Still Impeached Forever

Still Impeached Forever


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A badge of honor.

Why do you care? Do you know what your state congress voted on today? D you even know who your state congressmen are?

Seething is so funny. 2020 is going to be ebbin



Impeached by a partisan congress without sufficient evidence of a crime.

Doesn't make him guilty

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Damnit, 10 seconds too late lol



Impeached is equivalent to being indicted.

The actual TRIAL found him not guilty.

CRY HARDER Pelosi tit-sucker!!


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Lmao do you? STFU



See this man?
This man right here?
This is an Impeached President

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She lost, get over it.

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Trips won.

See this man? This man right here?

He was impeached (A FORMAL ACCUSATION)

This man was also ACQUITTED which negates the impeachment, mongoloid.

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Impeached for life.

That's like saying "I accuse you of X!" And that accusation is for life!

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First president to get impeached and then get re-elected? I think he'll accept that historical achievement

Trump vs a literal faggot this November. Why is the DNC making it this easy?

He is worse that the Australian Prime Minister - and that cunt started the Australian bushfires looking at his dick!

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I don't think they're doing it by choice.

Ineptitude is the likely culprit

Charges dismissed without evidence or witnesses is not exoneration in any form.

And acquited by a partisan senate.
The US is a fucking joke.

Acquitted due to a lack of an actual crime.

It doesn’t negate him being impeached, retard. He is still impeached, however, acquitted. His approval rating is a historically low 41% though.

This is Cred Forums, no one wins

Lack of evidence, and an extremely partisan senate

He 100% obstructed justice.
He could have shot Obama while yelling "death to niggers!" and he'd still be acquited.
US politics are only about fucking the otherside. Not doing anything for the people or anything proper.


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Innocent Forever, sorry. We win you lose

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Who gives a fuck? You idiots might have well as been watching the Royal Wedding. Why don't you fucking pay attention to what's going on in your own backyard instead of getting upset over someone who will in all likelihood have 0 impact on your life.

Wise words. Even worse: they enjoy their money while we're fighting each other. They should all be hanged and burned.

Lol...the state of the trumpies. Living vicariously through their Fanta flavored demagogue

>Fanta flavored
You say that like it would be a bad thing.

The documents presented by the House managers actually listed the slew of crimes he committed.

He* wins, you won nothing. He's rich, you're not. He's the president, you're nothing.

It amazes me how an orange idiot convinced morons like you that him winning means you are winning too. You won nothing, retard.

Making politics about winning. What fucking morons. I'm glad I'm not American and therefore have the pleasure of never having to see your autistic face in real life.

Bait or not, never go full retard. At least troll harder, dumbass?

>obstructed justice
why didn't they bring that charge?

>dropping memes from literally five years ago


Are you too retarded to know it falls under both abuse of power and obstruction of Congress?

With zero evidence.

It;s the same reason obama was never brought forward despite the overwhelming evidence provided in leaks that he was spying on citizens, bombing countries the us wasnt at war with. He should have been impeached for Bin Laden, he sent troops into a country the US wasn't at war with without even informing congress let alone asking them for a declaration of war, that is probably the biggest overstep of executive power in recent times. Unless one party controls both houses and the president belongs to the other party, you're never going to see an impeachment.

>fucking 0 understanding of how impeachment works. Take your little cheeto covered fingers and google something for once instead of hopping in the bandwagon

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>He should have been impeached for Bin Laden

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Rabbi Trump 2020 !!

No it doesn’t lol

Learn to government retard

That's like if you won a fight, and then someone came over gloating because your face will never be unpunched. So what? You kicked the other guy's ass, and everybody knows.

yeah, but it's like this:

Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official. Impeachment does not in itself remove the official definitively from office; it is similar to an indictment in criminal law, and thus it is essentially the statement of charges against the official.

if you are indicted for murder, and you are acquitted, you can simply laugh at the indictment like it never happened.

>learn to goverment retard

says the trumptard who'd rather have donald trump be a dictator

after all,your the ones who gave him the nickname "god emperor"

does it really matter if he was impeached or not,both democrats and republicans(since trump ruined the party with his supporters)cant run america worth a shit,so go ahead.impeach trump not even a year before the next election.big fucking deal,if you wanted to make a difference you should impeached him years ago when it mattered

Was it the right thing to do? Absolutely, but should a president be allowed to essentially declare war on a nation unilaterally? Absolutely not.

Impeached by SJW faggots that let their emotions and super special feelings stand in for factual evidence. I'd be honored to offend them.

You do understand it's a joke, correct? People called Stallone the Italian Stallion, but nobody actually thought he was a horse.

IMPEACHED FOREVER the sign of a very limited intellect, and someone who wants to be accepted and will say things essentially with no meaning to further that goal.

Impeachment means nothing without a conviction, and to say otherwise means you really have no conviction to telling the truth.

Lol you just copied and pasted something you don’t even fully comprehend. It even says it in there.

It’s like the OJ trial he got off but everyone knows he killed that bitch.

I don't feel like he's impeached
I feel like he's gonna get four more years

>essentially declare war
My ass

your talking about americans here,the country has only gotten dumber

The story checks out, Tom.

any attack by the Jew is a badge of honor.

they have read mk as well though. they would attack their own to legitimise them.

>no evidence
Love how Trump cucks spout this fake news.

He's right though

He sent soldiers into a country to kill someone living there without consulting that countries government, that is an act of war.


We had evidence that Pakistan was cooperating with him.

Pakistan isn't Iran.
I know Trump fans are dumb, but christ.


You know what that means.

4 more years of liberal tears.

Just like Clinton.
He will always have been OFFICIALLY impeached.

He didn't attack anyone in iran, the guy was in iraq


>haha those stupid libruls, believing in rule of law and such nonsense
>those dam crybabies

and in november he will be REPEACHED

TRUMP 2020 suck my sick and balls shaft liberal

We're talking about bin Laden, idiot.


Key difference here is that Billy was convicted and removed.

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"We rape preteens on islands."

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Your emotions aren't evidence of crimes, just evidence of your butthurt. Grow up.

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>Presidency is Nullified
No longer the President of the United States
Not My President

He wasn't removed from office, the fuck are you smoking?

If you're a US citizen, then he is. Your fucktarded tears don't negate reality.

Trump is like that annoying kid who followed you everywhere but fucking hate him, except you are kikes

8 more years

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>Bill was removed from office.
Fucking wat m8

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Watermelon is not just delicious, it's actually more hydrating than water alone.

>having a third world opinion
You're clearly losing in your shithole

It was the job of the house to provide evidence.

It didn't. Which is why the Senate acquitted. Bring a real crime next time.

Yeah because they've never brought a real crime to be acquited before.
Do you also believe perjury isn't a crime because an impeached president was acquited for that too?

Perjury is a crime. Not an impeachable offense, but is was crime. Where was the crime for Trump? I'll wait.

Holy shit you are retarded.

It is a simple question. Can you answer it?

Your argument fails against trips

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Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
Those were the crimes. Denying they're crimes doesn't make them not crimes.

You being assblasted in anger isn't a crime, Lord of snowflakes.

Those are not crimes. Explain in detail how they are.

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he was impeached by a partisan house fuck off nigger

No proof faggot, only speculation. Closest issue is why he went after Biden, and again it's all speculation. Want that to be proof enough go to China or Russia.

And he was acquited by a partisan Congress.
No one care.

Bill was never removed...

Acquitted by the senate actually.

He was impeached by a partisan congress...

And acquited by a partisan senate.

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Keep thupping that fake news

Yes, I'm not saying we should have informed Pakistan, that would have been retarded but the actions taken were an act of war. What I'm saying is that given he committed an act of war he was obligated by the US constitution to request a declaration of war from Congress in order to take the action and failing to do so was an impeachable offense,
You get that the guy saying Pakistan was cooperating with Bin Laden is defending Obama right?

>This is an Impeached President
Its also going to be your president for another 4 years faggot

So what is the point you're trying to make? 8 more years of Trump, is the reality we all now live in.

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We'll see.

Do you realize impeachment = a formal accusation of a crime.

Key word: Accusation.

Its no different than me accusing you of theft. It isnt proving your guilty, only the beginnings of a case. Btw a case the senate dismissed because they saw no evidence of a crime, only conjecture and a couple flat out lies (thank you Mr. Schiff)

And impeached by a partisan house. You beginning to see what a waste of time this whole thing was?

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>8 years
I hate you fucking memers

Who will beat him?

8 more years, lol.

Whatever homo, feelings aren't evidence. Invest in tissues, 4 more years of your butthurt tears is on the menu.


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Literally anyone.

> So isnt Clinton.. whoopie

Liberals don't understand this though. They think impeachment means something.

In 2020? Is math so hard?

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Pick one. Stand behind your candidate. Have some balls.

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In that he was impeached, yes. It still happened. Was there any meaningful outcome because of it? No.

Still your president.

Could you inform me of the United states legislative definition of obstruction of justice?

>His approval rating is a historically low 41% though.
His approval rating is 49%.

Let that sink in a bit.

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Not saying he isn't. Who are you arguing with?

An anonymous individual.

I see. Well if Ivanka is on the ballot for 2020, I must have missed it.

Maybe they will let Hilary be president for the remainder of the term.

yeah? What did you expect? Did the TV get your hopes up again?

>approval rating is 49%
Higher than Obama or Bush at the same time. Both easily won re election.

You'll have to wait til 2024 for that.

Seeing as how she wasn't born in the USA, she'd never be on a ballot, period.

Well until we can have honest conversations about the problems plaguing the nation, there will never be anything proper. If we can drop the political correctness and virtue signaling and focus on facts it would be a breath of fresh air.
Parties shouldn't exist, only ideas.

She was born in Manhattan. Better than Obama was able to do.

What part of needing to be born in the US do you idiots not get. 2024, 2028, 2044, makes no difference since it's invalid and not even possible.

Where was she born? The Russians?

>He could have shot Obama while yelling "death to niggers!" and he'd still be acquited.
We both know that is bullshit.

I see you're crying from here

Prove it


Fuck me... I was thinking Melania, not tits mcgee. Disregard

80-90% is the same as 40-49% now?

Buttigieg. First I was like "who is this shithole".
And then I realized, he's not a million years old nor obviously corrupt. I'm sold.

Isnt that still in the US, or did it get sold off to North Korea without me noticing?

Naw Mittens Romney. He has "integrity".

You're thinking about Trumps other wife.

You're trying to convinced yourself of something you desperately want to be true but is NOT.

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she was born in yugo

shes a softcore porn model

her english is fucking terrible.

her husband has cheated on her many times.

her #bebest is a blatant copy of obamas #bebetter

shes fucking useless

It is. I have no idea what these faggots are going on about her not being born in the US.

Oh no now the Democrats have to beat him in an election.


He was impeached. Not convicted, because his cronies all closed ranks to protect him, but he was and will forever be impeached.

Because democrat cronies voted to oust the president and failed.

>First I was like "who is this shithole".
Pretty sure his shithole is his favorite fuckable orifice. Secondly, he probably cheated in the Iowa Caucus. At least according to Bernie's camp.

>to protect him
From what? He didn't do anything wrong.

That's not fair. We need to give schiff more time to find more whistleblowers.

people smarter than all of us here together testified under oath that there was quid pro quo.

You mean about how he was impeached?
No, that happened.
It will go down in the history books. He is the third president to be impeached. Always and forever.

What do you have against immigrants?

Still the hottest first lady, (though it isn't hard to outshine Chewbecka), and nobody cares

Nobody cares (though it makes her hotter)

Nobody cares

#bebest is a one up of #bebetter, you do understand that right? It is rubbing it in the Wookie's ugly man face.

Nobody cares.

Hope that helps you sleep at night, for the next five years.

What was this quid pro quo referring to?

Without any evidence?

I mean on average, but once you leave the thread that will no longer be true.

>is a one up of #bebetter
in what way?

hahahahahahahahaha cope

And the first impeached president to get re-elected.

if you didnt watch the testify i guess you have no merit itt


Good, Better, Best?

Are you stupid or just pretending to be?

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oh thats right you got the "transcript" that is missing 20 minutes of dialog, that was sent to a locked server 'mistakenly'.

If he didn't watch the what?

Slow down a little and use your words.

I'm a hundred percent sure you didn't watch it. Tell me, what was the compelling evidence that you heard.

so because the word best is self appointed, it's the best. got it.

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so, is that a yes?

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sondland said it pretty clearly. is your comprehension of the english language as poor as melianas?

1) Acquitted - FOREVER
2) Still a Billionaire
3) Still fucking a Supermodel
4) Still YOUR President

Feels good, man.

so if i go around proclaiming to be the best at something, that automatically means its true. got it.

you're just gonna leave it at that huh..

So how can they just deny looking at evidence or witnesses? How is that not the same thing as closing your eyes and covering your ears singing lalalala and pretending something didn't happen?

"I'm better than you!"

"Well I'm THE BEST!"

Do you not speak English, do you not get it?

Are you
Slow, Slower, Slowest?
Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest?
Dim, Dimmer, Dimmest?

Another way to put it is you are shit and belong in a shitter.

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You stupid nigger responded to the wrong user. GTFO if you can't into internet without injuring yourself

>Be on TV for 40 years.
>Chance of you NOT having something some fag can pull up to try and make you look bad = 0

Why are you such a homosexual?

its self appointed you blockhead. it has zero credibility and merit.

that aside, "be better" is proper english while "be best" is not. its not even fucking proper. that whole campaign of hers is a blatant copy of obamas with zero creativity.

and on top of that its to stop bullying, her husband is the biggest bully alive.

You are Shit, Shittier, Shittiest!

Is it sinking in?

Maybe re-watch Sesame Street or re-enroll in elementary school.


What men we face.

This is what you look like when you were acquitted even though you were guilty as fuck.

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it obamas idea, then copied by melania. not mine.

I'm not the one confused about how this works, dumb shit.

Fuck this guy, what a terrible president

Listen and learn faggot.

keep telling yourself that until Nov when he is your president again for the another 4yrs

He remains the ONLY impeached President who was actually GUILTY.

Andrew Johnson just hated Niggers. Everyone hates Niggers, so that isn't a crime.

FOREVER stay mad kid

Plus having to wake up next to Hillary--BUahahahaha!!!

Your FATHER eats gravy from your dick! Trumpfag!

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Right.. HE's the bully, not the crying liberals accusing him of everything they can because retarded spiteful bitterness like the hag having temper tantrums and ripping up paper because orange man bad.

there hes recalling trumps words AFTER shit got out.

Waste of Trips on a liberfag.

Yes they needed a name.

"What did the wookie use? BeBetter, well we'll use BeBest! Fuck you losers!"

Do you not understand very basic political oneupsmanship and sloganism?

We all recognize it is a copy, it is a Fuck You! directly to the Obamas. That was the intent.

What is hard to understand about this?

Almost lost my fucking lunch

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Liberals who think they will EVER get Trump.

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or, you know, how about a fresh concept entirely.

>What is hard to understand about this?
Too many words and facts

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Hillary's ass smells like old bacon and rancid milk.

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Why is getta thumbdrive dressed like a man?

because she wants to give Cred Forumstards a boner.

they dont even like trump they just saw the trial for what it is.

Wow, he's been literally NOTHINGED. He's going to have to live in the White House for almost 5 years knowing you've thoroughly NOTHINGED him. We fought bravely but our God-Emperor will have to live the rest of his life NOTHINGED. I'm DEVASTATED. I can only imagine how he must feel having been left terminally NOTHINGED. Truly you leftists have zero shame. How could you have NOTHINGED your own president? This is horrible.

Why do all these wealthy people look like shit? Don't they get blood transfusions and plastic surgery?

Well, if it helps the environment..

South Park had an episode about that.

>The Left are the cultests.
>Literally repeating a brainless mantra.
Oof. Yikes.

He had a nofap relapse there

1. Not you.
2. Not you.
3. Not you.
4. Not you.

Feels... nothing? Man?

4 more years of being nothinged.

How will we ever get through it?

These problems, my 500w psu can barely handle them. oh fuck...450w psu where are you.

*stares at 450w psu's rotting caracss* "i'm stew heer dadehh" *cough*

"oh good, thought it was just me for the rest of my life where i would be happy"

"do you love me daddeh?" *wheeze*

"no 450w, i have 500w now."

Becasue it literally took two seconds of thought, is politically brilliant, and it obviously worked.

We know it worked because here you are sputtering and mad about the most basic Trump Troll.

Still in office too.

Well at least you are now admitting he is your president, so hey you made progress :D

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And Acquitted Forever!



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Imagine being mad that your country's leader isn't a criminal. Go on, just try to imagine!

"Third world"
You seem to forget the US is becoming a third-world country, buddy

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>It will go down in the history books

Yes, history will compare this time to the Salem Witch Trials. Students will be taught about the Russian Collusion Delusion, how confused Democrats thought there were more than two genders, this was the era before the ban.
The ban? Yup no more leaving the toilet full of Pelosi's, Schiff's, Nadlers and Schummer's, too nasty! Flush them down!

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Well build the fucking wall and get them OUT.

Blumpf here

He's telling you that Trump didn't want a Quid Pro Quo directly from the man's mouth. Is English a second language for you?

No. Not really.

Thanks Obama

Still your president.

Why does that matter? Smart people tell lies and make mistakes all the time.


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