Just moved to an orange state

just moved to an orange state.

I dont know anyone, i dont have any hookups, and i literally just took my last hit. any tips on how to find some in a new shitty backwoods city

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Bro you're fucked, get used to riding the bus to your nearest big city. Or buy yourself some seeds and find a good spot and become the plug.

Stop doing drugs.

how far away is the closest green state?

Which orange state

Just ask friends like everyone else



i also live in an orange state, just get to know people through work or whatever it is you do. eventually youll find someone else who smokes

My friends dont live here, i just moved here.

You're good then, just go to gas stations. You'll find some bud quick, but I would buy a gun if you don't have one already.

I just got fired from the job i was at. But i asked around. surprisingly everyone was straight as an arrow. all they did was Vape and bullshit

work at a retail/food service place with younger people.

its a 10 hour drive to florida. but I do have a gun

Go to Myrtle Beach and find a hippie to sell you some.

not a bad suggestion

well then if you're in backwoods, lurk in the gas station as late as you can. people always sellin crack but you may be able to find a jack of all trades..

fucking dirty myrtle may be my last option

This is inaccurate from the git go. Missouri has medical marijuana in 2018

try pizza places, panera/starbucks, or anywhere that seems like an epic millenial hotspot. they will bow before you and offer their snapchats to confer their plug to you my friend

thought about ordering a pizza tonight and asking the delivery person. Dont know if they'd be bitchy enough to report me but then again i dont really give a fuck if they do.

its like the 2nd pic on google my friend. I just know my state will be the last to do anything weed related.

a lot of people on delivery in those places are older. they aren't as scared of the like weird shit that could happen to them, and aren't normally into drugs.