Where can I buy a house with £90k Cred Forumsros?

Where can I buy a house with £90k Cred Forumsros?

I've had enough. I'm selling my house in Britbong and fucking off somewhere else with nothing but the clothes in my bag to start a new life. Selling my house and I'll have about £90k in cash to get started somewhere.

What do? 'Cos if I don't do something I'm gonna fucking kill myself.

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cape town,south africa

Buy a narrowboat, live in canal time.
Cruise the cut, slowly, lazily.
Best of luck.

Is it good there? Or will I get kill?

This could be an option. I like a relaxed pace of life. Are the upkeep costs and mooring costs expensive though?

Try Poland! Its quite nice there actually and you could afford a nice house there.

Thanks user. Anywhere in particular? I'm going to Gdansk for 5 days in September this year so I could possibly take a day trip to check an area out?
Also, do Polish chicks like English guys?


There's an ex-ITV journalist who've made a vlog about narrowboat living, and costs and all that, worth a look.
he talks about the pros and cons.

Thanks user, I'll definitely check that out. There's only me and I'm pretty frugal/minimalist, I don't need much stuff. Laptop, guitar, somewhere to get my head down.

That'll be perfect then!
Good luck with everthing, user.

getting overcrowded

Yes, it's a bit thick with boats these days.
But it's cozy, even if you can't move around.

agreed user

I live in Iowa. Lowest unemployment and cheap houses. You can get a pretty nice condo for 125k

I did the same about 10 years ago, moved to New Zealand from UK (Birmingham) and have never looked back. Here's an example that would cost around £65k to own outright in a nice bit of New Zealand


I regularly holiday in Taupo it's a glorious place.

That looks fucking mint user.

How hard was it to get into NZ? Visa and what not?
Did you move there alone?

Whereabouts did you go?

How is the weather compared to UK? I'm in Manchester so it rains a fuck ton here and is just grey like 9 months of the year.

NZ I would definitely consider.

Visa is straightforward for britfags, medical bills for immigration may run to about 3k NZD (about £1500) but otherwise most other healthcare is free (think a less comprehensive NHS) no Corona virus yet. Weather is glorious most of the year. Population of whole country is only 5 million. I came with wife on visitors visa for 3 years then converted to resident status during that 3 years. Once NZ resident it's a piece of piss to move to Aussie or just holiday / work there if that's your cup of tea. People here are really nice. Strangers still say hello to you on the street.
I now have 2 children born here and we are all so much happier than in Birmingham.

Oh I moved to Tauranga, bay of plenty. Since moving here it's become the 5th most expensive city in the world to live in but wifey only works part time and I own and run a small computer repair business. I only have to work about 30 hours a week max. Honestly so much better than UK.

Man if only I wasn't so alone.

Maybe I could meet somebody in NZ, who knows? Definitely going to look into it though. Even if I only go for a year or two, what do I have to lose??

I'm good with computers, I could do something like this.

I'm really pissed off with life at the moment. Pissed off with my job, the weather, the housing market, the government. I feel like I need a massive change in my life.

Honestly mate you sound exactly like me 10 years ago.
Give me 5 mins and I'll post a pic of my back garden.
Kiwi girls are smoking hot and not full of themselves like an English lass. I almost regretted being married when I came over, so many fit chicks.
You should come over man, you would not regret it.

My back yard. Got 3.75 hectares to play in. Only 10 minutes drive from major city shopping centre. This is not uncommon either, I am not a rich man.

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Man that looks awesome.

You think it will be harder because I am older? Normally the working visas are like 18-30 aren't they?

Wife was 37 when we moved over. She got job as qualified nurse which helped but I don't think it would be a problem.
Anyway if you come on working visitors visa they like the tax revenue so I doubt it would be an issue. Even just take a working holiday over here to clear your head and get perspective. It's not perfect here, no country is perfect, but it's better than the fucking rubbish tip of England.

Definitely having a look at this tomorrow. Thanks bro, you helped me have a little hope and go another night without killing myself.

Thailand - 90k will get you a palace, staff, etc.
though too close to coronavirus land

Seriously man I had forgotten what happy was before I left England. I haven't been back since even though I have family in Portsmouth, you couldn't pay me enough to move back to blighty.

Some sites to look at...





I got a 4 bed 2 bath 1970 for $129k in cedar rapids. >20% down and 2 roommates covers 2/3 of the 10yr mortgage 3%.

What part?