2 non guilty verdicts

2 non guilty verdicts
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Democrats on suicide watch

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Dems of the House and Senate knew what was going to happen the entire process. Trump was never going to be removed from office. It was about getting information and names on record.

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Problem is the vocal spastics on both sides don't know that or care.

I do feel as though we'd be in the exact same spot if Hillary won. She's just as corrupt as Trump.

retard of the day spotted

Probably. I'm a gun owning liberal that dislikes PC culture, wants pot to be legalized, and has no problem paying higher taxes for universal healthcare.

You guys sure love bringing up suicide. Were the last 2 out of 3 presidential terms that painful for you?

Well...the president was a black man with a Muslim middle name.

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thanks, Bernie-bot!

No it was just a tantrum. Proven yet again by pelosi.

Usually tantrums involve kicking and screaming.

And that's what they have been doing since 2016

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i am so glad i dont live anywhere near that shithole country

No, she'd be more corrupt. Hilary had political tools to know how to abuse the office and dodge prosecution, Trump did not. Trump is only in office because he has the senate, not because dems would vote for the sake of it but because what he did was very much impeachable and should have got him convicted (I only say this in the context of all the shit he's done, Ukraine call included.). If Hilary were in office she could have done everything Trump has beat for beat and never left a crumb that leads back to her.

If you think this shit isn't everywhere you have another thing coming. I mean look at Sweden, Germany, Australia, new zealand, or Brexit for fucks sake.

brexit and trump are the dumpster fires that keep me entertained. both just had a story arc ending, but there will be more

Enjoy starving under communism.

Oh absolutely.

Trump is far stupider than Hillary and far more corrupt.

OK, boomer.