How would you feel knowing that you have few days to stock up on food and water and that I have already done that?

how would you feel knowing that you have few days to stock up on food and water and that I have already done that?

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I've had a cough for about a week. I've probably only got a few days anyway.

Couldn't give a shit because I'm not going to die. My country is fucking barren as it is. TRY ME, BITCH.

Swiss fag detected

wondering if you remember that you're going to die at some point, like everyone else.

There are multiple times more people in Switzerland than where I'm from. A good 6 times more. I won't be contracting shit.



I would gladly get caronavirus is it was smeared on andy sixx's log of gothcore shit

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Ding ding ding. In the woods at nowhereville.

I don't think my life is meaningless like you do
Not all of us float in the middle of the ocean like some boat wreckage

>I'm the best detective ever.

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I love on an island country and anyone coming in from Asia is being sent to a quarantine island called Christmas island for 2 weeks before bring allowed into the country. A few have snuck in because they're dumb Asians not realising they're going to ruin the planet. But ai like the Christmas island plan it makes me feel ok about the whole thing.

>may have
What a cop out. If you're going to shill at least do it properly.

RIP China
close all the ports

value is relative and quite speculative, user.

Beautiful boy :' )

said like a true nihilistic kike economist
cheers, live in whatever the world you wanna live in

its a drop in the ocean compared to how many chinks there are in china

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It's spreading quite fast tho

look if you want to think you are anything but dust in the wind, you go ahead and live in your fantasy land user.

maybe if you continue ending your sentences in "user" then you will seem more insightful by rehashing some old kike phrases

china needs a good plague theres 1.3 billion of the fuckers and they boarder india so its a win win situation

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Confirmed india is a boat

maybe if you keep calling it all some kikery you won't have a mid life crisis, or not, who knows?

Lethality is around 6%. If you are not old or have HIV (like OP has BC of all the cocksucking) you probably won't die.

From influenza 10.000x more people every year die. That whole Armageddon pandemic shit repeats every 5 years because media loves to sell it.

You can't get AIDS from cock sucking.

6% is calculated as percentage of all infected
(dead / all infected ) is misleading statistics
(dead / recovered ) is much more honest and shows you how those 24k cases will continue to develop

Influenza kills more? Well more people recover.
Also I never heard of cities getting blockaded by army so nobody gets out or goes in due to influenza

thanks for the bump

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25k deaths in china is a normal work week.

This - alcohol, smoking, being fat and driving accidents kill over a million a year in america alone.

Cities get blockaded in China when students get angry
Don't use that as proof of anything

What do the Yellow and Green numbers mean?

green is recovered, yellow is suspected but unconfirmed.

There's no way. That's like a 99% fatality rate.

Ebola Zaire isn't even within two standard deviations of that. Pic related.

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This, based on figures stating recovered patient numbers vs the deceased, the mortality rate is around 48%.

Of course thats probably skewed because the most severe cases would have been diagnosed first. Will be interesting to see how those figures change over the coming weeks as the % has been dropping slowly over time.

Dude, theres little reason sofar to believe this is worse than a cold or flu. If you have any existing health conditions, or are old, you might die. Otherwise, you'll likely be fine.

500 dead on 1000 recovered (33% mortality)
24k more for a ride that we will see how they continue

and those are reported numbers, I assume numbers are 10 times bigger

>drowning on your own lung blood
>>"just like flu brooo"

lmao sure, why don't you eat some bat soup too

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I live on top of a big hill on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. I aint catching shit.

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I dont actually speak chibese, thats just what guys on another forum were saying

China never lies. There are no conspiracies.

fuck sake learn to use the internet. You can translate that shit.

why would i do a that when its going to be easier to raid retards like you.

The meat bag thinks it's significant

That has zero relevance to the post you replied you

based meat bag vs cheap nihilistic nigger

You have to factor in the many thousands of people that get infected and have symptoms so minor they didn't even know.
Basing mortality rate on confirmed cases only will.always give a high number since its those with the worst symptoms that see a doctor

Whatever you gotta believe to keep on

Don't care.

it makes me feel good because i dont live in ching chong land

I believe the mortality rate is actually much lower because those who aren't weak just get sick and probably recover from it without paying much attention to it, only the severe cases gets documented, and those are also likely to die faster

Switzerland 2

>he still believes it came from bat soup meme