Alright Med fags of Cred Forums

Alright Med fags of Cred Forums

What the fuck is this? Started out as little dots then spread and is dry as fuck. HELP A Cred Forumsro out

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Could be vitiligo. I have myself.

Almost looks like a burn blister?


could be a rash or youre allergic to ythe fabric in your undies while you wear your dick folded upwards. just go to your docter hell help you out.

it's ball cancer thats spread onto your dick because they've been in contact for too long. means you arent having enough sex

Herpes. Have a nice life OP.

Gave me some cream, didnt do anything

Thats corona

Nah, been cleared for everything

Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment... these can be little patches or very extensive patches. Normally vitiligo will appear in hands, knees, elbows, around the mouth. There is no cure and the origins are not very clear, though there is a genetic predisposition to it. Stress can cause vitiligo to appear as it is an autoimmune disease.

It really does no harm, but it does have a huge impact on self confidence when you have patches in your face and you look like a fucking dalmatian. Since there is no cure, the best thing is not to stress about it. Just loads of sun cream as you are technically albino in that area and your skin has no protection whatsoever.

Quite many people have, something I only started noticing after i got diagnosed.

Why can't people take decent close up pictures ???!!!

Have fun becoming a human cow

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Not got it anywhere else


Congratulations on your new nickname. Patches

Patches o hoolihan

No, it's not a STD... its a skin decoloration thing.

I have just a little on my chin and some year ago a patch appeared on my pubis. The fun thing is the hairs grow white where the patch is. Color came back, but hairs stayed white.

Docter here, thats skincancer.


It's not vitiligo, it's kinda dry and cracking, around the edges its light purple and kinda sore to the touch when penis is soft, when I'm hard it's not noticeable apart from the colour

You seem to have a very fair skin... Maybe you have other patches of vitiligo and you haven't noticed. Something similar happened to a niece.

>the white patches may begin

do you disconnect your balls when you have sex?

Can you take a cleared photo???

It would definitely help all the PHDs around to make a more precise diagnose.

Joe Rogan recently started a carnivore diet and it improved his vitiligo. You can see his posts on Instagram.

Do you masturbate by humping pillows or some shit?

lol he'll die all one color what a champion

Have you bleached your cock ??


Over 2mb

I don't think you get extra MB for a blur free photo.

i got the same thing but is like brown. thought i legit someone cut my dick or something without me noticing.

the blur is from the missing mb

does it hurt?

does it feel different than rest of the skin?

is it any swollen?

honestly OP, this picture is shit, and you didn't give any details, so don't expect any serious answer

Vitiligo patch. The more darker your skin tone is, the more noticable it is.

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just convert it to jpeg on web

Its sore, feels rough and dry and not swollen

Join now before it's too late

Do you have a pic that's not BLURRY AS FUCK?

Start this thread on a different board and carefully send us the link. You can get banned for starting raids on other boards. They have more than 2mb

could be
go to a doctor you idiot

I had it under my foreskin and had to get circumcised because of it ~2 years ago

now go make an appointment

>What the fuck is this?
Looks like a penis but smaller.

Thank you, thank you very much

Skin cancer, sorry bro, it will have to be amputated

Scary shit
Sorry that happened to you

>rapidly checks underside of penis

Still think it's vitiligo, though that blurry photo doesn't help.

not vitiligo for sure.

more like lichen.
might be deadly if not treaten, but the good news is if treaten, gets away. in worse cases might need surgical removal which leaves scarring, but you might be still able to recover without any permanent effects. you'd better go to the doctor. honestly if what you're saying is true and doctor gave you some cream for this, it should do the job, but if it doesn't go to another one, this is not getting any better without treatment. stress is one of the main causes of lichen btw.

and keep that in mind that i might be just a 6 y o not knowing shit, and i could be wrong. that's just my guess.

go to your doctor.

See if you can use one of these to get a sample and try to set it on fire. If it's lichen or similar shit, there should be some mild self sustained combustion.

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of course

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