I don’t have a link but source is trust worthy!

I don’t have a link but source is trust worthy!,
Source says, people showing symptoms in China are being shot ( I can’t confirm that!) rumour maybe someone can confirm?

The ncov2019 while corona virus is nothing to do with the common corona virus that causes the common cold, other than being that “family” of virus it’s not naturally occurring !
Source confirms that we have at least another suspected case here, (Germany), virus also survives in the body up to 4 weeks and patients here are trying to break out! As being told quarantine is now extended!
advise to doctors is treat as per hiv as the virus encapsulung (, the virus shell) behave and looks similar way.
I don’t have a link but info is from a trusted source in medical profession I can believe them 100% and they say its a superpathogen unstoppable and fast mutating!!!

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This isnt scaremongering


Don't let this thread die, dammit.

>I don’t have a link
Of course you don't because it's not happening.

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Why. There is literally nothing there. Not even links to sketchy sources, just ‘sources say’. Stop being retarded. I’ll pay attention to the posts where OP spends more than 30 seconds on it

Highly resistant to humidity and fast mutating. Re-infections will occur you are not through it once you recovered from it. Mother to child transmission. 4 weeks possibly longer infectious. 2 weeks incubation period also transmissible. HIV characteristics (massive loss of t-cells) scarring of lung tissue and kidney damage. Note reinfection cause its mutating fast. No vaccines yet no way to cure.

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And the worst: the massive amount of disinformation by all kinds of shills and trolls. So that theres gonna be no panic and giving the elite enough time to prepare their escape.

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>please everyone believe my exaggerated claims even though i offer no evidence of what i said.
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Well the flu is much more deadly

I don't have a link, but source is trustworthy.
Source says people dying their hair blue is being fucked up the arse by angry men in pig masks.

Blue hair isn't natural and it triggers men in pig masks. Source confirms that even those with green hair (France) will also be fucked up the arse by pig masked men.
I don't have a link, but info is from a trusted source in the hairdressers society, I can believe them 100% and they say it's a horrible way to treat your hair and you should use a conditioner.

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And why should we believe another fucktard on Cred Forums who cant provide any evidence, not even questionable evidence?

Gah clicked on wrong post, meant OP.

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I don't have a link but source is trust worthy!

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It's okay, I wouldn't believe that hairdresser thing either.

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the only people being shot in China are people that are disinforming, fearmongering and spreading fake news...

Actual true funfact, the gov stopped censoring porn on the internet, so people in locked zones are not that bored and stop going out.

>Actual true funfact, the gov stopped censoring porn on the internet, so people in locked zones are not that bored and stop going out.


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I don’t have a link but source is trust worthy!,
my mainland chinese expat girl next door told me.

>hur dur what if my lies really happen then youll all look like idiots

>I don’t have a link but source is trust worthy!
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Matter of fact, as I am expat in China, Wuhan, nothing of these things is happening here. Only 800 killed themselves because, well, they've been at a gangbang fucking Winnie Pooh puppets. Xi didnt like that.

Leaked, but unconfirmed:

150.000 cases
70.000 suspected
269 recovered
24.500 dead

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Lol, OP which firm are you working for?
China is in full damage control though. Tencent released some figures thay were way higher than the official figures which they then "corrected".
It is not likely to be a doomsday virus, but China is in a tight spot politically. Everyone opposed their bio research initiatives because they said China would develop bioweapons and didnt have infrastructure for containment. So China is trying very hard to contain the virus and minimize public scrutiny right now.

I am also china. Everyone here is happy, much better than america. We have no problems of any sort.

>Leaked, but uncomfirmed...
Yep, stopped reading there.

Leaked by tencent. Who has a history of releasing fogures that they are then ordered to reduce by the Chinese govt.

I was in DFW international airport last week on business and throngs of Chinese nationals hacking ang coughing were there with their face masks trying to go hmee.I fnow eel feeverisg

That's all I hear, uncomfirmed.

If it's the end of the world it's the end of the world, I don't get why preppers think they'll be fine if civilization collapses. You'll run out of bullets in a month, all your store bought supplies will wear out, etc

You fgts are frankly as dumb as niggers. Im ashamed of you Cred Forumstards who i used to call bros. Honestly you probably deserve it. I did my research i did my prep. I will live

Okay but both tencent and the govt are speaking with the same backing. There is not evidence being released. Youre just choosing to take the word of the Chinese govt. Who has much more motivation to lie, but you do you.

Confirmed by CNN

You can believe it now

Leaked by tencent, but unconfirmed by alibaba

560.000 cases
900.000 suspected
3 recovered
12.000.000 dead


Nope, and nope.
I don't know about the chinese government, I don't care about the chinese government, I just see your posts and go "uncomfirmed"
No stuff about CNN on google either.

China engineered a virus with roughly ~40% lethality because they have people to spare and many countries do not. They inoculated their top officials, so they will run smoothly and come out on top when the virus runs it's course.

Leaked by Jack Ma, but unconfirmed by Jackie Chan

780.000 cases
3.400.000 suspected
4,5 recovered
12.000.000,38 dead
1 baby born with virus

>unironically asking for link

didnt look very hard did you? Not that its confirmed or anything.


>I did my research i did my prep. I will live
user myself or another user here will be caving in your scull to get to your supplies. That is if all the hell breaks loose. No amount of preparation will help if you are on your own. It is a FACT, just accept it.
I would prefer to believe that an end to this outbreak is not too far away. I hope for this because after reading countless amount of shit here on /b and /pol, I have long concluded that at least 98% of you are basement dwelling doomer retards who have no skills or ever been in a survival situation. Large majority of you are a liability and I would rather see you perish rather than assist and perish with you.
I realise that a lot of people come here to shit post and after a while it becomes a hobby for many of you. But I also realise many of you are what can only be clasified as 'damaged goods'. You wish for doom because you truly are damaged and there is no way back for many for you whether the doom comes or not. YOU ARE FUCKING CANCER.

Leaked by tencent, but uncomfirmed by banana

325.388.400 cases
2billion suspected
1 recovered
4 billion dead



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Thats why i said they hadnt confirmed it.

read this reply and learn, OP.

So what numbers do you think are legit?

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5-10 dead, a few hundred cases, nothing to worry about

So the Chinese govt. figures. You really dont know anything about the Chinese govt., do you?

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Dunno, don't care.
According to the news media we should have all died from the bird flu, then the swine flu, then the SARS and now this...
these virulent, deadly vira always seem to pop up around election times... odd.

The passion of the Jew... A wisdom, called from curtains, cut from roof tiles. What will happen? What will see? Cry? Isinglass? Cardboard fields, of unsubstantiated media...

They are more trustworthy than the fat pigfuck americans ran by jew overlords.

Learn about odds. Just within one week 300 new cases around the world. 25k dead in china. City is apocalyptic and people get shot and whole city under dense fog of some chemicals. r0 of this hybrid ncov is something at 3.5-6.0. Means its fucking high contagious and spreading. UK and US build up emergency quarantine camps. WHO says virus is about to become a pandemic. Do the math

Yes, we can read.

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Its all a conspiracy guys. Remember? The jewish jubilee? The century of Judaism? The 49th place of the US team at the wargames in china? Wuhan the postcode 49? 49 month before 100th anniversary of the CCP?

>my plutocratic oligarchs are better than your plutocratic oligarchs because reasons.
Youre definitely ill with something

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WHO's website is a fount of knowledge.
Odd how quiet you went when I linked said website...

The real fact is that is that it goes not seem to be as lethal as the flu virus. Some docs have treated people with an antiviral and an anti-aids drug and it seems to help.

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35% mortality rate
>not so bad

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Where do you get 35% from? Pulled that number out your arse?
Idiot. Fear-mongering, cheap idiot.

Anyone who wish to educate themselves on this virus, here's the link:

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The number is from CDC of Hubei province China. I am able to sufficiently read mandarin. Things are way worse and i feel really sorry for my chinese wife i left when i evac to UK

I see - no numbers on the CDC website though.
So, hit us with a link or I shall call shenanigans.

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>source is trust worthy!
Fuck off.

You need special VPN for that with a chinese end

Oh that's handy - so you can offer no evidence, because it's "locked away".
I think I shall trust W.H.O. and the CDC's websites more than I shall trust you.