Serious question Cred Forums, what is it that made you stick with Trump or not stick with him...

Serious question Cred Forums, what is it that made you stick with Trump or not stick with him? Not a troll just a curious user

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Is now a good time to move to America and start a new life? I hate the UK and houses here are very shit and very expensive. Thanks.

I don't even care any more. I started out as a liberal, but that was back in the days before all the SJWs made a laughingstock of the left. I was not happy about Trump being elected, but when I look at my life since his election, things aren't much different. Ultimately, it's the snowflakes and identity politics on the left that drove me toward the middle.

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I can't wait for that fucking moron to be out of office. January 2025 can't come soon enough.

You’ll never get a realistic answer to that question on Cred Forums.. just a lot of libtard, trumptard, hurr durr, GTFO, blah blah blah.. Americuck is a cesspool joke.

Honestly, I don't stick with any party lines. I wish Republicans wouldn't ease up on some of their conservatism.

What made me go for Trump and what's making me stay is multi-layered.

>Economy improving
>Improving lives of minorities through education
>Job creation
>Makes the left REEEEEEEE!

He has sent the left into a frenzy and it has exposed who is and is not on the side of the American Citizen.

Would ease up on conservatism.*

>My bad

Op here and I completely feel the same. Started out as a lib, was worried that life would get worse if trump got elected, 4 years later and I must admit that life hasn’t changed all that much. Only thing is that America is now pretty much a laughing stock, but I’d rather be laughed at that than live in a shit economy.

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Odd concept.

It has been said before that a young person is a liberal, but as they age and become wiser, they become conservative.

Is it that the party changed? Or do you?

Not being a smartass, just bouncing ideas.

honestly i like his stance on immigration and firearms. also i like the other guys less. thats really about it. they're all rich dicks but at least trump doesnt want to give all my money to illegals

i was always wondering if this has ever happened with people. im curios do you think the left is more hated than the right.

since moving to the middle or the right have you ever triggered any libtards on purpose

Try getting into America lol

Pretty much this

Hmm I never really thought of it that way but you might be right. I’m still pretty young as I’m a freshman in college, and growing up in a predominantly black/Hispanic neighborhood that most likely did alter some of my political views. But I guess the concept that we become more conservative as we grow older might be true (at least for me). I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a “hardcore conservative” but im definitely starting to see that my views are more conservative than I thought.

My post .
Seems to me that both can be true. While you are growing older and wiser, I was originally attracted on the basis of economic and social justice--but the definition of social justice has changed.
People of all races, genders, and sexual orientations have equal protection under the law.
Where the left has gone wrong, in my opinion, is to start policing--not just people's speech, but their very thoughts.
If I think some group is naturally inferior in some way, that is my business, but I am legally prohibited from discriminating against them in hiring or renting to them, among other things.
The SJWs, though, want to prohibit my expression of my bias, though, and that is censorship, plain and simple, a violation of free speech which is necessary for a healthy democracy.

I know hell keep the niggers and other subhuman brownies in check

MAGA 2020

Love your liberal tears

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originally i was opposed to trump's presidency, but after seeing his accomplishments and the fact that he's actually a pretty laid back guy considering the stress he should be under, i've turned a new leaf

i voted for trump 2016 but definitely wont 2020, he is fucking the world so hard, i ike a lot of things he did, but then he lowered the amount of land that were national parks, he is trying to allow miners and other to dump toxic waste into the water again, and he doesnt care about endangered animals, like he can fuck over the people as much as he wants but once he starts fucking up the environment and the animals it was over for me. He could have murdered someone and i wouldnt have cared cause people suck but animals dont deserve it... and i also kind of like having clean water to drink and swim in and i also enjoy going to national parks

Random other guy here, I’ve grown further and further left as I grew older. Had lower middle class up bringing, had to move out and pay for all my own shit the day I turned 18, never had anyone helping me with bills or co-sign for vehicles, had to do absolutely everything with nonstop working 60-70 hour weeks without a car. Never went to the doctor or took days off because I literally could not afford it. 26 now and things are a little more stable for myself, but that’s because my gf is college educated with a good job. Life fucking sucks when you don’t have a fall-back or people helping financially, and even if I don’t necessarily have to deal with that shit anymore, I know I still had it alright compared to a lot of people. Long winded way to say redistribution of wealth, universal healthcare, and accessible college education would make a lot of people’s lives better. And I’m not a racist piece of shit like most of you

I have to admit to challenging the SJWs from time to time, not really trolling, but making them defend their beliefs. Mostly, though, just letting them know that they haven't taken over yet.
I don't know who is hated more. It's hard to know without intentionally getting out and talking to a lot of people on both sides and in the middle. It looks like the left has the edge in the mainstream right now.

>I’m not a racist piece of shit like most of you
I think most of the racism on Cred Forums is just people fucking around. Where else can you use the word "nigger" without retaliation.

Trump being a full blown moron hasn't helped. You can't change economic performance in a year, Trump has been riding the economic wave his entire time in office, but recession is coming.

There's already a sizeable transportation recession (market is nearly 10% of GDP), exacerbated by the trade war and Amazon fucking with the 100B parcel market and the entire retail supply chain, it's not sustainable and when it crashes retail will crash for a few weeks, which will result in enough of a contraction we'll be in a sizable recession. Trump's obsession with the fed and economic performance will make him try to hold up the markets for as long as possible, creating a worse recession when the bubble becomes too big to contain.

TL;DR Trump hasn't faced any economic adversity yet, is stupid, and will royally fuck things up when he finally faces a recession.

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America just destroyed their "freedom" and "democratic" image they like to portray, us outside the US just watched a "trial" with no "witnesses" because one side was too scared to allow them.

If Americans think that is democracy at work, then damn education levels have sorely dropped the last 10 years.

True to an extent, but obviously when people can mouth off without consequence like that, it breeds a lot of ugly discussion. And you would be an idiot to deny the pattern of trump supporters / Cred Forums posters / racists

This, we’re fucked.

Just like I was in 2016, I don't believe it matters. Trump or any other president we may have will continue to do the job they're being paid to do, which is to distract the american public from the multitude of dicks constantly ramming into our assholes. Trump has been one of the most effective at this role though, everyone either loved him or hated him, which meant they were paying attention to him and not looking at the real shit going down.

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Op here and I honestly want to thank you for providing a reasonable argument against Trump without saying “bcs he’s racistz REEEEEE”

People love to pretend that trump is so anti establishment, or that he’s doing some good by being a shitty president, but he’s literally just working out of pure self interest. All he cares about is himself, and there is nothing noble or presidential about that.

The current Left wants to drastically change this country. Trump is the effect, not the cause.

I've been a socialist all by life. True socialism is about the power struggle between labor and capital. The greatest weapon capital has against labor is importing people (immigration) and relocating production (globalism) Meanwhile the supposed left wants open doors and government subsidy programs. Obamacare sucks not because it's socialist but because it isn't. Subsidizing the corporate welfare for the medical, pharmaceutical & insurances industries isn't socialism. He doesn't mean to be, but in many ways Trump's policies are more helpful to economic leftists than the policies of those who claim to be leftists. In addition, Trump is brazen enough to say America first. Every other country is allowed to prioritize the interests of their citizens first, but the left acts as if thinking this way is abhorrent for Americans. Lastly I'm sick of how being an economic leftist has to be shackled with cultural leftism which I hate. They have taken all the things that were to be simply tolerated and made them into things that should be encouraged and celebrated. You want to acknowledge your boyfriend and have his picture on your desk that's your business, I don't need you flouncing about and shouting your faggotry to the rooftops 24/7.

I am sorry to say this folks that Trumpo is above the law thanks to his klan members called the Republican party, they are the reason he has committed all these crimes agains.t our country

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The country needs to be changed, we are the laughing stock of the world

I'm scared, honestly. Can't play for shit anymore. Mom died. Dad got diabeetus. NOBODY gives a fucking shit. Ginna an hero soon, just been too cold to do the garage.

>fuck faggot trump

holding the country hostage until they get there shit together and extricate all corruption or close to that.