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No surprise Republicans let off another Republican in a majority Republican senate that didn't call witnesses in a "trial" because Republicans didn't let them speak. Lawful subpoenas went out to all those cowards. How's it feel defending a traitor? You know he's just doing the kikes bidding. Same as the traitorous Dems

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Impeachment has never crossed party lines in the senate. This is a surprise to the bottom 20% only.

just wait for wikileaks release in the next 2 weeks.

This is an election year. You underestimate the Dems. Regardless which witnesses testified, the information is out there now and has been disseminated through the "fake media outlets."

this I regulary check the announcement counter on Final Impeach wikileaks on TOR

Man Hugs Daughter

Which is why Trumps approval ratings are up, I'm sure. :)

Still Impeached Forever.

I'm so happy. People are going to flip their shit.

The impeachment was a sham to begin with. The guy exercised normal political leverage against a foreign nation, and his political opponents threw a tantrum and tried to kick him out of office.

Buthurt that he was found innocent
>F O R E V E R

I bet he'll also pardon himself just for shits and giggles

Me glad big man make user feel good

Ok? And?

Thank. Orange make me happy.

and that is losing not winning.
I like Presidents that haven't been Impeached

No one here likes Trump. We just like seeing tryhards such as yourself throw tantrums.

Glad your standards are so low. Makes keeping you in wage slavery easy

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Orange man make you happy by make blue people mad?


Not no are answer to the ask.

Happy just when blue mad? Or happy at whoever mad?

You sure about that? Last time i checked like a week ago they were the lowest since Vietnam....Nice attempt though.

Is obstructing justice like 10 times "normal political leverage." In whose definition of "normal." Kek.

Fulgrim approves this thread

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>obstructing justice
obstructing congress?

still acquitted forever.

I am so Vlad. So Very Vlad

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Checkd dubs. You forgot your shades vlad

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No wonder they say the left cant meme

I guess the butthurt do say that. What ever keeps em chained to the walls of the cave I suppose

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If you were smarter than jews you'd be in control, but you aren't. Goyim are goyim for a reason. Jews are the superior race.

This is a glorious day for democracy. The coup attempt by the left wing has failed miserably. Long live Trump!



They are a race. Hence why you can't just 'become' jewish. It's a select club.

>still acquitted forever
just like Bill Clinton, yes.

Butthurt about what?? what the fuck are you talking about retard?? What is even this? an attempt at being edgy? do you think its funny? Do you want attention? Is that what is this about? getting some (you)s posting some shit "memes"?
You are exactly the reason Thrump its going to be reelected you fucking subhuman retard.


8 the b8

Just trying to wake you up to your situation friend. However, it seems like you wanna keep living in the dream. I can wait.

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damn, he pimpin'

Maybe if the democrats would stop calling every Republican racist they could have worked together to take Trump down. As a sissy boy faggot, I'm bernie or busting.

Holy shit. You truly are oblivious.

Plenty of people convert. Same as any other religion. Jewish people typically don't evangelize so I could see why you think that. Typically, if a babies mother is jewish, that child is raised in the faith. However, there are other ways of getting in. If you are referring to their "race" as being descents of the 12 tribes of Israel, than you'll find jewish people of all skin colors because people fuck. So that's more a nationality than a race... There's more to life than being a dumb asshole on the internet, friend

here's OP being a fag again.
Hey, buttfucker. You know what really happened?
You've guaranteed that the next president will basically have unrestricted power to fuck shit up.
You can't claim you're "law and order" and allow a subpoena from congress to be ignored.

Congrats: you fucked yourself worse than you will ever comprehend



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>>How's it feel defending a traitor? You know he's just doing the kikes bidding. Same as the traitorous Dems
>>Same as the traitorous Dems
>yes goyim, im on your side
>those dirty kikes! what traitorous dems! i'm just like you goyim!