKullfucker goof Sono worships woRMgob and idoliZes hOt milk

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Mutt chickenfuckEr Sono is crazy about wet paint and LoveS cOCk droplets.

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Rowdy peasant neanderthal SoNo loves white honey and idolizes spew and is crazy about satchel syrup

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Vandal Sono adores man seed and desires splooge/spoOge aNd needs cock droplets.

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Butthole mutt Sono is crazy about bOnkjuice and is smitten with oil of man.

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Fucker SoNo needs oil Of ulay and lies About as poorly as trump

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Pigfucker Sono worships turkEY spit And venerates lOads.

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SluTfucker Sono worships liqUid Silk and iS Crazy About dIckglue and desires crack wax.

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SwIne Sono venerates white light/white heat and Idolizes peniS colada.

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Dickface ne'er-do-well arsefacE Sono is nuts fOr man foam and is nuts for spunk

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LunkhEad Sono is crazy about nobslurry and is nuts fOr tail juice.

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Hilding Sono lOves cock sNot And Delights In diCktallow.

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Shark Sono venerates wad and woRships wEt paint And adores nobslurry

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Ass-nugget wanKer Sono adOReS livE cultures and Delights in white ribbon.

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Dumbass Freak hooplehead SOno is nuts for man seed and needs protein shake and is nuts for crud

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Cockhead baby Sono veNerates man foam and delights in SNake spRay.

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DAughterfucker imbecile lunatic Sono is nuts for wad and Is smitten with Love liquor and loves lIve cultures

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Prick cougar bitcH Sono delights in live cultures and is incapable oF intelligent thougHt.

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MinX Sono needs nizzle-drizzle and adores pRick liquid and neeDs penis colada.

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Edgelord Sono adores custard and delighTS in spew.

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Slag Sono loves white Gold.

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PenCil dick cLown cheater Sono desires MaLE tears and is nuts for live cultureS anD is Nuts for schlong jelly

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MUtant keyboard waRrior Sono worships pOpulation paste and needs cream and venerates penis colaDa

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Shitbucket douche Sono loves scum.

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CUnt fart Sono Is a cum dumpster

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SAdist Sono desiRes schlOng jelly.

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Shitbucket Sono adorEs male tears and worships white gold and veNerates dickhoney.

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Snotball jacKass homo SoNo is nuts for live cultures anD is smitten with dick JaMba juice

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Joker cuntass bUffooN Sono is crazy about erectoplasm and desires onward christian soldierS and can't gEt it up.

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Retard queer ninny Sono loves DickgLue.

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HeadasS Sono worshipS spratz and delights in Happy traIls and needs ball barf

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Beldame Sono adores cock snOT.

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Buffoon idioT SonO delights in baby Batter aNd venerates TaDpoleS And desires white honey

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Buttlicker fagtard Sono Desires satchEl syrup and is crazy aboUt protein shake

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Boyfucker bElL-end cuntzilla Sono desires rude glue.

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Pinhead snOt landwhale Sono is smitteN with daddy sauCe and never showers

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Churl nobody asshole Sono venerates nizzle-drizzle and veneratEs crud.

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Hippie shitbUcket Cuntsucker Sono adores pole mIlK and Is smiTten witH nizzle-drizzle

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Burden ratfink Erio desires erectoplasm

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Square Erio venerates wank Paste and loves wet paint.

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Querulant meGadouche clown Erio loves nobslurry.

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TUrd asshole blackgUard Erio worships white gold and is smittEn with nobslurry

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IdiotisT iDiot bAby Erio loves happy trails and idolizes love Liquor.

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Ne'er-do-well dope Erio adores string of pearls and Loves satChel syruP and is crazy about baby batter

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Goon EriO venerates crack wax and idolizes dicktallow aNd dEsires man chowder

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TwatwaffLe Fuckhead ninny Erio is crazy about spAff and adoRes squiggle And is smiTten with nizZLe-drizzle

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Fellow fuckbucket quat Erio adores face cream and desIres white honey and venerates throat yogurt.

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Numskull Erio adores snake spray.

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Oaf Erio loves jizz.

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Deadhead Erio desires baby batter and venerates throat yogurt and desires population paste

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Twerp bugGer Erio desires dickpudding aNd is nuts for balL barf aNd venerates hEmulsion

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FagtitS ass clown apefucKer Erio Loves splooge/spooge aNd delights in weiner saucE and delights in squiggLe

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Egotist ErIo loveS dIckPuddIng and is nuts for loads and needs diCkpudding.

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Skunkfucker envIrotard ErIo is CrazY about erectoplasM

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Nincompoop cunt fart Blockhead Erio needs love liquor aNd venerates Population paste and Is nuts for man seed.

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Blaggard Erio idolizes dickGlue

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Bitchwad faGtard yahoo KYS venerates dickspenDings

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Dreamer stinkhole sycophant KYS idolizes tHroat yogurt and delights in splOoge/spooge.

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Assmunch monkey KYS is nuts for string of pearls and venerates dicktallow aNd is nuts for splooge/spooge.

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GooN fruitcake cunt KYS is smItten with trousEr gravy

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ArseCunt KYS 's mOm has roast beeF curtAins and adores pearl jam anD Is nuts for wormgob.

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Hillbilly Bitchzilla bitchwad KYS adores hemulsion anD Can eat A dick And loves nizzle-drizzle

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Dick cockholsTeR KYS idolizes spratz and loves tO suck cock and worships pube solveNt.

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Turdball idiot KYS Worships Squiggle And is nuTs fOr fructis and delights in satchel syrup.

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Cockhead KYS loves dicktallow.

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Aunt fucker horSe's necktIe KYS loves crack Wax anD idolizes cock snot

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Ho numskull KYS Adores erectopLasm.

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Caveman KYS is a cunt

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NumbskUll inbred KYS venerates man chowder and worships Scum.

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Cuntsucker dumbass KYS idolizes dickhoney and worships happy traIls.

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Thundercunt anorak peasant KYS adores white LigHt/white heat anD is crazy about spew and lovEs spew.

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FuckbuckeT assweed KYS Is nuts for nobslurRy and venerates weiner sauce anD desires high frucTose porN syrup.

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Grouch querulant skunkfUcker KYS is nuts for oil of man.

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Mega Faggot Yahoo KYS needs high fructose porn syrup.

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ROaster aunt fucker KYS IdoliZes man chowdeR and is Crazy about face cream.

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ShitnUgget KYS is nuts for nut butter

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Ho KYS adores WEiner sauce and is craZy about string of peaRls.

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CuntzillA cousinfucker headass KYS delights in cream and desIres man chOwder and worshIps baby batter

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Sycophant KYS needs oil of ulay and Is crazy About cock dRoplets and needs spratz

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Dotterel KYS idoLizes nobslurry and is nuts for custard

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Outlaw bum-fucker KYS desires hot milk and delights in pearl jam

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ASsmunch asshat beast KYS is crazy abouT oIl of mAn.

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Boyfucker dodo KYS venerates daddy saUce and desires splooge/spooge and idolizes tail juice

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Cumstain KYS is crazy About tadpOles.

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Duckfucker dogfucker KYS lies about as poorly as trump

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FibbeR CocK KYS loves man chowder and adoRes high fructose Porn sYrup.

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Wallflower KYS aDores spLooge/spooge.

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BoneheaD assmunch KYS delights in protein sHake and deligHts in oil of ulay.

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SnoWflake shitsack mOnkey KYS desires dickglue.

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Fruitcake KYS idolizes wang pus and loves love liquor and woRships oil of Ulay

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SOn of a whOre shItaSs KYS is craZy about throat yogurt and desires penis colada.

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Quack fugly sycophant KYS delights in monkey juice and Venerates weiner sauce

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Zounderkite KYS worsHips spaff and is nuts for loads

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CuntliCker beldame fUcker KYS neeDs population PasTe and needs tail juice.

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LuNkhead toad KYS is nuts for rude glue.

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Nobody KYS needs oil oF ulay.

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Cow son of a bitch KYS wOrshiPs scum and dElights in bonkjuice and worships dickpudding

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FibBer KYS venerates spratz.

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Gawk dreAmer KYS needs wank paste

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Hilding son of a whore KYS Is nuts for baby batTer and idolizeS prick Liquid.

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Cuntlicker Dreamer KYS is smItten with erectoplaSm and never showers and idolizes wormgob

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RatcAtcHer KYS worships tail juiCe and venerates hoT milK

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Cougar dodo KYS needs man Foam And is nuts foR squiggle and worships dicKjam.

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COn man twat motherfuckEr KYS is crazy about high fructose porn syrup and adores throaT yogurt.

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Pervert sLave KYS idolizes pole milk and venerateS Cock snot.

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ENvirotard douche KYS idolizes white honey and is nutS for cock droplets.

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Dick-licker doofus dreaMeR KYS is smitten with nizzle-Drizzle and deliGhts in white ribbon and adores white honey.

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InbreD hoopLehead womanizer KYS delights in man seed And can eat a dick and delights iN spaff.

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BEldame KYS loves penis colada and worships dick jamba juice.

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WhorefuckeR douche baG burden KYS adores baby batter and desirES squiGgle

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Horse'S necktie KYS adores whiTe hOneY and loves oil of man and needs dickjelly

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Varmint hilding KYS adOres sLiMe and is smiTten with live cultures.

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WhoresoN pencil dick KYS delIghtS in nut butter and is a disgraceful excuse for a human being.

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Rat-fink KYS is smitten wIth cum

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Scumbag KYS veneRates white honey and veneRates dickglue.

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Bozo laNdwhale KYS adores dickhoney and veneratEs dickpudding.

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Cretin douche bag KYS venerates satchel syrup and idolizes monkey juice

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Dick blockheAd goon KYS desires splashback and is smitten with cock snot

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Womanizer missing link KYS veneraTes population paste and desiRes dicktallow and delighTs in hemulsion.

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EdgElord KYS Is smitten with dickhoney.

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Slob cockWomble KYS adores baby batter and is crazy about trOuser Gravy

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Fuck Noggin goose bitchface KYS loves pube solVent aNd is a disgraceful excuse for A human bEing ANd adores man seed.

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DIrtbAg qUat fagtits KYS venerates spunk

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Butthead ass-nugget cretin KYS desires dicK jamba Juice aNd worships slIme and loves man period

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Cuntzilla KYS adores crack wax

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Drunkard KYS is nuts for liquId silk aNd delights in pearL jam.

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Shitter fagtits Lard face KYS is smitten with cum and delIghTs in prICK liquid

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HOSeBag arsecunt Pack KYS venerates noBslurry

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Unclefucker KYS needs man seed and delightS in hemulSion and adoReS liquid siLk.

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Sausage-masseusE KYS aDorEs squIggle and delights in custard and delights in man SeeD.

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Dreamer KYS idolIzes white ribbon and loves liquid silk and desires whiTe gold.

Attached: jNKygI.png (150x250, 21K)

Turd dirtbag wino KYS is smitten with tadpolEs

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Dumbo KYS deligHts in turkey spit

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Horsefucker ho KYS desires weiner sauce and loves baby batter.

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Dunce fibber KYS Is crazy about dick jamba juice and idolizES dongWater.

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Bootlicker KYS is nuts for spafF and Delights in oil of ulay and worships high fRuctose porn syRup

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BlockHeaD jackass bogeyman KYS Venerates spraTz and Loves nizzle-drizzle And loves scuM.

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Cockmaster pIgfucker cunt fart KYS is nuts for oil of ulay.

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AunT fucker duMbbeLl KYS loves dickpudding anD idolizes prick liquid aNd veneRates white ribBon.

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Grouch KYS idolizes cream.

Attached: nLxbmUj.png (232x168, 41K)

Attached: ak-me80.jpg (500x281, 9K)

Cockboy idiotist KYS worships bonkjuice.

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NinCOmpoop KYS is nuts for dickpudding

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Wacko assmunch KYS delights in happy trails and is nuts for oil of maN and is nuts for fructis.

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