Post your movie idea

Post your movie idea

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I just went to her IG and saw this :(

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no, you didn't chang

A girl (played by your pic) discovers that her asscheeks magically turned into magnets that attract any nearby man's face. (I am the nearby man)

Reminder that the person making these type of posts is an Asian incel living in Singapore


Doesn't even look like the same girl

A serious drama film that is just like The Wrestler, but it's about a veteran Monster Truck showman.

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how do you do it eurasiantiger?

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>different arm and leg shapes
>different skin tone
>different hair
nice try ching chang wang yang zig zag

A horror comedy that’s completely CGI animation. Also extremely violent but also fun and cute.

Now the indian incel alice poster from canada is here lol

Holy based
A girl (Alexandra Daddario) falls madly in love with a man (me) and they live happily ever after and have 17 children

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user, you're based as fuck when it's actresses and porn stars; but just making fake posts only fuels the schizophrenic poster's insanity.

>from canada
Tell me more

I want to see this bitch sucking on some BBC.

Vaginal yeast infection inspection. The movie.

>ricollo in the head
and this was 20 years ago

that already exists

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why would a pajeet live in canada anyway?

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A psychedelic revisionist western similar to High Plains Drifter, El Topo and Dead Man where a gang member is betrayed by his mates after a botched train robbery, he survives the attact with great damage but has his wounds tended by a mysterious man resembling Jesus Christ
He then decides to engage in a revenge quest to kill every single one of his former friends, not only as vendetta but as a way of breaking free from his past sins allowing him to reach paradise. Each gang member would have his own act and their personality would represent one of the seven deadly sins so when he kills them he's not only taking revenge but neutralizing that specific sin within him

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Now the asian incel will samefag reply with the "mutts law" meme

Based schizophrenic poster


that's almost like my idea, the only difference is that alexandra and me get to do a shitload of unsimulated sex scenes

A well established and well loved movie or franchise but with an all women cast or just pump it with woke politics

why does she have a 5 o clock shadow

That sounds neat. I'd watch it.

I fucked some asian girl saturday night at york university and found out that she was chinese after, now I'm getting a slight cough

>thinks makeup is skin


thats her complexion a side effect of having fair skin

swedish women don't date asian guys (the girl in pic is swedish)
arab, black. yeah. but not asian.

this is false and another woman, most likely she's american.

Anonymous phoneposter meets cute blonde white girl on a train listening to music. He walks up to her and she gives him an odd look. That was The Day I Met Your Mother: The Movie.

Ok I had a dream that was basically a movie so I'll pitch that, a nerd and a slacker get partnered together on a university science project and end up creating a tiny plant with intelligence using their own dna accidentally, they get an A+ and some fame with the plant being planted in the university where it starts to root around the university and eventually goes evil and traps everyone, the plant eventually grows a humanoid body but they're able to defeat it because the slacker is lactose intolerant which is a weakness to the plant due to sharing dna

This, but the anonymous phoneposter has a BBC.

The girl in your post, blacked raw by 10,000 nogs over the course of a month. Oscar awards galore.

Weird but harmless movie buff, while on public transportation in accidentally photographs a sexy young girl who is a member of the local neonazi gang. Hilarious situations ensue.

I have ever seen an asian dick in porn? it's like the girl is fucking on thumb. Fucking disgusting.

Ok, get this:
A lonely incel whos parents neglected him
So he spends his entire developmental years on the Internet
Turns out to be a total creep that hates minorities and women.
Ring any bells?

No women would want an asian """men""", not even asian women. They're short, they're hairless, they have microdicks. They lack most male qualities, they're like women

Thanks, i also intend to structure the story pacing after the seven circles of hell in The Divine Comedy and make some neat hallucinatory scenes with religious symbolism inbetween showing how every sin is absolved and how's he's closer to paradise with each kill

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Source Code but the main character (me) has to get a girl (OPs pic) to be his gf

reminder this person is an asian incel from singapore

Where did you think the children came from?

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sounds like a netflix original


>tits gone
what a shame

it's a movie, you have to mention unsimulated sex otherwise it's just movie magic
my other idea is a seth putnam biopic

what's their endgame?

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You had me interested until you made the plant go evil and die. It should have wrecked the pozzed university staff and created a new respectable university, becoming the dean of the school

>old women trying to be hot

That's not her chang. You're an incel spamming to escape from the reality that no one wants asian "men".

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Like 'The Deuce' but about internet porn. furrshit, r34, people getting rich via patreon, shadman. Filmed like 'Unfriended'.

It is hilarious how in denial that white user / black user / white cucks are. Literally every girl that gets posted or spammed here in Cred Forums ends up with an Asian guy.


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i suppose you’re right. i thought it was obvious that it would be our actual life and the sex would not be simulated

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Fast forward a few years, here she is with her Asian boyfriend

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>ends up with an asian guy

except you

don't worry, it's just autism
keep posting more alexandra


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That Asian guy is gay...

It is hilarious how in denial that white user / black user / white cucks are. Literally every girl that gets posted or spammed here in Cred Forums ends up with an Asian guy.


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Asian women don't want asian "men".

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What kind of life choices make an asian man end up spending all day on an image board attempting to lift up his race's weak reputation?

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Fast forward a few years, here she is with her Asian boyfriend

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Don't blame them. I wish I had blue eyes.

Lmao I hope she sees these threads one of these days

Asian jimmy neutron?

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I get lying to others, but do you lie to yourself as well?

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Good fuck race mixers

It is hilarious how in denial that white user / black user / white cucks are. Literally every girl that gets posted or spammed here in Cred Forums ends up with an Asian guy.


There has been literally almost 1000 threads about her in /wsg/

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Attractive women constantly flirt and hit on the protagonist all his life but he's too oblivious to notice and thinks they're being nice

She looks physically repulsed. He must be keeping her financially afloat.

TV-show, Post apocalyptic comedy.
99% of people have died due to an antiviral vaccine with severe side-effects that would only become apparent after a while.
also, the vaccine came in the midst of an actual pandemic - think Corona virus and then after a couple of year, the Vaccine turns out to be lethal after giving it to 99% of the world population.

only people left are the stereotypical demographic of people that don't want to take vaccines - Schizos, next level concerned citizens, weird moms, hobos etc.

There are enough people so that society can still be functional, but the hard shift in the demographic turns out to be a real problem, Ancap's being the political majority, nothing working because Ancap's and no one is actually working because they are just looting material stuff.

John you need to stop


Fast forward a few months and here is a pic of her Hapa / Asian boyfriend

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based, checked and iancurtis pilled

All of you non-whites are just pathetic, obsessed people. Your whole world revolves around us, just calm the fuck down, fuck your own people, solve your own problems and generally just piss off already, jesus.

that's not the grill from OP, the og is a creepshot.

There's millions of them here

It is hilarious how in denial that white user / black user / white cucks are. Literally every girl that gets posted or spammed here in Cred Forums ends up with an Asian guy.


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Just came in to laugh at r/asianmasculinity.
I'm black btw.

he might be a coach-fucking pedophile but at least he's not asian

yellow "fingers" typed this post


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Lol whyd it look like the white dude shat himself haha

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Fast forward a few years, here she is with her Asian boyfriend

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>teleports behind u
Nothin personnel, bbc cuck

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Made for BBC. I'm American btw

Loser asian guys spam chans. Lost all the respect I had for asian guys as a result. They're pathetic.

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>use reverse image search
She doesn't even look like her

>genghis dick
lol they really are autistic


Half white/asian doesn’t get you blue eyes. At most you get greenish or “hazel” (aka brown unless you’re in good light).

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Movie about op not being gay.
It would be groundbreaking and win oscars for its difficult narrative changing conversation. OPs everywhere would come out as "not gay" and Cred Forums would lead the charge! LBGQT would now be known as LB(N.G.)QT and the general public would embrace Cred Forums. We would all receive huge christmas bonuses of 1000 bitcoin and 1000 hentai......Except OP cause OP is still gay, and he would he a dildo covered in horse shit.

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Mel Gibson is a washed up director given another chance at stardom, he's hired to fake the Holocaust during ww2.
Only problem is the star actor is just an innocent man thinks it's all real with hilarious results played by Vince Vaughn.

I believe half breeds still carry the recessive gene though

>story is told from the records of two british spies infiltrate nazi germany in the early 40s before germany attacks russia
>classified mission
>they don't know it but they're after two individuals that were trained with occult powers to become element benders
>german guy can manipulate fire
>russian guy can manipulate earth
>they are part of a special unit that is being broken in conquering eastern europe, and good friends because of their unique magik powers
>when hitler turns on russia the two become enemies and must fight against each other
>lots of ww2 battles with fire and earthquakes

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It is hilarious how in denial that white user / black user / white cucks are. Literally every girl that gets posted or spammed here in Cred Forums ends up with an Asian guy.


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sounds fucking gay

You'd be surprised, there's a shithole named Surrey that's brimming with them


Dating Asian guy

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Sorry but that sounds like a massive shallow clusterfuck just like Guardians (2017)


here we have a delusional beta chink

wheres your white gf, you rice grain dicked bitch?

ohh right no one will touch you with a 10 foot pole

kinda looks like this pornstar

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>Millions upon millions of white women...can only find 5 examples of white women with asian men
guess azns just aren't as good at math as they say.

it'll be Come and see meets Avatar the last airbender

they broke up forever ago


its some beta bitch boy

Both are completely unrelated genres and stories that can't be mixed up without being a mess


>Upside down cross
>Big nose

>ricecels shit up another film and television thread
This wasn't even a thinly veiled Cred Forums thread. I guess the chink hate ramped up to 100 on Cred Forums.

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Holy bananas user.
Look at all this shit you have saved on your device. You poor poor boy

>you can fuck this roach for $400
we live in the best timeline

> DescriptionThe Cross of Saint Peter or Petrine Cross is an inverted Latin cross, traditionally used as a Christian symbol, but in recent times also used as an anti-Christian symbol. In Christianity, it is associated with the martyrdom of Peter the Apostle.
she is not juden
>She is of Italian, Irish, English and Slovak/Hungarian descent.

Ok jew

not that i would but

a remake of american werewolf in london but with women but they are strippers, alexandra daddario would be the main character and emma stone the ghost friend.

Not the same girl. Chinks have to lie because it's simply not true.

>look up "shanthur sharan rao" on facebook
>it's pic related

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Having a girl like that would be like having a very expensive car. Paranoid every minute of someone stealing it or scratching it.

Look at the top of his head!


A chink nig? A brave offer! But not enough.

Quoting because the thread was moved

Wtf I'm at work fuck you Jannie's now I'm in shit

You're too late

Got more pics?

no she deleted them all
there's just this from a couple weeks ago

hips don't match

I want to make a movie about /x/'s Nobody

wdym? he made an expression like yeah hey dude she's taken already, better look elsewhere

Time loop premise, kind of like groundhog day.
Few people in the entire world have a power to 'detect' a reset and remember everything that happened.
Organisation pops up where people plan a mass terror attack when the resets stop, they go out and steal/kill/find information.
Even if they die they come back.
Some go crazy from repeated deaths and go solo.

A kid without reset power finds out by an accident that a book he owns is also not affected by resets even though he himself doesn't have the 'power' and tries to stop the terror attack.

People that have the power can tell each other apart

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Why are you all so affraid of blacks and asian?