In a situation where you find your wife that you love is cheating on you, what option would you take:

In a situation where you find your wife that you love is cheating on you, what option would you take:

1) Don't tell her nothing and just leave.
2) Don't tell her nothing and stay with her, trying to win her back.
3) Confront her and leave.
4) Confront her and try to solve your issues.
5) Take advantage of situation and cheat yourself.
6) Ask her to do a trio.
7) Meet the other man to understand the reasons.
7) Tell her parents.

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Confront, communicate, resolve.
One way or another, you will have to take the confrontation, or it'll eat at your very heart.
Maybe something good can come of this?
Honest conversation between the two of you.
Or, at the very least, you can leave with closure, if that's the outcome.

Best of luck, user - it's a tough situation.

Bang chicks.
Make her life miserable at home.
She will leave.

I love her and I know she loves me too.

This an ex boyfriend of hers, she was really attached back in university. I think they would have married if he hadn't moved out of town.

Say nothing. Make sure there is no evidence that shows you know. Kill her at his house.

Oh dear, are we slowly moving into fantasy cuckholdry?
Is this a stealthy wank fantasy thread now?
I'm disappointed, OP:

Option 1.

real men choose 1
>fuck that bitch let her pay the rent with an empty bank account

I am really angry right now and I feel like telling everyone around her, family, friends, wokplace.... but that would mean losing her and throwing away any chance for us.

confront and leave, she had so many fucking times to stop and think, its not just deciding to fuck its so many choices along the way, your wife cheats on you she don't respect you, mistake it may be but no respect nigga

Maybe 1) but more likely 3)


I've never cheated on my wife and really never considered do it, though i've had many opportunities. If I was on the other end, I would want her to try and save our marriage... we do have 2 wonderful kids.


I do feel tremendously lonely right now... seems like staying and forgiving is not the ordinary thing to do and most people chose to leave, which is the easy way out.

You're really not interested in getting advice at all, are you?

There are two options:

1) Believe in what we have, forgive, understand and heal.
2) Not believe in what we have and quit.

What percentage of people chose option 1 ????


There's a third option.

3) Believe in what we have, and quit.

Most people say cheaters will cheat once and keep on doing it...

The thing now is I feel all the damned films, song and jokes are on me...

Join now before it's too late

>throwing away any chance for us
Is this a fucking joke?!?! There is and will never be any chance again. Confront her, tell her she hurt you and GTFO!! Don't try and resolve feelings and stay, she will know that she can do it again and get away with it. Gather all the evidence you have, pack your shit and throw it in your car, sit at the table with all the shit laid out in front of you so when she comes home you drop the bomb. Make her feel like shit for making you feel like shit and then get up and walk out. There are pleeeeeenty of women out there to start over with that will actually respect you. Been here, and done gets better believe me!

Ah yes, the immature angry man, all about the revenge, not the communication.
OP needs an adult.

Kill her

Adults don't choose to keep themselves in shitty situations because they are lonely. Only cucks stay in situations like these, so no, OP needs a CUCK not an adult. Immaturity has nothing to do with demanding respect in a relationship. The anger comes from not getting that respect. Get off your high horse in the basement and go heat up some nuggies.

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Start taking money out of your accounts and slowly build a nest egg. Inventory your most valuable stuff and slowly move it into storage, or say that you sold it (cars/trucks/etc and move it to a friends). Start copying ALL of your banking documents, especially what she spends. Find out exactly what your spouse earns. Consult an attorney, don't tell him that you've already started hiding money. Find someone else to fuck and enjoy it. Don't let your wife know that anything is up. Be fully prepared for your divorce in every way possible before saying that you want a divorce. Fuck her as hard as you can in her wallet.

8) use an axe to cut her fucking head off
9) chop up some carolina reapers and put them in her whore vagene
10) throat fuck her so she can't breathe, then she suffocate & die
11) tie her up and throw her in the river

The brave thing to do is stay, talk to her, solve our issues and fix things. We make a great team together and our kids are great. Anyone can make a mistake. Not like she hasn't been with other men before me, including this one, that is something I can live with.

Adults communicate, resolve and maybe make it work, or maybe split up.
Adults admit to anger, but doesn't act on it.
Respect must be mutual, love must be mutual.
If neither exist in a relationship, then the relationship ends.
Don't be a child about it.

4)ish is the only reasonable option imo. Talk to her first, then decide how to proceed. I don't know the circumstances, bit everone deserves at least one second chance if yoi ask me.

If you posted this thread, you should do what your heart is obviously telling you to do. IE- sit down in the corner and jack off while she fucks the neighborhood.

Will you fucking respond already?

Literally justifying cheating

>Actual cuckholdery


1, 3, and/or 5. Theres no working it out, unless youre a faggot ass cuck. Your wife is TAKING ANOTHER DUDES DICK INSIDE HER.

IDK what else to tell you. If thats not enough reason to leave, you literally should kill yourself. You get no respect as or from a man now

this is a wank fantasy thread - op is enjoying the outrage and belittlement he's getting.
He's having a good waxing of the carrot while the thread goes on.


Join now before it's too late

I presume all those here saying quitting is the best option and have never cheated, have never got caught or don't believe love and trust are superior principles one needs to work hard to earn.

If one person is cheating your relationship is over, it doesnt matter if its you or the other party.

Also, spotted the coping whore


Wrong. It's just not worth wasting your time on someone who will never change. That's wisdom.

Ask her for a trio 100%

I will wait in any case... eventually try and figure out if this is still going on of if it was just a fuck. Eventually let her know that I know and see where it takes us. I am sure we love each other enough to get trough this. Taking and communicating is definitely the only way forward and quitting would be the easy way, the coward way. Love is no easy path.. If it was simple, it would be to easy.

I do not know if this is the popular option... but i believe it is the right one.

Fuck you OP, fuck you for never replying to any of us.

Here's your fucking reply. I still believe in her and I believe in us. We have two beautiful kids together, Thomas and Michael, and I can't stand the thought of how us splitting up would affect them.

Eventually, if she believes our relationship is over, she will be the one to leave.

Let he know youre a cuck, that ought to get the ol juices flowing for you.


How do you think the kids are gonna feel when they accidently walk in on their mom getting plowed by some rando while their dad stands facing the corner with a cage on his dick?

3 and 4.
Relationships are complicated and there are other reasons to cheat other than just being a pig of a woman.
That said, that is also a potential reason so it really fucking depends.
Infidelity isn't the end of the world necessarily but some relationships can't (or even should not) survive it. It could be a sign of something needing to change, it could also be a sign that you married a horrible person.

unless it's a friend, i'd leave the other person out of it. If it is a friend, he should adhere to bros before hoes and if he doens't, he isn't a real friend. So good for you, now you know.

She'd never bring Mike into the house while our kids are home.

She is not at all the type if woman you would expect to go fucking around. She is quite attractive and successful in her job. I want to believe this was a nostalgic trip she regrets.

Thomas and Michael inherited their faggotry.

and by Mike you mean New Dad?

No, by Mike I mean her ex-boyfriend from university. I'm their dad and I always will be.

Just cheat on her n then confront her then leave.

So, when is New Dad moving in?

I think the Lord has taught us that Love can beat anything. Infidelity can be overcome.

Ah, that's the bull - you're enjoying your cuckholding fantasy?
Getting some good wanks out of this?


Move all the money, collect evidence contact my attorney, and remain level headed before I completely destroy her. Then maybe fuck her sister if I can

No. 1

Is Mike a nigga ??

That would be a game changer for sure.

Wait, 1 of your kids is named Michael, and the dude banging your wife since college is named Mike? lmaooo

1 is the real choice, you will never get her appeal or respect, dump that bitch and get a new one but don't be stupid, wait 6-9 month before going to get a new one... In between get hookers.

She insisted on calling our second kid Michael... only know do I understand.

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Full burn.
Kick her out. New phone number, delete all emails and block her, never speak to her again.
Own social situations if she turns up, don’t even acknowledge her, she’ll feel awkward af and leave.
Basically do nothing but ignore full 100% and you win the long game.

Michael isn't named after him, we agreed to name him after her grandfather. Also there's someone shit posting in this thread pretending to be me.

Fuck you for wasting my time.
I tried to help, you're just here for the mastubatory fun.

That isn't me, it's just a troll.

Fuck you for wasting my time too.

It would be unfortunate if something interrupted the fantasy.

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That would be unfortunate.
Nice snek.

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Kill her and her lover and claim it's a crime of passion and get off scott free.

A snake would help take my mind off Mike and all this weird shit in my head.

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>it's a crime of passion and get off scott free
I kind of doubt op is in dubai or something, user.

Fuck off, it's not your thread anymore.

ive read about cases in florida and texas where people got acquitted

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My ex did this.
I cut it off and I'm much better for it.


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Cheat on her to get even. If she keeps going out with the guy I keep going out with the other woman

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