Pokémon is doing a vote for the most popular pkmn of 2020, let’s mess it up

Pokémon is doing a vote for the most popular pkmn of 2020, let’s mess it up

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Not your personal army fagg

Eat shit newfag

Bump which one are we voting for? The guy with the spoons is pretty gay.

Wait nothing could be worse than this guy. What is his name?

The choice is obvious fellas

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Finaly. Some classic Cred Forums shit. Ok op im in. What do we vote?

I was wrong

This guy is much worse. What is his name? How many times can you vote?

Link for voting details



Pepe will rise again.

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I think you might be on to something here

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Meme president

Politoed squad

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Im with her

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pepe got my vote


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That was quick. I love it, but if we go that route, we gotta google bomb that image as the first result for politoed.

Once you go black you never go back

How'd we go about doing that?

Dub dubs checked
>Temtem is better

I would, but Pepe walked so Trump could walk

im leaning towards this
>inb4 we elect a pokemon to get elected

Post it everywhere with the tags #pokemon and #politoed. Tell all your friends to do the same. Then cast your vote.


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So which one will it be OP? Pepe or big black mama

Link faggot


So we going frog nigress or trumpcat?

>not choosing magikarp

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Bump for aunt jemima

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Just type in "Pokemon vote" on google, it's a Google poll

Politoed let's go

Can we all just do it so we 4chinners can get a win.
We can screenshot it and have a good memory and laugh when we look at it.

Dude politoad yee

Only voted for my nigga Infernape

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Pepetoed is the only acceptable answer

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to vote just type on google pokemon vote and vote this nigger hoe

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im voting for shoe

Vote Jynx boiz, Pepe was great and all, but he belongs in the 2010s

Jynx or politoad?

You are a nigger

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You are a kike

>Type in Pokemon Vote
>Click Johto
>Vote Politoed

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Each day, you can vote for 1 species per category until 13:59 UTC on Fri, Feb 14. NOTE: All forms of each species count as the same Pokémon. Your votes will be stored until the vote ends and cannot be deleted.

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You can vote once per day per account in each category. /vp/ is voting for Stantler in Johto to troll it. If it becomes a top 8 then Stantler is the trolling option of choice.

Jynx is best Kanto option.
Drifloom tries to kidnap children


Newfag spotted

Nah nigger, pepetoed ftw

So what's the best troll vote for each region?

Ouch bro, I'm sorry I called you a Niggler...
Didn't have to be so mean

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IDGAF as long as politoad

I hate this bootlicking mentality instilled bu the new 4chin overlords that seek to contain anonymous
You realize this place was built to come together for common goals of general anarchy?

Fucking sheeple lookn boi

Holy shit, user. Stop trying so hard and just promptly gtfo please..

Go kys you fuckin faggot

Jynx and politoad it is!


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heil Wailord

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Wow all of that shit sounds terrible.
>pokemon days gonna be great
>pokemon Go will have pikachu and Eevees
>Pokemon Masters app with have something
>Sword and Shield will have some gay raid battles

That’s literally all nintendos doing for pokemon day besides the vote.

This is why i dont bother with pokemon anymore, they’re learned the can get more profit focusing on mobile, which is one of the big reason sword and shield turned out to be shit.

Double nigglers

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Vote Snom


Also needless to say, newfag.

Tripple niggler?

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I vote Hillary 2016


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