Hello? Cred Forums?

>Hello? Cred Forums?
>What kind of sandwiches do you do?

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your wife between two niggers

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We do cheese and spam, cheese avocado with spam, spam and egg, egg cheese and spam and spam and spam.

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Mostly cock

Do Hot Pockets count as a sandwich?

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What are your views on snacks and canopes!?

Respect for the Bottom frame.

Beef, avocado, tomato and mayo.
A local classic.

I get really basic ones, like cheddar cheese, ham, lettuce, tomatoes, and olives.

classic blt but remove the mayo for avocado still good af

THE classic, turkey (and/or ham), cheese and mayo (and/or mustard)

We don't do sandwhiches, we're a highly trained anti-terrorist squad.

that kind with the olives and macaroni in it

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Sprouts of Evil Trips.


for me, it's the big mac

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I order boneless pizza. What the fug is dis?

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that's why you gotta chew it slowly in case it has a stray bone or two

I've made your favourite, a pickled onion sandwhiccchhh

I boil for more than hour but still bones? Fug dis place.

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I only do sandwitches with ftm trans boys. It's so hot to fuck a guy's ass while you feel another guy pounding him through his vagina.

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LGBT sandwich

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nice dig its
have you ever deboned a pizza? it's a task, let me tell ya.

based Rik poster

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