Anyone got most bread like this?

Anyone got most bread like this?

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I'm not about getting fucked, I want to fuck

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It's sad dogs are fucking stupid and barely last 30 seconds

Sauce ?

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Seen those vids you can hear her parents fuckin in the background lol

Got a link to them ?

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You're not supposed to last long.

I can't believe people would make a video like that with their face in it, I'd have to kill myself.

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For dogs maybe, but humans developed a complicated sex society, where sex is pleasurable. But dogs not lasting long is a turn off, and the worst thing is when they try to mount, and keep jumping off over and over, pisses me off.

Its not illegal everywhere, and its only immortal because religion says so.

Still though good luck getting a job, or being taken seriously. I do wish I could tell more of my friends though. To bad all zoos are seen as mentally ill.

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Maybe we are

I thought that for years I was broken, but I didn't know zoo was a thing I just thought I had a weird ass fetish. A few months ago I came across a zoo thread on here, and realized what the hell I had going on. I'm zoo exclusive, never had a sexual thought about a human. Been dogs and animals since I hit puberty. All my sex dreams involve animals. I had a great awakening and felt great. Like I understood myself. Now for 3 days I've been horribly depressed and the pressure of anti zoo is getting to me. Am I wasting my time trying to prove to everyone zoos arent broken, or is everyone else right and I'm just fucked up? I don't know anymore.

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I'm pretty sure my brain is wired wrong. I don't know if that's actually mental illness or not.

I'm normal on all other accounts. I get along with people great, no trouble making friends, great family, fine in school and work. I just want to fuck a dog. If that discredits all my other traits then maybe I am just crazy. I was never depressed or suicidal until I started feeling an attraction towards animals, and since I'm aware of right and wrong, i felt that was wrong. I still have a hard time accepting that it's not wrong.

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What is the argument that it's wrong exactly? That they're not smart enough to consent?

this reminds me of a friend of mines sister in hs. She was mental and would fuck anyone or anything if dared or asked just to "be that edgy girl"

So one morning my buddy came up to me laughing his ass off. apparently she was on aim video chat( im old fuck off ) and a dude or someone asked her to fuck her pitbull.

So it finishes and knots her right as her mom came in her room. her mom starts freaking out thinking she was being attacked. tries to pull the dog off but cant cause of the knot. goes into hysterics and dials 911. All while the sister was begging her to calm down.

they lived a few houses behind me and I still remember like 1 ambulance a firetruck and 1 or 2 cop cars racing past my house the day before kek.

The kicker? The guy on the other end was screen recording everything and showed everyone in school. I she wasnt under 18 id try to hunt that dude down facebook. If he still had the video it would go fucking viral. She was 16/17 at the time so yea. not happening.

I remember when I was 12 I tried it with a dog for the first time. I don't remember what made me decide to do it, but I did. Got fucked in the was hard, first time I didn't fully know what to think, but I tried it again and loved it. Continued until I was 16, stopped after I started dating. I'm now a 22 year old male with my 2nd gf. Haven't done it it in many years.


I remember hearing about an autistic girl who recorded herself losing her virginity to her dog and showed the video to everyone in school on her psp.

So many arguments against and for it. It honestly confuses me anymore. I was raised in a religion so that told me it was wrong. My family beliefs tell me it is wrong. Common arguments are that they can't consent, that it hurts them, that it isn't natural, that it is abuse, that it us coercion, that it is a mental illness, that it compares to pedophilia (which it's not even close), that while it's okay to use animals for all that we do, but sex is different.

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You getting pegged by the dog?

isn't "they can't consent" the same argument as pedophilia though?

If the dog walks up and starts pounding
That's consent


Society can't handle zoo right now. I'm not sure it ever will. That's why I keep quiet. Only one person knows, I told my best friend. It changed his opinion on zoos, since he had known me so long and knew I wasn't crazy. That was really nice. It makes me want to go far in life, then come out to everyone, just as a fuck you, zoos are normal like everyone else.

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what animals/breeds have you had sex with?

I caught my sister doing this shit when she was in high school, told my parents and she got sent to a mental clinic for like 3 months lol

That's what people say, but it's very different. A puppy would be like pedophilia. That's wrong. A fully mature animal can consent sexually. How do you think two dogs consent to fuck? There's not some magical language.


Just one dog, but many times for many years. Don't have my own dog yet. It's the family dog.

Yea. Used to do it almost on a daily basis too.

fucking idiot

A fully mature dog still has the mental capacity of a toddler at best.

That's crazy, that can't happen to me, but if I got caught, I'm certain it would. Do you feel bad about it, or do you still think zoophilia is wrong?

Coming from a guy who fucks.. forget normal or whatever, but no, you can't procreate with a dog, so you are desperate and weird

I would say you are a sperg or at least ugly/awkward enough to develop sperg-like traits... and you have deemed yourself unworthy of puss, so you circumvent it with bullshitting yourself into raping animals

Hit the gym

I think shes dumb for doing it, shes attractive for a girl and im sure even at 14 she could find a fella to at least fool around with, i dunno why shes gotta fuck the dog. Im more offended that i had to see her naked than knowing she fucks the pooch

Inaccurate. You're using human intelligence as the standard. Are you alright with artificial insemination of animals for breeding, and on farms? How that any different? It's much worse. Non consenting, yet legal and widely accepted.

Does your dog ever try to mount you or hump your leg in public? what do you do?

>Are you alright with artificial insemination of animals for breeding, and on farms?

I don't do it out of desperation. I have no desire to have sex with a human. I'm only attracted to animals. I've had many opportunities to go with a person and I've never done it. Lost several relationships since I never wanted to make a physical move like that. Never veen turned on to normal porn or anything. Just like you're attracted to women, I'm attracted to female dogs. And I'm attracted to women about as much as you're attracted to dogs. Which I'm assuming is not at all by your comment. Not autism or anything. I'm outwardly very normal. No one suspects a thing.

This is a great piece relating to that idea.

Shifting the focus of the inquiry to the intent of the human who is violating the animal’s sexual autonomy does not solve the problem either. Generally speaking, a human being who touches an animal in a sexual manner might intend to: (1) respond to the animal’s medical needs; (2) perform acts related to animal husbandry in an agricultural setting; (3) satisfy the human’s sexual urges, irrespective of the animal’s urges; or (4) satisfy the expressed sexual desires of the human and the nonhuman animal. As currently articulated, bestiality law certainly reaches acts falling into the third and fourth categories. Indeed, for some, acts falling into the third or fourth categories invoke a greater sense of moral outrage—more akin to pedophilia than to the rape of an adult. But for the animal, the disagreeability of a sexual act does not depend on the human’s mental state. And because sexual desire is a concomitant of sexual autonomy, once we concede that animals communicate their pain and pleasure through their behavior, an attempt to rationalize bestiality laws by focusing on animal sexual autonomy and human intent actually makes acts falling into the fourth category the strongest instance for permitting interspecies sex.

I've never been mounted or fucked by anything. I don't want that. I do the fucking. And the dog is female so no, they don't do anything like that in public. Family dog, so when other are around I don't do too much with her. Nothing that anyone else wouldn't do.

There's some trauma you're not addressing, you're not being honest, or you need to reavaluate your morals and wiring

Those are the only 3 options, because coming to this place for consolidation.. probably means it's worse than you care to admit

Also homosexuals can't procreate, do you hold them to the same standards? Are they desperate or mentally ill?


>Also homosexuals can't procreate,
They can if they want to

she had some mental thing going on but it wasnt autism. she did ride the short bus and was in special ed or whatever it was called in 2004.

Nah, the vid was passed around I think on myspace. A buddy of mine had it on his ipod video and thats how I saw it.

Their mom was STUUUUPID so she believed the girl when she said he mounted her while she was changing. Her brother told me the cops and emts didnt and were snickering to themselves. the dog shrunk and pulled out before they got there. lol imagine the chaos if they were still connected.

I swear to god I hate Alabama but that kind of shit wouldnt happen anywhere else..

im talking about a different girl, she was first year of college in SWFL around 2009

No trauma. When I realized I was zoo, I was as surprised as anyone who would find out. I could not figure out where it came from. Seemingly out of nowhere. I believe I was born this way. I'm just here to answer what I can, and at least attempt to shed some positive light on a tough topic. I'm being fully honest. This is anonymous, so I have nothing to fear in the truth. Every day I continue to reevaluate my morals and wiring. Just as anyone does, I change my views, and I learn things. I grow up, I make mistakes. Someday hopefully I will understand all that confuses me, but for now I just try.

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well, I mean I feel its abuse if YOU are fucking a dog. I mean, its fucking weird to me either way but im a live and let live kind of guy. If the dog fucks a woman, still weird AF to me, atleast its not getting hurt.

Still weird. Ill stick to my monthly booty calls and generic porn. lol But hey, you do you user.

Just dont hurt the animal.

Well then I can't reasonably have this argument with you. Its funny because I was extremely homophobic, and unaccepting for all my years prior to knowing I was zoo. Kinda ironic. I would talk shit about "faggots" all the time, and now I'm probably in a worse boat than them. Maybe karma, maybe it was always meant to be this way and I just didn't know yet.

Didn't type this.. but kind of, yeah... this coming from a guy who loves gay pride parade: only because it's corrupt with rampant sex (often times violent and unsolicited), drugs, and free booze. Taking advantage of horny fucked up dudes for free drugs is nice

I don't necessarily wish they didn't exist, but their corruption can usually be traced back to a trauma or overbearing/effeminate parents

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By this logic having sex with children is okay if you stick to non penetrative sex

I'm all about consent and enjoyment for all involved. You have to make sure the dog is physically large enough or that is abuse. Forcing anything is wrong too. A dog can enjoy sex with a human. But if they do not want it, it is wrong.

She may be dumb, but that was her choice, yeah, better she shack a dog with two legs. You are more upset for seeing your sis nude? Oh i see, that is why you ratted her out, eh asshole.

No. Children are not sexually mature. That is wrong.

yea, def something going on. The more i read the more I i wanna yeet.

"sexually mature" doesn't matter if you're not even the same fucking species

Well, I hope you look into it.. you probably saw dog pussy all the time and it made you horny growing up because you were in adolescence with crazy hormones, then, since seeing the pussy all the time, found it hard to differentiate

you got sauce? Yea, im going to hell. I know.

Except they are. When a female gets per period, nature says shes sexually matured.

I don't think it ever got on the internet. She would just show anyone who asked the video on her psp when she was in the cafeteria. I also never verified the video myself but I believe the story from the person I knew who went to that school.

Yes it does. Remember artificial insemination and other animal husbandry activities are without consent, yet those are accepted and legal.Never saw any dog pussy until I looked it up afternuears of denying that. I wanted it. I was a cat person. Hated and avoided dogs as I just preferred cats. Mot sure where the attraction came from. Never really had any contact with dogs, just cats. So it doesn't make sense to me that I'm not sexually attracted to cats at all, just dogs.

did you impregnate your mother or something?

This being said I'd also probably fuck a very effeminate trap just for the sake of experiment.. as I really don't give a fuck about all the labels.. I also get sick when I see one irl, so maybe that's just an idea I toss around now and then

That being said, i may one day take the bullet because I've tried everything else besides trap sex... there's one nearby that wants me to take him out, asian, super on the hormones and dresses like a bad bitch... but makes me physically I'll when i walk by him, maybe i just wanna be pegged by a hot female w/ strap on while fucking another hot slut... the thought of a real penis and those masculine features makes wanna puke

nevermind I read sister as daughter for some reason. Got any nudes of your sister?

>yet those are accepted and legal.
Certainly not because they're "sexually mature" or not. You can try and shoot bull semen up a newborn calf if you want.

Well until a dogs sexual maturity is legally defined, I will just have to be responsible and considerate of their age, maturity, and consent.

She may be dumb, but that is her choice - she may not want that dog with two feet. Also, you were more offended for seeing your sis nude? Oh, that must be why you ratted her out, eh asshole?

And I would say that it is wrong. I disagree with the horrible double standards involving bestiality and legality.

Let me guess.. you were around a cat that was spayed and she moaned for cock all the time... yeah bro, you trauma'd

okay but like I said, it doesn't matter if you're not the same species. You're just arbitrarily clinging onto the idea of "sexual maturity" as if a dog can even comprehend the concept.

As someone with a sister... you have a moral obligation to get that shot checked you fucking psycho: you don't let family members fall down rabbit holes

Still love cats. Just because they're cute and funny. No sexual attraction to them. No notable traumatic experiences with them. I've searched for years for where my zoophilic interest come from and I still don't know. They've always been there. Maybe its genetic. You're not gonna guess it in 5 minutes on a Cred Forums thread.

They can't. But fortunately, we can.

If only one person understands then it's not consent retard

It's been great talking everyone. No hard feelings, it's a hard topic to discuss. There's no definitive answers, still lots to find out. Check this out if you want some good arguments for why zoophilia is not wrong.
I've gotta go. I'm busy for a few hours and I'm sure this thread will be closed. If not, I will respond to as much as I can, or I'll see you in another thread.

You know that's not what I mean. An 18 year old might not agree that they cannot drink alcohol, but the almighty majority has decided that it's the way it should be. It can, and has been changed, as views change and incidents occur.

I'm deranged so I still think that first vid is hot.. but I know it's fucked and I'm not attracted to animals, it's just exciting and shows you that no matter how highly you think of someone: we are all fucked

Also curious why only one vid/pic was posted in a zoo thread.. fucking slack

It's immoral because it's a goddamn dog you furry fuckwad. Religion is as stupid as fucking dogs.

Drinking alcohol doesn't require 2 person consent

There's your problem. 2 "person". Some dogs or people do want to fuck or be fucked. Some don't. You think a dog cant make it clearly evident that they do or don't want it? How do you think two dogs fuck? With your logic that would always be rape since they cannot verbally have informed consent. I don't want to leave this thread, but I really have to go. I stand by my word to reply later if the thread is still open. But I'm not going anywhere soon, I'll be on other zoo related threads in the future.

You don't know if a dog really wants to or not, just like you don't really know if a child does because there's no way to actually tell if they understand the concept or not. Which is why we have laws against fucking children and animals you dumbass.

I disagree. If a dog wants to fuck, it will hump your leg... if you've ever been around a dog

Children can also experience sexual desire, but actually engaging in it with them is a totally different thing. Desire and consent aren't the same thing. You don't understand that at all.

Two children of similar age are not legally forbidden from seeking pleasure. You look at a human with a dog like it is a 50 year old with a 7 year old child.

an average 7 year old human is smarter and more capable of comprehending sex than any dog that's ever lived

Yes it does. You want it and society says yes or no.

What's the story with the video? Anywhere to find the rest or is she underage?

That chick is pretty attractive too, why wouldn't she just get a dude to fuck her? I'd pound that pussy raw if I didn't know she fucks dogs. lol

>implying that her activities are a disqualifying factor

That is why he "LOL" after she was sent away for 3 months. Moral obligation when seeing her nude was more offensive to him - yeah, you are a real SJW.


Because she's mentally ill

I fucked a girl who looked just like her in 2009. Would give anything to see something like this in person.

>If the dog walks up and starts pounding. That's consent

If a 12 year old walks up and starts pounding you in the ass or riding your dick, that's consent??

This is retarded logic.

The main reason animals can't consent is because they lack the brain capacity to even comprehend the concept.

It's the same reason why underage children cannot consent. They are not developed enough to make an informed decision.

Y'all out here thinking animals have higher brain functions than reproducing and surviving. Sure some of them show smarter-than-average traits, not none of them are capable of consenting any more than a minor is.

some sauce?


Yes they are. Some states have laws for *teenagers* close in age. It's not legal anywhere for 12 and under.

A lot of animals certainly have higher functions than just reproducing and surviving but yes I agree overall.

Even the most intelligent canine would still be considered well under what we'd consider a child in human terms.

Animals know if shit is wanted or not, you are an idiot

Beastiality still has moral issues, but this is retarded logic. And yes, if a 12 year old rapes an adult, hes charged with rape, and held accountable.

want and consent aren't the same thing dummy dumb dumb

You missed or ignored the point outright

I now also believe retards do not have the brain capacity to consent. Thanks for convincing me

Correct, but consent by the laws standard of agreeing too* (*except here here and here) are dumb.

People and animals can consent to immoral things, why not just call that immoral sexual conduct Rather than "lacking consent", and treat it the same?

animals don't have morals or any concept of them, so they can't consent to something "immoral"

I forgot to say, even if the animal wants it like you say, the animal itself does not know and is not capable of knowing if their "partner" also wants it

Stop justifying this. You need help.

The issue is consent is a legal bs term, and has nothing to do what consent originally means (ie, agreeing to.).

Why not just say consent in this case doesn't matter, and that these activities are immoral to begin with?

Literally ends Same way.

The question was, how can you know if a dog wants to fuck. Spare me the bs about consent in animals and comprehension capacity. No shit, Sherlock! When I shoot that dear, I will remember to ask it if it ok to gut it, peel off its coat and fillet it, then butcher it for the evening meal for me and my family.

A dog can't agree to a something they have no actual concept of. It has a biological imperative to have sex but can't understand it. An adult human has a higher understanding of it.

Imagine it like someone tricking someone into signing a bullshit contract because they oversimplified it into terms they could understand.

Join now before it's too late

keep fucking your dead deers retard

Would you be giving or taking? That makes all the difference imo. I think male on beast is fucking disgusting anyway, but female on beast is hot. But still, at least if you're a fag taking it you aren't drugging or hurting the animal

This nigger is gay as fuck.

How many kids were arrested for fucking and experimenting sex on other kids?

Implying knowing morality or not determines agreeing.
Implying a dog wouldn't understand a hammer to head meaning lack of consent
. Or maybe the dog understands consent, but would rather rape
Implying complex sexual understanding is needed for agreeing to do xyz

Just fyi, don't support dog fucking, think it should be illegal, but to think a dog is suffering from this, and not just warped (still needs euthanasia) is funny. "oh God help me this bitches pussy is making me cum". Such suffering.

It's incredibly complex for a dog you fucking retard.

All I know is I want to see my gf fucked by dogs. Maybe her sister too. Shit, I'd love to tie them up and let some big well trained dogs rape them.

I eat them, not fuck them like you do, it would be like a lion choosing to fuck its kill.

This furry nigger thinks he's a lion.

Yeah, complexity has no fucking bearing on if someone agrees to a thing. Doesn't mean Making someone agree to what they can't understand is right.

Literally everyone mad, when I'm not endorsing dog fucking more than the people mad at me.

What a time.

>complexity has no fucking bearing on if someone agrees to a thing.
It does if you understand something about a trillion times better than the other party.

If a dog didn't consent, it wouldn't seek it.

Its like if I walk into a bar, shove past the chef, and eat hotwings, then say I didn't consent and I'm being spice raped.

People will tell me to stfu, since I did it

If a little girl likes getting her pussy licked does that mean she consented to sex?

>ask man if he's ok with super complex procedure
>retarded, can't understand
>man somehow incapable of making the word "yes" from his mouth

Things that don't exist, retards agree to stupid shit all the time

and people get fucked over all the time for saying yes to things they didn't actually understand.

You're right, once religion says it's ok beastiality will finally die

Consent literally means agree, so yes, but that doesn't make it acceptable, or legal.

This entire thread butt hurt over symantics, saying a person persuing something, doesn't agree to what they persue.

Which is why AOC laws are bullshit.

Less arguing more good webms please.

No shit, agree 100%. But people fucked over doesn't mean they never said yes, it means they got fucked over, and probably the person shouldn't of been asked at all, since its wrong.

Did she get dogy cumm up her hoho?

Only partially. Lower it to 13 if married first, and properly cared for.

The idea of 13 year olds being abused like a whore however, unacceptable.

discord gg/ymb8vT

You can consent to certain acts and not others. You can also withdraw consent. So no, if a girls you can eat her out but not fuck and you try to fuck her that's sexual assault

This girl went to a highschool near where I live, I heard she offed herself but I'm not sure.