Faces you've nutted on

Faces you've nutted on

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Hahahahahahaha good one

best one I got

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She was. wanna see more?

Both. Drugs are fun.

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At the same time?

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Got proof?

She loves jizz - everywhere

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Luvs bjs

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I unloaded on her face at least 10 times a couple years ago

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hot nerd hipster girl. did you fuck her in 2007?

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Nice. Nudes?

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what kinda shit you do to her? was she cool with getting facial or was it a once in awhile thing? did she let you film or photo stuff?

at least 10 times on her face or in her hair

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how are her tits?


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story? do it alot or just once? you asked to bust on her face and she let you?

moar please

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Remove that towel I’m stroking

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She looks like a total freak

Love her!

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Name? She’s great

Take her clothes off now

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that's true

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so hot, more?

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yummy, moar?


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nutted on my sister's face on a family vacation once when she was passed out after a day of partying. among other places on her once that didn't wake her up and I was feeling brazen

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no filter please


lets see this Gryffindor

Anyone actuallu have proof

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discord gg/7Kxnf9


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pics or didn't happen

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oh, she a dumbfuck

also no stupid facepaint, c'mon you have a normal pic of that bitch

go on
I like her look

phone cameras were like 2 MP back then my guy and the room was dark so no dice there. plus they'd be illegal since I wasn't legal yet and I'm older than her lol

This is as normal as it gets, I think.

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It was in highschool. She does have a innocent but still cock hungry look. even more so back then

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I always preferred cumming in her mouth and forcing her to drool it out onto her perky tits when we were dating, but I did give her a couple facials

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keep going please


excuses excuses

right your wrong and return with pics

she was a great fuck too

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not the beauty queen but makes me wanna just slap her face with my hard cock and drill her hard

kind of slutty girl next door

any hot angles?

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Love that little pout

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My cousin

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More. Love a sexy red

more!? i'm about to nut. share her privately at all?

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she was very eager.
and hot angles?

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i mean, boobs showing
ass bent out etc

Nn, but plenty of pics of her here, feel free to repost her if you like :)

Had a fantasy of jizz all over her face and chest

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looks like the one girl always pulls guys into a room at parties to fuck while there are people just metres away

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loved cumming on her face and claiming that little ass

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she probably wouldn't mind getting jizzed right there on these stairs

wont have sex til marriage.
Probably compensates by making it a couple guys to blow.. she is really good at it. rubs herself while sucking

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Covered hers a few times. Once with a buddy. There's a lot of face to cover isn't there lol

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Join now before it's too late

one of these pictures is of me and i'm not sure if i'm worried or turned on

The best was having a threesome with her and the middle chick in this pic.

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spam garbage link. Ignore

which one?

What one ?

a religious dumbfuck with imaginary friends huh?

bet she does anal instead
or wouldn't mind getting "raped" by a guy she wants to fuck anyway

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ah the age play possibilities

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id nut on more then her face honestly

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what did she do when she woke up and realized there was cum on her face?

damnnn more?

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I wouldn't be surprised if she had a bunch of toys just for her ass.. spending nights unable to resist forcing her butt open

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damn. got nudes? share her privately? i'll cum to her lol

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>those lips

No nudes. But I have a pictures of her in a towel and her in panties.

i'll take it lol

Several times. Anyone here like it?

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How do I contact you?


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Fuck, you guys had sex with such hotties

wtf is with her face?

she looks like a british retard

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i mean,besides her horse teeth.the shape of her head is just wierd

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onlyfans.com/pedibus slut does requests for anything

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Correct. Gave incredible blowjobs though

Right, way back in the day

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Whats her name? I think i know her

MOAR of both

More peas

Most are larping.

Where do you think you know her?

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Erm A school

Nice reminds me of my first fuck

"A school" ? She never was in the miliary.

keep going please

Nevermind. Guess i dont lulz
None the less nice body.

Tits are fake though

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The best part was we started fucking when I was 22 and she was 15. I used her body in so many ways until she went off to college, then when she would come home on breaks we would meet up and fuck like rabbits. We ended up breaking things off when I had to move for work and she didn't want to live far from family.

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continue user

Her sister, left, is the hotter of the two for sure.

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A crazy one

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Oh fuck.

I like those all natural grade A+ organic titties

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ever see her sister's tits?


They answe dm’s and send nice shit!!!

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she gave me my first bj

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Sadly not.

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Did she have braces then. Mine did.


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>Cred Forums - Random
>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

no braces, she did lightly bite down on it though

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Tongue sucked it out

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Is this the Bnp museum


Alice Cooper in drag?

more of her?

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Cumming on a girl's face is just a stupid old thing from early porno movies to prove the guy came. It's a HELL of a lot better to cum as far into any of her holes as you can get it. Same thing with cumming on her tits. At least get a boob job while she licks the head.

Universal Studios in LA


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this milf

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those must have been some thick ropes, she's fucking stunning.

Omg she's gorgeous. Tits?

oh fuck. please more.

If you insist

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more or feet?

Hes saying she looks like the fucking crimson chin you fucking twat

damn bro

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you fuck her too?

please more, so fucking hot

They were. She was not a fan tho

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less clothes!

Not less than this one here

For years.

How'd you know?

Lookie what I found

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Nikki would like to get her face plastered and then facetime her friends

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Amazing. More!


That was a one off, no more there

Another one off, no more

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This is Kira Kosarin

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Thanks! I wouldn't have known that if you hadn't told me.


those lips look sexy

she looks like a slut

Damaged goods.

This old hag

I used to buy my sisters drinks and booze them up specifically to do that. You should have taken advantage of her more.