My wife went away on business a few weeks ago, so I searched her phone the other night and found this...

My wife went away on business a few weeks ago, so I searched her phone the other night and found this. She was in Chicago. What should I do?

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Which one is she?

I dunno... Is that her?

>kik screenshot
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Why would she leave her phone when going on a business trip.

if true leave her not that hard

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I searched it when she got back and I found this video someone sent her through her kik account.

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So someone sent it to her? Is she in the video?

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She doesn’t take her phone with her when she goes away on business?

Keep a copy for your attorney and take everything she has.

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>What should I do?
The HIV test.

Probably a misunderstanding

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What's her kik username?

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