Still your president

still your president

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If liberals say they love America, then why aren't they republicans???

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Because they actually hate America. They claim to love it but all of their actions and beliefs prove otherwise.

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enjoy your banana republic

So no shills in this thread yet?
Did the money stop or something?

Fuck you chimp

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"world's greatest democracy"

Americans are by far the dumbest people on the planet.

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even after all the murder threats, mean jokes and annoying impeachment bullshit?

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no u

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Join now before it's too late

Whiny little bitch


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What actions are those?


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Your country got electricity 15 years ago and your skin pigment is brown

My country is the best place to live in the world according to the Human Development Index and my skin pigment is white, bruh.

Trump thinks the F35 is invisible, like fucking Wonder Woman's plane.

He's lucky his voters are just as dumb as him.

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Remember these "smart ones" are responsible for the Iowa Caucus.

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Republican party the cult of trump. The party of white nationalism

I am sorry to say this folks that Trumpo is above the law thanks to his klan members called the Republican party, they are the reason he has committed all these crimes against our country

Must be nice to idolize an idiot and still think you’re “winning”

Anyone who thought this was ever going to go anywhere is a legitimate retard.
You’ve been told this for months, and have absolutely no excuse.

>getting conned to own the libz
Republicans are tangible autism

Must be nice to idolize faggots and think your straight.

HAHAHAHA..... this man is amazing

Many of these people have nothing else to hold on to. Without it they might have to actually face the reality of their miserable lives. That's why they're so emotionally invested in Trump. "Owning the libz" gives them a release they wouldn't otherwise have, and makes them feel relevant.

The irony of course is that if they stopped voting for people like Trump, McConnell, Graham and the rest of those corrupt cunts, and instead voted in people with integrity who actually want to help them, then maybe their lives wouldn't be so sad and hopeless.

But they clearly haven't learned by now, so I don't think they ever will.

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I know, he even gave a speech that wasn't outwardly disgusting, pandering to the WWE croud no doubt, but classy WWE style

Soy mexicano y tengo la piel oscura, pero aun asi se valorar a un PRESIDENTE tan CHINGON como DONALD TRUMP. No me importa que sea racista, solo se que el siempre dijo la verdad sobre la BASURA DEMOCRATA que siempre ha estado al servicio de las elites. Y tu eres un estupido marica. VIVA TRUMP.

The smart ones stay out of politics because they recognize allegiance to anyone is for simpletons and that nearly everything is relevant truth and not absolute

Riiiight. The Democratic Party is the party of the elites, and the Republican Party is the party of the little man. Got it.

Mexico is a shithole because of idiots like you.

I'm German so nö...